Octopath Traveler 2 Thief Job Guide

The Thief job allows you to steal important resources from NPCs in Octopath Traveler 2. This might be the most useful job in the game.

Becoming a Thief in Octopath Traveler 2 gives you the ability to steal important resources and items. This is important because a Thief can gather resources in the early game without needing to farm money.

One of the best early characters of Octopath 2, Throne, is the primary user of this job. You can earn a lot of items by using the steal skill of the job, making your initial journey smoother.

Additionally, you can equip this job on your other characters as secondary, but you need to know exactly where to find the guild for that.

How to unlock the Thief job in Octopath Traveler 2

You need to find the Thieves Guild to get your hand on the thief license for your other characters. It is essential to understand the Thief Guild’s location as it’s not easy to find compared to the other guilds.

To reach the guild, you must move toward the Clockbank city in the Brightlands. You need to reach the Industrial District found on the city’s Northside. You will find a little girl and a cat after moving toward the left side of the district.

You should move South from the girl and reach the archway. The entrance to the guild contains a stack of boxes right in front of it. So move inside but make sure you visit the guild during the nighttime. You will find no one if you visit during the day.

How to unlock Throne’s Thief EX skill in Octopath 2

You can learn mighty Throne’s EX skill by visiting the Altar of the Prince of Thieves. In Octopath 2, primary job users can only learn these EX Skills, so you have to visit their respective altars.

You can easily reach your target by following Throne’s Altar location. The Altar is located in the same region where the Thieves guild is. So you just have to move south from the guild location and move through the river toward the east side.

You will enter a cave and move straight to find the Altar that gives Throne the Veil of Darkness ability. This ability costs 25 SP but helps you deal dark damage to the enemies and gives you the ability to dodge the next incoming physical attack with a success rate of 100 percent.

Thief active skills

The active theft skills allow us to inflict damage using physical or elemental attacks. You need SP for every skill, so use them after creating the best strategy.

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
StealYou can steal away any item from your enemy. 2
Swift StepYour speed increases for the next three turns. 4
Armor CorrosiveYou can reduce the enemies’ physical defense for the next two turns. 4
Shackle FoeYou can reduce the enemy’s physical attack for the next two turns.4
HP ThiefYou can perform a dagger attack twice in a single turn and restore your HP by half the amount of damage dealt.Dagger6
Darkest NightInflict severe Elemental Damage.Dark7
Surprise AttackYou can unleash a powerful sword attack against the enemy, and your attack damage increases if your turn is at the start.Sword12

Thief divine skill

These skills are solid when dealing it comes to dealing high AOE attacks. You can unlock them after obtaining seven job skills and spending 5,000 JP.

SkillDescriptionDamage TypeSP
Aeber’s ReckoningYou can attack all the enemies dealing damage equivalent to your speed.Dagger30

Thief support skills

The support skills allow you to contribute toward your party members and ensure they are well in the battle to eliminate your foes.

SkillDescriptionSkills RequiredJP Required
Incidental AttackYou can use it on an ally to increase their chance of attacking by 50 percent while utilizing a non-damage skill.4130
FleetfootYou can use it on a party member to increase their speed by 50.5630
EnsnareThe equipping character can inflict an attribute-reducing effect with a 50 percent success rate while taking physical damage.61630
Life in the ShadowsYou can gain additional EXP and JP if you initiate battles at night.74,630

Best characters for the Thief job in Octopath 2

There are a couple of characters who you should consider for the Thief secondary job in the sequel.


You can equip the Thief job on Agnea, as she’s perfect for providing buffs to your allies. You can ensure she gets her hand on the dark magic and sword that can be used against several foes in Octopath 2. Additionally, Agnea gets a speed buff from this secondary job, so it makes perfect sense to use it on her.


The addition of dark magic, daggers, and a sword makes her one of the strongest protagonists in your party. The inclusion of these items expands the attacks for Ochette, and she brings out several deadly combos using the Armor Corrosice and Swift Step skills in Octopath 2.

You can also unlock the Aeber’s Reckoning by practicing enough on Ochette and combining the AOE damage with her speed to bring havoc on your foes. The damage output from this combo will be very high, and you can break the enemies easily.

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