NBA 2K24 Best 3-Level Threat Build For Center

A center player with a 3-level threat archetype is one of the most dangerous on the court in NBA 2K24. In this guide, we will create the best build for a center position that will turn in an unstoppable scoring machine.

The Center position is the most important and imposing one in NBA 2K24. The players in the center are usually large, extremely tall, and play both offensively and defensively. They are responsible for scoring inside the paint, collecting primary rebounds, and defense along the rim. When you mix this position with the 3-level or triple-threat archetype, the Center becomes an unstoppable scoring and passing machine in NBA 2K24. 

For this 3-Level Threat build, we are opting for the Center position instead of a 3-Level Threat SF. This is a 7’1” build with a massive wingspan and the badges that allow perfect passing and scoring for both 2 and 3-pointers in the game.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 3-Level Threat build for Center

Without the proper Center build, even the best players can end up failing in this spot. For our 3-Level threat build for Center in NBA 2K24, we are going with the stats mentioned in the table below. To attain the desired archetype, we recommend that you stick strictly to the stats and don’t deviate from them (or you will end up losing important defensive and playmaking badges). 

Height 7’1” 
Weight 231 lbs 
Wingspan 7’6” 
Close Shot 77 
Driving Layup 75 
Driving Dunk 80 
Standing Dunk 75 
Post Control 85 
Mid-Range Shot 86 
Three-point Shot 79 
Free Throw 61 
Pass Accuracy 77 
Ball Handle 63 
Speed with Ball 56 
Interior Defense 77 
Perimeter defense 66 
Steal 60 
Block (focus) 92 
Offensive Rebound 62 
Defensive Rebound (focus) 92 
Speed 64 
Acceleration 57 
Strength (focus) 84 
Vertical 75 
Stamina (focus) 97 

As we are aiming for a 3-Level threat for this center build, the focus is on deceiving defenders and using the opportunity to score 2 and 3-pointers. As we will be playing inside the paint, post-play and its badges also play an important role in this build.

How to set up 3-Level threat for Center

Centers are the powerhouse of any team in the NBA. They can not only pass the ball around and defend the rim, but they are also capable of scoring 2 and 3-pointers with pinpoint accuracy. With extremely good dribbling skills due to 3-level threat archetype, our center build in NBA 2K24 is also more than capable of scoring dunks with post-play. 

For offensive play, we have selected Driving Dunk with 80 points, Post control with 85 points, Mid-Range shot with 86 points and Three-point shot with 79 points. This allows our 3-level threat build to fake a pass and then score from a distance or just pass the defender with a fake to bring home the precious 2 points with a stylish dunk. 


For playmaking, we have invested 77 points in pass accuracy. This is not a focus for our build as it revolves around the center position. 

To play defense and stop the attackers at the rim, we have 92 points in Block and 92 points in Defensive Rebounds. This enhances the core aspect of our 3-Level threat build for Center in NBA 2K24 and unlocks some important defensive/rebound HoF badges. 

Center players need to be strong and able to withstand a lot of pressure from defense. For this purpose, they need a lot of energy reserves. To make it happen, we have 84 points in Strength and a whopping 97 points in Stamina.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 3-Level Threat Center build

There is no 3-level threat build for the Center without proper badges in NBA 2K24. Below are the badges that you need to unlock and upgrade (bronze->silver->gold->HoF) to achieve the build we are aiming for.

S-Tier badges

  • Boxout Beast (Gold): This badge allows you to secure a good position in the paint for rebound. 
  • Brick Wall (Silver): This badge improves your screens and drains your opponent’s faster. 
  • Bulldozer (Silver): This badge allows you to easily overpower defenders. 
  • Catch and Shoot (Gold): This badge allows you to perform a jump shot immediately after a catch. 
  • Deadeye (Silver): This badge reduces the impact of a closing out defender. 
  • Dropstepper (Gold): This badge drastically improves your dropsteps in the post. 
  • Fearless Finisher (Silver): This badge improves your conversion of contact layups. 
  • Masher (Silver): This allows you to do perfect finishers at the rim, especially if you are against smaller defenders. 
  • Pogo Stick (Gold): This badge improves your ability to recover after a landing. 
  • Unpluckable (Silver): This badge makes you impervious against the defenders. 

A-Tier badges

  • Aerial Wizard (Silver): This badge improves your lobs putback finishers at the rim. 
  • Backdown Punisher (Silver): This badge allows you to easily back down your defenders. 
  • Blinders (Silver): Defenders from the side can’t faze you. 
  • Chase Down Artist (Silver): This badge improves your chances of getting a chase down block. 
  • Green Machine (Silver): For consecutive releases, you get a bonus.  
  • Hook Specialist (Silver): This badge improves your hooks from the post. 
  • Post Fade Phenom (HoF): This badge improves your post fades and hop shots. 
  • Post Spin Technician (Gold): This badge improves your post spins. 
  • Work Horse (Silver): This badge allows you to easily collect balls from loose players. 

B-Tier badges

  • Dream Shake (Gold): This badge allows you to fake the defenders in post. 
  • Guard Up (Gold): After winning a contest against defenders, your ability to perform jump shots increases. 
  • Open Looks (Gold): This badge improves your wide jump shots. 
  • Pro Touch (Gold): You get additional boost for good layup timing. 
  • Two Step (Gold): This badge improves your ability to perform eurostep and dunks. 
  • Whistle (Silver): This badge allows you to draw fouls when trying to score. 

C-Tier badges

  • Spin Cycle (Gold): This badge improves your ability to perform spin layups or dunks.

Best animations

The following animations are best suited for our 3-Level Threat build for the Center. 

  • Joel Embiid 
  • Victor Wembanyama 
  • DeMarcus Cousins 
  • A+ height control 
  • A+ shot accuracy 

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