How To Dribble In NBA 2K24

Dribbles in NBA 2K24 defines your playmaking and allows you to infiltrate opponent's defenses like there is no tomorrow.

Dribbling allows you to keep control of the ball while denying your opponents the chance to launch the counter-offensive in NBA 2K24. It is one of the most important and basic mechanics of the game that you should learn right out of the gate. A perfect control over dribble in NBA 2K24 will not only strengthen your control over the court but also allow you to decimate your opposition.

Dribbling in NBA 2K24 is not that easy and it involves a lot of accurate right stick flicking. In this guide, we will cover all the basic dribble moves in the game and how you can perform them with ease.

We will be dividing Dribble techniques into three main categories for NBA 2K24. Basics, advanced, and pro. Every category will explore the control requirements for every move. 

Basic dribble moves in NBA 2K24

To perform the “across the legs dribble move, flick the right stick diagonally downward from either the top left (if the ball is in the left hand) or the top right (with the ball in the right hand) corner.

Crossover to the other hand is the most basic dribble move in the game. Simply flick the right analog stick from left to right (if the ball is in left hand) or right to left (if the ball is in right hand). This will pass the ball to the opposite hand.

To perform an “across your back dribble move, flick your analog stick from left to right and then downwards (if the ball is in your left hand) or from right to left and then down (if the ball is in your right hand).

To confuse the defender, simply flick the right analog stick toward the hand you are holding the ball. Depending on the animation, you will either pass the defender or take aim for a shot on the net.

Advanced dribble moves in NBA 2K24

Take a step back is the best and one of the deadliest dribble moves in all of NBA 2K24. Simply press R2 or RT (depending on your controller) to get a speed boost. Press down on the analog stick to step back and allow your player to perform a jump shot.

Once you are covered by the defender, simply press up on the analog stick. This will put you in the “size-up animation. At this point, you can simply use crossover or across the legs to leave the defender in the dust.

To perform the “rotate your player” move, you need to move the analog stick from right to left (if the ball is in your right hand) by going in a semi-circle. From left to right if you are holding the ball in your left hand. This dribble move in NBA 2K24 will spin your player to create a massive diversion in the court.

Professional dribble moves in NBA 2K24

Once you have a full adrenaline meter, use it to gain extra speed by using either R2 or RT buttons. However, you get a limited boost as adrenaline meters are limited in the game.

NBA 2K24 offers a character creator that allows you to use dribble moves related to specific NBA players like Kobe. However, these dribble moves need specific badges to be equipped and performed in NBA 2K24.

To perform the “In and out dribble move in NBA 2K24, flick the analog stick up and right (with the ball in right hand) or up and left (with the ball in left hand).

One of the best ways to destroy your opponent’s defenses in NBA 2K24 is to use multiple dribble moves in combination. Across the legs within and out combination followed by an adrenaline rush will allow you to enter the opponent’s court in no time.

Dribble moves in NBA 2K24 are all about timing and learning your defender’s moves. It is all about technique and how you combine those moves to your advantage. Extensively use the left analog stick (movement stick) in combination with the right to not only confuse your opponents but also give yourself room to launch your player into the offensive to continue into an effective shot.

Before you take these newly learned skills out on the court, make sure to practice and master them in the game’s tutorial mode. For dribbling specifically, we recommend using the Chris Bickley gym.

This gym does away with Stamina requirements as well as Adrenaline bars, giving you complete freedom.

NBA 2K24 best dribbling animations

Animations make up a major part of the dribbling experience. Each dribbling animation comes with its own requirement and is applied to a singular dribbling move

NameCostRequirementMove type
Kevin Durant250 VC  Speed with ball: 75+Dribble Style
James HardenSpeed with ball: 75+Height: under 6’10’’
Lebron JamesSpeed with ball: 75+Height: under 6’10’’
Gabby WilliamsSpeed with ball: 40+Height: under 6’10’’
Chelsea GraySpeed with ball: 40+Height: under 6’10’’
Kevin Durant250 VC    Ball handling: 75+Size-Ups
Luka DoncicBall handling: 70+
Penny HardawayBall handling: 85+Height: under 6’10’’
James HardenBall handling: 85+Height: Under 6’10’’
Tracy McGradyBall handling: 85+Height: Under 6’10’’
Luka Doncic250 VC    Ball handling: 70+Breakdown (Regular)
LaMelo BallBall handling: 85+Height: under 6’10’’
Lonzo BallBall handling: 85+Height: under 6’10’’
Jrue HolidayBall handling: 75+Height: under 6’10’’
Zach LaVineBall handling: 75+Height: under 6’10’’
Damian Lilliard250 VCBall handling: 90+Height: under 6’5’’Breakdown (Aggressive)
Kawhi LeonardBall handling: 65+
Jayson TatumBall handling: 70+Height: under 6’10’’
Kembal WalkerBall handling: 86+Height: under 6’5’’
Russel WestbrookBall handling: 70+Height: under 6’10’’
Kobe Bryant250 VCBall handling: 88+Escape moves
Joel EmbiidBall handling: 55+
James HardenBall handling: 80+
Kyrie IrvingBall handling: 90+Height: under 6’5’’
Kemba WalkerBall handling: 86+Height: under 6’10’’
Stephen Curry250 VCBall handling: 92+Height: under 6’5’’Combo
De’Aaron FoxBall handling: 80+Height: under 6’10’’
Ja MorantBall handling: 84+Height: under 6’10’’
Kobe BryantBall handling: 88+
Trae YoungBall handling: 92+Height: under 6’10’’
J. Cole250 VCBall handling: 70+Height: under 6’10’’Crossovers
Mike ConleyBall handling: 79+Height: under 6’10’’
Allen IversonBall handling: 80+Height: under 6’10’’
Michael JordanBall handling: 75+
James MoonBall handling: 75+Height: under 6’10’’
Kyrie Irving250 VCBall handling: 90+Height: under 6’5’’Behind the backs
Jayson TatumBall handling: 75+
Andrew WigginsBall handling: 75+
Jamal MurrayBall handling: 83+Height: under 6’10’’
Trae YoungBall handling: 92+Height: under 6’10’’
Penny Hardaway250 VCBall handling: 75+Spins
LeBron JamesBall handling: 80+
DeMar DeRozanBall handling: 75+Height: under 6’10’’
Andrew WigginsBall handling: 70+
Nikola JokicBall handling: 55+
Larry Bird250 VCBall handling: 70+Hesitations
Anthony EdwardsBall handling: 76+
Ja MorantBall handling: 75+Height: under 6’10’’
Chris PaulBall handling: 85+
Jayson TatumBall handling: 75+
Giannis Antetokounmpo250 VCBall handling: 70+Stepbacks
Joel EmbiidBall handling: 50+
Kemba WalkerBall handling: 86+
John Wall        Ball handling: 80+Height: under 6’10’’
Stephen CurryBall handling: 92+Height: under 6’10’’
Kobe Bryant250 VCNoneTriple Threat Styles
Stephen Curry
Luka Doncic
Joel Embiid
LeBron James
wizard500NonePark Flashy Passes (for park games only)
No look
Tap Pass
Behind Back250

NBA 2K24 best dribbling badges

To maximize the potential of dribbling in NBA 2K24, you can make use of the following badges:

Passing Badges

  • Handles for Days
  • Hyperdrive
  • Killer Combos
  • Physical Handles
  • Speed Booster
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