NBA 2K24 Best Center (C) Builds For Current And Next-Gen

Center players are extremely crucial in NBA 2K24, supporting both offense and defense with the builds we have made for you.

The Center is the most critical spot for any match in NBA 2K24. As the tallest players on your team, the Center is responsible for the baskets, both on defense and offense, and depending on their need, the Center might also need to be capable of playmaking and shooting. This guide will look at some of the best Center builds for NBA 2K24.

These center builds are compatible with both the old versions (PC, Xbox One, and PS4) as well as next-gen (PS5, Xbox Series) versions of NBA 2K24.

3-Level Threat Center Build (next-gen/current-gen)

This is the most versatile Center build in NBA 2K24 we could muster up. This single build can dunk down a basket, outpace locked defenders and break their ankles, and shoot both 2-pointers and 3-pointers over opponents’ heads. The build can keep the ball safe and get away from any defender blocking them.

Body Settings

Height: 7’1’’
Weight: 231lbs
Wingspan: 7’6’’


Close Shot: 77
Driving Layup: 75
Driving Dunk: 80
Standing Dunk: 75
Post Control: 85

Mid-Range Shot: 86
Three-Point Shot: 79
Free Throw: 76


Pass Accuracy: 77
Ball Handle: 63
Speed With Ball: 56

Interior Defense: 77
Perimeter Defense: 66
Steal: 60
Block: 92
Offensive Rebound: 62
Defensive Rebound: 92

Speed: 64
Acceleration: 57
Strength: 84
Vertical: 75
Stamina: 97


Rebound Chaser(Gold)
Catch & Shoot(Gold)
Corner Specialist(Silver)
Green Machine(Silver)
Guard Up(Gold)
Open Looks(Gold)
Aeriel Wizard(Bronze)
Pro Touch(Gold)
Two Step(Gold)

Rim Protector Center Build (next-gen/current-gen build)

This build is a tank, pushing slowly and surely through defenses and making a close dunk without ever letting go of the ball. The build is perfect for close shots and creating opportunities for those shots.

Body Settings

Height: 6’9’’
Weight: 215lbs
Wingspan: 7’7’’


Close Shot: 70
Driving Layup: 80
Driving Dunk: 86
Standing Dunk: 73
Post Control: –

Mid-Range Shot: 62
Three-Point Shot: 77
Free Throw: –

Pass Accuracy: 53
Ball Handle: 70
Speed With Ball: 62

Interior Defense: 77
Perimeter Defense: 71
Steal: 60
Block: 92
Offensive Rebound: 70
Defensive Rebound: 92

Speed: 79
Acceleration: 69
Strength: 78
Vertical: 80
Stamina: 90


Ankle Breaker(Bronze)
Physical Handles(Silver)
Pogo Stick(Gold)
Rebound Chaser(Gold)
Handles for Days(Bronze)
Work Horse(Bronze)
Chase Down Artist(Gold)
Boxout Beast(Silver)
Aeriel Wizard(Gold)
Precision Dunker(Silver)

2-Way Interior Threat Center Build (next-gen/current-gen build)

This build is the most aggressive build in our NBA 2K24 Center builds collection. 2-Way Interior Threat Center build focuses on bringing the ball inside the line and then shooting it over the opponent’s head, or dunking the ball in between all the defenders.

Body Settings

Height: 7’1’’
Weight: 255lbs
Wingspan: 7’11’’


Close Shot: 77
Driving Layup: 45
Driving Dunk: 65
Standing Dunk: 90
Post Control: 47

Mid-Range Shot: 37
Three-Point Shot: –
Free Throw: 37

Pass Accuracy: 86
Ball Handle: 52
Speed With Ball: –

Interior Defense: 85
Perimeter Defense: 62
Steal: 67
Block: 93
Offensive Rebound: 70
Defensive Rebound: 99

Speed: 58
Acceleration: 48
Strength: 93
Vertical: 75
Stamina: 96


Boxout Beast(Hall of Famer)
Rebound Chaser(Hall of Famer)
Pogo Stick(Gold)
Break starter(Gold)
Special Delivery(Gold)
Work Horse(Silver)
Needle Threader(Silver)
Relay Paser(Silver)
Post Playmaker(Silver)
Off-Ball Pest(Bronze)
Chase Down Artist(Bronze)

Inside-The-Arc Threat build

Our NBA 2K24 Inside The Arc Threat build is inspired by Victor Wembanyama. This build focuses on passing and shooting while sacrificing ball handling. Being a defensive Center build, we opted to go for a tall player with a 7’3 height and 8’1 Wingspan for this NBA 2K24 build to ensure you can easily block opponent’s shots and your throw range is increased.

Glass-Cleaning Interior build

A heavily defensive build, Glass Cleaning Interior Threat for Center is the backbone to rely on when your team is on the retreat or about to push after the opponent’s rebound. This build focuses on ball control and clearing a path for your team members thanks to a good height and investment in stats to improve stamina, offensive rebound, and blocking.

Post-Scorer build

Focused on the offensive, our Post Scorer build for Center amplifies dunking and 2-pointer opportunities to take full advantage of a typical Center height. With heavy investment in close shots, standing dunk and post control, your character needs to stay within shooting distance of a basket to make full use of this build instead of moving the ball around the court.

Best Badges for Center in NBA 2K24


Anchor is the best defensive badge you can have and helps your hulking giant block higher shots. This is required for any team as overhead shots in 3-pointers are quite common, and blocking them is part of a Center’s job description.

Chase Down Artist

This badge allows your character to boost their speed when they are chasing down any offensive player. As one of the main and most viable defenders of your team, your center needs to be able to chase down offensive players and steal the ball properly.

Green Machine

Green Machine badge provides your character a boost for consecutive excellent releases. Since centers are tall and depend on making good shots, this badge will do you a lot of favors and only increase your effectiveness throughout the match.

Handles for Days

The Handles for Days playmaking badge reduces the amount of energy used for dribbling, allowing you to keep control of the ball as you look or make an opportunity for the perfect shot.

Best animations for Center

Below we have listed the best jumpshot animations that can be used in the Center builds in NBA 2K24.

Jumpshot Animation #1

  • Height – 6’5 to 6’10
  • Base – Kobe
  • Upper Release 1 – Oscar Robertson
  • Upper Release 2 – N/A
  • Release Speed – 75
  • Animation Blending – 100% for Oscar.
  • Requirements: Mid-Range Shot 90+ or Three-Point Shot 90+.

Jumpshot Animation #2

  • Height – 6’10 and above
  • Base – Chris Bosh
  • Upper Release 1 –Toni Kukoc
  • Upper Release 2 – Maxi Kleber
  • Release Speed – 100
  • Animation Blending – 88% for Toni and 12% for Maxi.
  • Requirements: Mid-Range Shot 85+ or Three-Point Shot 85+.

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