10 Best NBA 2K24 Defensive Badges

Having the best defense badges in NBA 2K24 will help your team gain a victory over your opponents when in need.

Apart from the changes made to the Shooting Badges in NBA 2K24, you will find some new additions to the defensive / rebounding part of the collectibles sections. Moreover, you will see plenty of new badges that provide the best defense to your MyPlayer. These badges can help you attain the prize at the end of your MyCareer mode in NBA 2K24.

Having the best defense on the court is also a goal in the NBA 2K franchise. Playing on defense can net your team a victory without going through many hurdles. Therefore, using the best NBA 2K24 Defensive badges, you can regain momentum to your team and prevent your opponent from getting a basket. Below, we’ve ranked the top 10 best defense badges in NBA 2K24 for the current and previous-gen versions of the game.

10. Pogo Stick

Best Defensive Badges

After rebounding and a blocked attempt, the situations on the court get tough. Therefore, having the Pogo Stick Badge as your pick will help you during these situations. This badge will allow you to jump again after landing. It is best used after a jump shot.

9. Right Stick Ripper

The best way to play defense is by blocking the opponent’s pass, where the Rick Stick Ripper comes to your aid. This is my personal choice for the best Defensive Badges.

Also, it is a newly introduced badge in the franchise. You can use it to block the opponent’s pass while using the right analog stick.

8. Fast Feet

This is a self-explanatory NBA 2K24 Defenive Badge. It lets you quickly change your directions when playing defensively on the court. It helps prevent a stolen ball from the opponent’s side.

Also, Fast Feet is another newly added badge to the franchise. Therefore, you must try it for additional defensive abilities.

7. Pick Dodger

Best Defensive Badges

If you are interested in navigating through screens, Pick Dodger is your most suitable badge. You can use it to cross over to the screen while still being in defense.

6. Boxout Beast

When fighting your way to receive a rebound, your opponents will interfere with you. However, using the Boxout Beast badge in NBA 2K24, you can prevent that from happening. This badge helps you fight your way to receive the best rebounding position.

5. Brick Wall

Best Defensive Badges

Brock Wall is a helpful Defensive Badge. It can boost your screen effectiveness.

Additionally, you can exhaust your opponent once they try to block you. You can use this badge when going for a Jump Shot.

4. Clamps

When you play on the court, you can go all out on your opponent using the Clamps Badge. You can use this defensive badge to bump your opponent successfully.

Also, the referee doesn’t have any say in this as well. There are chances that you may be able to make the ball handler drop the ball on contact.

3. Glove

Best Defensive Badges

When in need, you can play dirty in the NBA. You can play legally while stealing the ball from your opponent as a defensive tactic. The best way to do this is by using the Glove badge.

This badge allows you to steal the ball from the ball handler safely. It is regarded as one of the best badges that can net you a basket if you have good shooters on your team.

2. Challenger

When you face a mid-range shooter, you will have difficulty blocking their shots. Therefore, in this case, the Challenger badge helps you go up against the best perimeter shooters, such as Dillon Brooks, by increasing your well-timed contest effectiveness.

1. Anchor

Best Defensive Badges

The main defense on your end is to block the opponent’s shots. This is what the Anchor badge does in NBA 2K24.

You can use this badge to prevent the opponent team from landing any balls into the basket. This makes it one of the best defensive badges to acquire.

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