NBA 2K24 Best Playmaking Badges, Ranked

The best Playmaking badges will ensure that you rule the offensive court in NBA 2K24. They will never be able to steal your ball.

There are several ways to dominate the court in NBA 2K24, one of which is equipping the best Playmaking badges to juke the defense.

The new installment features a lot of AI-led improvements. You can expect the opponent AI to be even more vicious now. They will capitalize on every advantage to steal the ball from you.

By equipping the best Playmaking badges, you no longer have to worry about the other team’s defense. Instead, you can focus on dribbling down the court and dunking over their heads.

Best Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K24

While there are several Playmaking badges to choose from, you should always remember that most badges depend on the situation on the court, your team synergy, and your gameplay requirements in NBA 2K24.


Dimer is one of the best playmaking badges in NBA 2K24 that gives your open shooters a shot chance boost if you pass them the ball in half-court.

If one of your players has this badge, passing the ball to an open shooter will almost certainly result in a score.


Floor General

The Floor General badge quite literally makes your rule on the court inevitable. This badge will boost all the offensive aspects of your team and make you unstoppable from scoring goals.

Do note that the Floor General badge won’t necessarily score points for you but it can be a huge upgrade for your teammates.

Handles for Days

If you are looking to fool the defense with your dribble skills, you need the Handles for Days badge. It limits your stamina consumption while dribbling to let you dribble longer.

That extra stamina can prove to be vital throughout a game, which is why Handles for Days is one of the best playmaking badges you can get in NBA 2K24.

Ankle Breaker

Ankle Breaker is another playmaking badge that can be taken to improve your dribbling in NBA 2K24. This one, literally, is all about breaking the defense’s ankles.

This badge acts as a debuff on defenders. They are more likely to trip and fall by themselves making your offense quite easy.

Special Delivery

This badge is the perfect opportunity for grabbing some sick alley-oops in the game. The Special Delivery badge will boost your chances of an alley-oop pass and also increase your shot success after a flashy pass.

Quick First Step

The Quick First Step is quite a helpful badge when comes down to getting away from a size-up or triple threat with a basket in hand.

Equipping this badge will make your launches quicker and more effective than ever before. It works quite best on a mismatch.


The Hyperdrive badge activates your inner hyperdrive and grants you a better movement on the dribble while you’re sprinting towards the basket.

Equipping this badge with other badges like the Quick First Step, Ankle Breaker, and Handles for days will make a lethal combo of a player.

Vice Grip

There is a simple reason why Vice Grip is one of the best NBA 2K24 playmaking badges. It makes sure that you never lose possession of the ball after you catch a rebound or loose ball.

Your hands are going to stick to the ball like Spider-Man himself, increasing your possession and rebound scores. The Vice Grip works well in combination with Hyperdrive or Quick Step Badges.

Clamp Breaker

The Clamp Breaker badge can be quite helpful if you’re new to the game and are unable to get past defenses.

This badge is the perfect opportunity for you to keep the ball in your hands and away from the defense.

You will also be able to perform quicker drive-bys as the ball-handler once you have the Clamp Breaker equipped.


The Unpluckable badge works on the same principle as the Vice Grip. Your opponents are going to have a hard time trying to steal the ball from your hands.

You can run past them and score for your team or have decent throws by having this badge equipped.

How to get Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K24

Getting the Playmaking badges is the same as getting any badge. You will need to work through the tier rank list and the badges will become unlocked as your player levels up.

Farming XP will be the best option for your unlocks. One way you can achieve a high XP is by playing at the Hall of Fame difficulty with a 12-minute timed match. These matches are bound to yield high XP rewards and you can dish out some pretty decent badges at the initial levels.

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