NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Build

Michael Jordan is one of the most well-known names in the world. Whether or not you are into sports, chances are that you already know who Michael Jordan is.

For this, a lot of players want to make a character in NBA 2K23 that allows them to depict the superstar. This guide will help you set up your character with a build so you can play as Michael Jordan in NBA 2K23.

How to make a Michael Jordan build in NBA 2K23

The build will try to mimic the stats and abilities of Michael Jordan from his glory days in the NBA as closely as possible. Following are all the attributes you need for this build:

Height 6’6”
Weight 216 lbs
Wingspan 6’11”
Close Shot 80
Driving Layup 80
Driving Dunk 90
Standing Dunk 40
Post Control 67
Mid-Range Shot 90
Three-Point Shot 80
Free Throw 70
Pass Accuracy 80
Ball Handle 81
Speed with Ball 80
Interior defense 35
Perimeter Defense 85
Steal 80
Block 70
Offensive Rebound 25
Defensive Rebound 50
Speed 80
Acceleration 80
Strength 60
Vertical 80
Stamina 85


Takeovers are your primary and secondary abilities that you gain as the match heats up. You can pick any type of takeover for your build, but the following two are the recommended ones:

  • Finishing Moves: Able to absorb and finish through contact on layups, dunks and alley-oops.
  • Pull-Up Precision: Provides a boost to well-timed jump shots taken off the dribble.

How to set up the Michael Jordan build

Michael Jordan’s build is viable for both the Current Gen and Next Gen characters in NBA 2K23. The build aims to mimic the characteristics of the hall of fame, Michael Jordan in NBA 2K23.

We have kept the build balanced even with an overall of 99. The built will get you a 2-Way Slashing Combo Guard player, which is what we aimed for since that is Michael Jordan’s archetype. This makes the character a mid-range shooter, with defense and excellent ball handling.

We have chosen not to max out every attribute for this build, instead opted for a much more balanced approach. Without a maxed-out build, players will require skill, which makes reliving Michael Jordan’s best moments even sweeter.

With the above attributes, most of the badges your will get are gold. Nothing too crazy, and it allows us to easily stack the bronze and silver badges to get additional gold badges that we might need later when new updates and tweaks come to the game.

In finishers, all the moves are kept high enough except standing dunk, since the move is complimented by Vertical Physical Attribute. We allotted 60 points in Post Control so we can at least get the silver badge in Postman Technician.

For Mid-Range, we had 90, because that is the maximum game allows you to put in. If we had the option to increase points in this attribute, we would have gone for 99 points in Mid-Range shot.
We have 80 on Accuracy and 81 on ball handling, allowing us a gold badge in First Quick Step.

Interior defense is kept at the lowest because as a 6‘6” players, Interior Defense won’t be as much of a problem as your Perimeter Defense. We also allotted a lot of points in Steal. With the ball, and 80 points in Speed with ball attribute, you can always make sure you get the ball from one end of the courtyard to the other.

Best badges for Michael Jordan build

For Michael Jordan’s 99 overall current-gen and next-gen build, we had different choices of badges, but we decided to go with only the best badges that best capture the true image of the Hall of Fame superstar.

Finishing Badges
Dream Shake – Hall of Fame
Fake moves have a much higher chance of baiting your opponent. Any shot that follows a fake move has a higher chance also.

Fearless Finisher – Hall of Fame
Fearless Finisher will help you convert your contact layups and drastically improve your character’s finishing abilities. You also use less stamina for any contact finisher.

Giant Slayer – Hall of Fame
With Giant Slayer, your Michael Jordan will have a much easier time going against tall defenders in NBA 2K23.

Slithery – Hall of Fame
Increases your success chances when moving through a high-traffic area to move through without contact or losing the ball.

Shooting Badges
Corner Specialist – Hall of Fame
With this badge, your chances of hitting a jump shot after catching a pass or after a rebound improve when you are at the corner, allowing for a more dynamic flow for your build.

Clutch Shooter – Hall of Fame
Any shot that is attempted in the final moments of the 4th quarter receives a boost and has higher chance of success.

Limitless Range – Hall of Fame
Using Limitless Range will increase your shot range drastically for both current-gen and next-gen alike.

Space Creator – Hall of Fame
Increases your success rate of creating space among defenders with back-steps, and any shots that are taken after creating space also have a higher chance of success.

Volume Shooter – Silver
Volume Shooter will increase your chances of a successful attempt, as you take more shots in the match. The more shots you have taken, the better the chances of you hitting a perfect shot.

Playmaking Badges
Handles For Days – Gold
Handles For Days allow you to reduce your overall stamina consumption for dribbling in NBA 2K23. This is the most important badge, as it is required for the proper functioning of many other badges we recommend for your Michael Jordan build on current-gen and next-gen.

Quick First Step – Gold
Quick First Step allows you to bypass almost any defender that’s standing between you and the basket.

Ankle Breaker – Gold
When you perform any backstep, your opponent will have a much higher chance of falling back or stumbling or even moving the wrong way in his attempt to stop you.

Killer Combos– Gold
Increases your character’s ability to chain together different combos without too much stamina consumption and efficient dribbling when sizing up to an opponent.

Defense Badges
Clamps – Gold
This badge grants you access to faster cut-off moves and a higher success rate when bumping into the defender.

Interceptor – Gold
You have a much higher chance of intercepting opponent passes when defending.

Best animations for Michael Jordan build

As you know, animations for your different moves can make all the difference in your performance, and the success rate of any shot or attempt that you make.

Therefore, we need to get the best animations set up for our Michael Jordan build in NBA 2K23 for both current-gen and next-gen to make sure that the build gets the deserved efficiency in any match.


  • Lower Base – Kobe Bryant
  • Upper Release 1 – Oscar Robertson (100% Animation Blending)
  • Upper Release 2 – None

Dribble – Michael Jordan
Signature Size-Up – Paul George
Size-Up Escape Package – LeBron James
Moving Crossovers – James Harden
Moving Behind Backs – Zach LaVine
Moving Spins – Basic
Moving Hesitations – Luka Doncic
Moving Stepback – Luka Doncic
Two Foot Moving Dunk – Jordan Kilganon
One Foot Moving Dunk – Under Leg Off One
Standing Dunk – Two hands under Basket Athletic
Alley-Oops – Zion Williamson Alley-Oop

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