MultiVersus Team Comps For Easy Wins

Considering the number of characters and the fact that each character has its own set of perks, abilities, and fighting...

Considering the number of characters and the fact that each character has its own set of perks, abilities, and fighting style in MultiVersus, coming up with a good team composition for a 2 v 2 match can be challenging.

You must not only have proper knowledge of the characters but also how their abilities work and what perks to pick. Their synergy with other characters also matters.

Read through the following article to learn about some of the best team comps for easy wins in MultiVersus.

Tips For Deciding Team Comps For 2v2 Battles

The most basic rule that players must follow is not to choose the same type of class for both characters for their team. The game mechanics are designed in such a way that each class supports the other one using their perks and abilities, strengthening their attacks and defending them. This is not possible with, for example, two Assassins or two Bruisers.

Always go for pairs where one class can support the other one by increasing their damage etc and can also defeat enemies by themselves.

The support class is the best example in this regard as they pair up well with the other classes and support them during combat. Assassins also have the ability to strengthen the attack power of their allies and can also use their quick reflex to stack up kills themselves

The Best Multiversus Team Comps You Can Pick

Reindog + Batman

Support characters pair well with almost every class and this comp is one of the best in the game considering their ranged perks like That’s Flammable Doc! and so on.

These perks increase the strength of their ranged attacks and their ground-to-air combos also add up to the vertical gameplay of Batman, enabling you to overpower your opponent easily.

Reindog + Assassin

Reindog being one of the best supports and Arya Stark being the best assassin of MultiVersus, this duo is sure to create some serious problems for your opponents.

Arya’s attack perks add up to her strength and mobility whereas Reindog’s support perks will help her stay alive and get her out of difficult situations.

This pair also presents the most reliable solution to knockback problems as Reindog’s special neutral can easily save his allies from being launched or getting killed by pulling them back.

Velma + Bugs Bunny

Support and Bruiser classes already work so well in the game and considering Bugs Bunny’s brutal attack perks and Velma’s lock-on healing abilities, this due won’t go down that easily.

Furthermore, as a supporting character, Velma needs to stay alive for as much time as possible. This problem is easily solved with Bug’s ability to dig holes where Velma can get some time to recover or heal up.

Arya Stark + Superman

Arya’s ability to strengthen Superman’s power with her mobility and offensive perks make this due one of the strongest in 2v2 situations.

With increased combat abilities, Superman can easily ring out enemies and Arya’s quick movement mechanics present perfect support in combos and finishing attacks.

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