Best Perks And Tips For Superman In MultiVersus

So you went with the theory that Superman is the strongest man alive, but aren’t quite sure how to use...

So you went with the theory that Superman is the strongest man alive, but aren’t quite sure how to use him? Well, things work a bit differently here in Multiversus as you have a pretty wide array of attacks, Specials, and Perks to use with your characters.

Along with all the other characters in the game, Superman also comes with a huge variety of Perks to select from, but it might be hard to decide from them. Hence, in this guide, we’ll be covering some of the best Perks to use with Superman in Multiversus.

Best Perks For Superman In MultiVersus

Signature Perks: Sniper Punch
You can utilize the Sniper Punch perk to maximize Superman’s already insane amount of strength. He does pack a punch in terms of damage but is quite slow and inefficient in doing so.

This perk will allow him to aim his shots better and make his blows more efficient by increasing the range of his aimed punch. What’s special about this perk is that it will not only allow Superman to increase the range of his aimed punch to almost four and a half blocks but will also unlock the potential to follow up his next attacks more efficiently.

Furthermore, along with the increase in his range, it also allows Superman to increase his damage output and knockback at longer ranges but will diminish slightly at shorter ranges.

Perk Slot 1: Slippery Customer
Since Superman is naturally quite strong on the offensive side dealing dons of damage and knockback, a wise option would be to select a type of perk that buffs up his defense a bit.


This perk allows your team to receive a 10% longer dodge invulnerability window to escape in case they end up in a tight multi-hit combo.

Furthermore, it also allows for a total of 15% increase in that window if your ally selects the perk as well.

Perk Slot 2: Kryptonian Skin
Skin made of Superman’s greatest weakness? Yup, this perk allows Superman to become a Super-tank! Since you’ll be using his specialty in damage and defense to fight off multiple amounts of enemies, this perk will allow you to add a bit more resistance to damage received while doing so.

What’s special about this perk is that it not only allows your allies to receive 4% less damage in case they get trapped in a multi-combo, but it will also stack the effect and reduce the amount of damage by a further 6% if your ally selects the perk, allowing you to fight for a bit longer and turning things around.

Perk Slot 3: Leg Day Champ
The Leg Day Champ can be used as a defensive as well as an offensive type Perk, making it versatile in situations where you’re either trying to avoid any kind of projectiles like Batman’s Batterrang or getting some aerial hits off.

The best thing about this perk is that it does not only allow your allies to increase their jump height by 10%, but the effects will also stack on to make it a total of 15% increase in jump height if your ally selects the perk.

Superman Tips

To better understand Superman’s playstyle, we first need to understand his strength and weaknesses. Although he’s quite strong in terms of offense, dealing an insane amount of damage and knockback, you’ll often notice that he comes short in terms of speed.

Therefore, the best way to play Superman would be to utilize his strengths, especially his Specials and Neutral Specials, and use the suitable perks to overcome his weaknesses depending on the type of opponents he faces.

The perks above would suffice for a battle most of the time, but you can still mix things up a bit if you want to exploit a particular enemy’s weakness. For example, you could substitute a perk for the ‘Break the Ice’ perk if you were to battle the ‘Iron Giant’ since he’s pretty easy to freeze up.

Although Superman does have the ability to fly, you would be surprised to see that his air-to-ground options aren’t that up to the mark, but, he does have a Special that might overcome the issue – the Air Down Special. The Air Down Special can be used to cover a larger area in a pinch when you’re quite low on HP.

Along with the Air Down Special, you can also use Superman’s ‘Ice Breath’ and ‘Air Drag’ Special to slow down enemies and drag them to the corner of the plane respectively. These two specials are quite overpowered if you know how to use them.

The Ice Breath is best used with allies, as it also allows your allies to slow down enemies as it applies Ice Gauntlets, while the Air Drag can be used to finish off enemies quickly by trapping them in a corner.

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