Best Perks And Tips For Arya Stark In MultiVersus

Arya Stark’s violent and scornful attacks, merciless combos, and sudden movement mechanics make her the top-ranked assassin in MultiVersus. Being...

Arya Stark’s violent and scornful attacks, merciless combos, and sudden movement mechanics make her the top-ranked assassin in MultiVersus.

Being the top assassin of the game, her moves and attacks are pretty complicated and a beginner to the game might find learning these combos a little difficult.

Perks are special abilities in Multiversus that, when combined with attacks and combos, boost up the power of the characters to a much higher level and help you defeat opponents with ease.

Mastering perks must be the main focus of players in the game and if you decided to continue the game with Arya, then read on through the following article to learn about some of the best perks and tips of Arya in MultiVersus.

Best Perks For Arya Stark In MultiVersus

Signature Perk: Betrayal
Betrayal is the best as it boosts up the power and strength of your allies and Arya’s too. Buff provided by this perk enables Arya to move at speeds higher than her original and attack many times harder, making her almost invincible. Team up with Bruisers or other Assassins and use this perk to give tough times to your opponents.

Perk Slot 1: Leg Day Champ
Next up is the first slot for the perks and Leg Day Champ is appropriate for this slot. This ability gives a rise to the Jump Height of Arya as well as your allies enabling them to perform better and more violent attack combos in the air.

Perk Slot 2: Second Wing Beneath Your Wings
Second Wing Beneath Your Wings is the best option for the second slot. This perk fits best with the quick reflexes of Arya, enabling her to quickly reset air attacks after ringing out her opponent.

Combining this perk with her speed, she can easily dash toward other enemies after attacking an enemy in the air, thus performing a perfect string of combos.

Perk Slot 3: Percussive Punch
Lastly, we have the Percussive Punch Power that gives a buff to Arya’s punch, launching her enemies horizontally.

Arya Stark Tips

She belongs to the assassin class, which indicates that she specializes in close combat rather than ranged one. However, her quick reflex and powerful attacks enable her to perform better even in ranged combat thus making her the best assassin in the game.

Furthermore, her ability – Neutral Special enables her to steal her opponent’s faces which means she can replicate their moves but not all of them. Her attacks are a bit short on ranged ones, thus this ability is really helpful as it enables Arya to perform ranged attacks.

There are some other unique abilities too and the most interesting of them all is her ability to deal greater damage whenever she attacks an opponent from behind. With her quick reflexes and the Down Ground Attack, she can easily stab enemies from behind defeating them in no time.

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