Best Perks And Tips For Batman In MultiVersus

The Dark Knight is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters to pick in MultiVersus. He belongs to the Bruiser class and brings powerful attacks and flexible movements that go along with his gadgets-based combos.

The following perks will let you make the best of Batman in MultiVersus.

Best Perks For Batman In MultiVersus

Signature Perk: Bouncerang
This perk makes use of one of Batman’s tools known as the Batarang which will apply maximum stacks of weakened when it hits an enemy during return.

Perk Slot 1: Aerial Combat
This perk gives a rise to air acceleration of your team. This will also enable them to dash toward you to perform brutal combo attacks and can also be used to chase your opponents.

This perk goes well with Batman’s mobility creating a serious challenge for your opponents.

Perk Slot 2: Hit ‘Em While They’re Down
Most suitable option for the second slot, this perk will enable your team to deal 5% extra damage to debuffed enemies. This goes well with Batman’s signature perk.


Perk Slot 3: That’s (Not) All Folks!
If you attack an enemy at the edge of the map, getting back to the center of the battlefield will be easier using this perk.

Batman Tips

  • Make use of attack combos like Down Attack, Air Side Attack, etc to their fullest as these enable you to secure multiple hits on each enemy. The combo also allows you to do a grounded Up attack as your final blow to apply weakened to your opponents.
  • Batman’s tools and gadgets are also really helpful when fighting as a team. Attacking with gadgets like Batarang, Bat Bomb, etc will debuff your enemies and your allies can easily take them out.
  • Furthermore, gadgets like Bat-Grapple can be effectively used with smoke bombs as your opponents will not be able to locate you and you can easily attack them.
  • Batman has some unique move sets like the Glide ability which can be used to attack your opponents from different directions and also to save yourself when in trouble.
  • For best results, pair up with characters that can deliver the final blow to opponents that have received high damage. Batman is better at dealing damage through his combos rather than delivering the final blow.

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