Should You Kill Arlecchino, The King of Riddles in Lies of P?

Make the King of Riddles pay.

You will hear Arlecchino’s voice in Lies of P for the first time at the phone booth near the Workshop Union entrance. The King of Riddles, or Arlecchino, will regularly contact players and ask them to solve a riddle. If successful, they will get a Trinity Key as a reward. As the game progresses and you solve these riddles, you will ultimately meet the King of Riddles. If you have been annoyed by Arlecchino’s riddles by this point, you can choose to attack and kill the King of Riddles in Lies of P.

How to get to the King of Riddles

Meeting the King of Riddles in Lies of P will actually require you to solve all of his phone booth riddles. Solving the last riddle near the entrance of the Relic of Trismegistus will give you The Chosen One’s Trinity Key.

It doesn’t matter what you answer at the Relic of Trismegistus phone booth, as both answers will get you the key. However, I will recommend answering Yes so you don’t receive Decay damage through the Surprise Box.

Now that you have The Chosen One’s Trinity Key, explore Arche Abbey Outer Wall till you see his Trinity Sanctum door. It should be easy to spot, thanks to the chalked triangle on the door. Use the key to enter, and inside this sanctum, you will end up meeting Arlecchino, the King of Riddles.

How to get the option to attack King of Riddles in Lies of P

When you talk to Arlecchino in the Sanctum of Riddles, he will ask you a question: whether you are human or a puppet. If you answer Human, he will declare that he feels just like you, and both of you are basically just trapped in the Ergo. At this point, he will reward you with the Alchemist’s Cape and a Quartz.

Keep talking to the King of Riddles, and he will reveal more of his back story. Turns out he is a serial killer and quite a horrible person who feels no remorse.

If you have killed Laxasia the Complete by this point and talked to Venigni about his past, you can talk to Arlecchino about Venigni’s parents. If you haven’t, defeat Laxasia, talk to Venigni, and return here. Arlecchni will reveal that he is the one who killed Venigni’s parents, and that was actually his best kill.

After this point, you have probably had enough of this monster. At least I did. Once the conversation ends, the options for interacting with the King of Riddles will change. Now, you will see an extra Attack option besides Talk.

Should you attack and kill the King of Riddles in Lies of P?

Now, this is a moral conundrum. Arlecchino is a headless puppet, and he is tied up. He is no threat to anyone, not even you, once you attack him. However, he is a horrible person and has committed countless horrible acts in the past. On top of that, the King of Riddles feels no shame for all the hurt he caused with his murder spree.

You can either leave him be or attack and kill him while he is unable to move. In my opinion, you should kill Arlecchino and make him pay for everything he has done in Lies of P. Whether you kill him or not, you will still get the Alchemist’s Cape and Quartz. However, once you kill Arlecchino, the King of Riddles will drop a Radiant Ergo as loot.

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