How To Get The Hawker Pawn Specialization In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Use the pawn with Hawker pawn Specialization to make gold while traveling.

The Hawker Pawn Specialization is undoubtedly one of the best in Dragon’s Dogma 2 if you know how to use it and are constantly struggling with encumbrance. This specialization allows your pawn to become a merchant whenever you are resting at a campsite and sell items from your backpack automatically.

If you reach max encumbrance(red), you can instantly sell excess items in your inventory and earn some quick gold. The Hawker Specialization is not available from the start of the game; you actually have to unlock it in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

To unlock it, you must collect some items to gift later to a merchant. This will increase your affinity with them. This way, you can get the Hawker’s Tome, which you can use once to teach your main pawn the Hawker Specialization.

Remember that if you already had a specialization applied to your main Pawn, using Hawker’s Tome will replace the previous one, so think carefully before you replace a specialization.


You should move important or valuable items from your inventory, such as the Wakestones and Ferrystones to your storage or Pawn’s inventory. Since the items selected for sale are random, you might end up losing precious items with the Hawker specialization if they are in your inventory.

How to get the Hawker’s Tome in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The process of getting the Hawker’s Tome is pretty simple. All you need to do is find a merchant for at least three consecutive days and give them a gift. When you meet that merchant again and initiate the talk on the fourth day, you will get the Hawker’s Tome.

Sounds simple, right? The only problem you might face is finding the merchant easily for three days. You don’t have to worry at all, as I will help you find the merchant and give you a list of gifts to boost your affinity.


If you are curious about what the NPC likes to increase their affinity, you can go to the History section and check that specific NPC in the NPC Logbook. There, you can find their likes listed among their character descriptions in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

That said, Hawker’s Tome can be procured from many merchants, but I’m covering the three you can easily find.

1. Wandering Merchant Georg, Checkpoint Rest Town

You can travel directly to Checkpoint Rest Town to find this Beastern resident of Bakbattahl selling goods there. He can be located easily outside the Sword and Staff Inn wearing a blue bandana. Once you find this merchant, you can give him interesting or fancy items.

This can include Rugged Bone, Great Griffen Claw, Mishappen Eye, etc. In short, you will need to gift him any of these items each day; rest between these days. After taking 3-4 gifts, Georg will hand you the Hawker’s Tome as a token of appreciation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

2. Bjorn, Vernworth

You can travel to Vernworth and meet Bjorn at Bjorn’s Armory. This is the second merchant to whom you can gift items in order to obtain the Hawkers Tome.

All you will need to do is gift Bjorn Fancy Items that you find, such as Rugged Bone, Great Griffen Claw, Freakish Mane, etc. Apparently, Bjorn also likes flowers, so you can either gift him Noonbloom or SunBloom to increase your affinity with this specific merchant.

You will need to gift Bjorn either of these items for three to four days and make sure that you rest at an Inn in Dragon’s Dogma 2 between each gift you give him. This way, Bjorn will hand you the Hawker’s Tome.

3. Wandering Merchant Mia, Melve

If you want to find the NPC Merchant Mia, you will need to travel to Ulrika’s Home at Melve. This specific merchant is outside the house; speak with her and select the option to gift her an item.

Like all wandering Merchants, Mia prefers beautiful and fancy items. This means you can choose items like the Bunch of Flowers. The recipe for the Bunch of Flowers comprises the following combinations:

  • Noonbloom and Moonglow
  • Sunbloom and Moonglow
  • Sunbloom and Noonbloom

Give her the gift for three days and then meet on the fourth to get the Hawker’s Tome for the Hawker Pawn Specialization in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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