How To Complete Aspirations Quest In Mass Effect Andromeda?

After you land on Elaaden and complete the A New World quest, you will receive the Aspirations optional quest near the Paradise area. It's a small quest but one with good rewards.

Aspirations is a short optional quest in Mass Effect Andromeda that has you defeating a horde of enemies to secure an outpost on Eladeen. This quest is fairly straightforward and is comprised of a couple of objectives.

Once you’ve completed the main quest Eladeen: A New World, make your way to the northeastern end of Paradise until you come upon a small outpost near the edge of the crater. Here, you’ll receive a transmission from Dirk Barrett, the NPC who’ll give you the quest. In this guide, we’ll go over the complete walkthrough of the Aspirations quest in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Talk to Dirk and Head to the Outpost

To speak with Dirk Barrett, approach the small outpost and wait for it to open. He’ll tell you that he needs help clearing out enemies at a nearby outpost. Converse with him and pick the options that will allow you to help him.

Next, open your map and head to the outpost marked on it. It’ll be toward the left of the crater, not too far from where you started the quest.


If you shoot Dirk during your initial conversation, you won’t be able to proceed with this quest.

Kill the Scavengers and their reinforcements

You’ll know you’re at the right outpost when you spot three aircraft hovering in the air. Entering the outpost is not difficult, but you need to make sure to get rid of the Hydra before dealing with the Scavengers.

The enemies in the area consist of Saboteurs, Raiders, Sharpshooters, and Pariahs. Once you’ve dealt with them, wait for a dropship to arrive, which will bring a few more Raiders and a Sharpshooter to the fray. This happens twice, so be prepared!

Locate armory door controls (Optional)

Head to the 1st floor of the westernmost building and unlock the armory door by interacting with the terminal. Your next step should be to head inside the armory and replenish ammunition.

From there, head over to the shipping crate to find a huge cache of weapons and explosives. Here, the Pathfinder will question whether Barrett can be trusted. You can either trust Barrett and let him have the weapons or keep them for the Initiative. The choice has absolutely no consequences, but if you choose to keep them from Barrett, you’ll receive additional rewards.

Contact Barrett

Once done, head inside a room on the second floor of the adjacent building to call Barrett. After he arrives, tell him the outpost is clear to receive your rewards and complete the quest in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda Aspirations Rewards

For completing the quest Aspirations, you will receive the following rewards:

  • +73 Andromeda Viability Points
  • +530 XP
  • +5% Elaaden Viabilty

If you chose to keep the weapons for youself, you’ll receive an additional

  • +29 Andromeda Viability Points
  • +2% Elaaden Viability

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