Mass Effect Andromeda Aspirations Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Aspirations quest to help you complete this secondary quest with our easy-to-follow walkthrough tips.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Aspirations Quest

After getting access to Eladeen and interrogating Vehn Terev, you will have access to the Aspirations quest. Your starting point will be at Dirk Barrett’s hideout.

Talk to Dirk
To speak with Dirk Barrett, head inside the small outpost on the northeast edge of the Paradise and make sure not to shoot him. After speaking with him, agree to help him in order to progress the quest.

Kill the Scavengers
Your first task is to find three machines hovering in the air – in Paradise Sands. Entering the outpost is not a difficult matter but you need to make sure to get rid of the Hydra before dealing with the outlaws in the area.

The outlaws in the area consist of Saboteurs, Raiders, Sharpshooters, and Pariahs. Once you’ve dealt with them, wait for a dropship to arrive and bring a few more Raiders and a Sharpshooter to the fray. This happens twice so be prepared!

Done fighting? Head to the 1st floor of the westernmost building and unlock the armory door by interacting with the terminal. Your next step should obviously be to head inside the armory and replenish ammunition.

From there, head over to the shipping crate to find the explosives. You can either keep them for the Initiative or hand them over to Barrett – the choice has absolutely no consequences.

Contact Barrett
Once done, head inside a room on the second floor of the adjacent building to call Barrett. After he arrives, tell him that the outpost is clear to receive your rewards and complete the quest.


  • Andromeda Viability Points
  • XP

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