Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Guide 

In Lies of P, your gaming experience will become a nightmare when you face the Black Rabbit Brotherhood and fight three bosses at the same time.

In Lies of P, you will face off against Black Rabbit Brotherhood twice, who will fight you again for the revenge of their Eldest. You will be fighting against three smaller bosses, which make up a comprehensive fight. In addition to these three bandits, the previously killed Eldest will revive again to fight you.  

This guide contains strategies, attacks, and tips on defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood location 

You will fight the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field in Lies of P. This is a mandatory fight. After defeating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District, head to the location for round two. Travel through the Relic of Trismegistus’ entrance and go to the combat field to fight the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.  

How to defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P? 

black rabbit brotherhood fight strategy

The bandits you will be fighting against are Battle Maniac, Eccentric, and the Youngest, where each will have their own weapon. This is a challenging fight since it is a versus three encounter, and it won’t end unless all three mini-bosses are dead.

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood will have imbued their weapons with elemental effect, thus increasing the difficulty of this battle. Battle Maniac will have a sword imbued with Fire or Overheat, Youngest will have a rapier with Acid or Decay, and Eccentric will have a spear imbued with Electric Blitz or Electric Shock.  

The good news is that they’ll only engage once by one. When one member attacks you, the other two back off and slow down to wait for their turn. Use this ample time to your advantage and unleash multiple combos to the one attacking you before they step in.  


Make use of the rocks in the arena to split up these members so you can attack a member without getting attacked by others. If you can use ranged attacks, do so against the bandits hanging back.  

Use star fragments to call forth a specter ally. Use this ally to distract the other member while you focus on one. Another advantage you have in this battle is that you can backstab and easily stagger if you deal heavy damage.  

As mentioned, the eldest will join in after you kill one of the members. Since the Eldest is not the kind of boss to fight while your focus is on his members, it is wise to lower all members’ health equally before killing one of them. This way you can finish all of them quickly one after the other and then focus on the Eldest.

Use pretty much the same strategy that you used against the Eldest in the first face-off. Be at a safe distance and keep running away from long combos. Since these combos have a long wind-down time, use this to deal heavy damage. Other attacks include overhead slams and jumping slams, which are easily predicted and dodged.  

The only new attack the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood uses in this battle in Lies of P is an energy wave attack. Whenever you see his arm glowing blue, run away, or you will get hit with this attack.

Another way to avoid this attack is to roll over or hide behind a wall or a block. You can also use Perfect Guard Sharpener to increase the chance of staggering the opponent.  

Keep following the same strategy, and you will eventually wipe out the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P.  

Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood rewards 

For defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, you will get 16,059 Ergo and a Quartz

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