How To Get To Church Of Repose In Elden Ring

Read on to learn how you can get to the Church of Repose in Elden Ring and the things you will find there!

In Elden Ring, the Church of Repose is a location found on the Mountaintops of the Giants region. Even though there isn’t much to do in the Church of Repose, finding its location is important if you wish to fight the NPC invader, Bloody Finger Okina.

He drops some very nice katanas, a piece of headgear, and can become a summon later on. You can also find an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone inside too. 

Read on to learn how you can find the Elden Ring Church of Repose. 

Church of Repose location in Elden Ring 

Church of Repose map location in Elden Ring

Since the Church of Repose is located at the Mountaintops of the Giants region in Elden Ring. Accessing the area will require you to progress further along the story.  

You will need to fight Morgott, the Omen King at the Elden Throne at Leyndell. At the end of this boss fight, you will unlock the Forbidden Lands Site of Grace. This will allow you to enter the snowy region of Elden Ring. 

You will also need to find another medallion to access the Grand Lift of Rold. Luckily, after the fight with Margott, Melina will give you a Rold Medallion which you can use.

Alternatively, you can also use the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) and Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) to activate the Grand Lift of Rold. 

Once you have the medallion, you can activate the lift to enter the Mountaintops of the Giants region. Once you reach there, you can begin your trek toward the Church of Repose from the Giant’s Gravepost Site of Grace as your starting point.  

You must move in the southwest direction from the Giant’s Gravepost. You can confirm that you are on the correct path by looking for dead trolls along the way. Stick to the cliff to your left and continue along this path. 

As you ascend along the mountainous path, take the first right that you encounter. This path will take you to a fight between 2 crows and a troll. You can avoid them and continue your trek uphill. 

Eventually, this path will lead you to a giant skull-shaped structure sitting on top of a few rocks. As you look to the right of this structure you will find the Church of Repose. 

What to do at the Church of Repose?

There isn’t much to do at the Church of Repose. There are no merchants to trade with or other NPCs that you can find. However, there is still an enemy that you can fight and find some useful items at the Church of Repose. 

Fight the NPC Bloody Finger Okina 

Before your entry inside the Church of Repose, you will be welcomed by an invasion from the NPC named the Bloody Finger Okina. This will begin a mini-boss fight at the Church of Repose.  

He will fight with two Rivers of Blood Katanas, which you can obtain once you beat him. These have great Bleed status effect ability and are strong weapons to obtain. 

Killing Bloody Finger Okina at the church of Repose will also give you Okina’s Mask, which is an extremely useful armor piece that you can wear to trade in your Focus for an increase in Dexterity. 

Your fighting strategy against Okina should be to use greatswords, and take advantage of them by staggering him. Try to parry his attacks and make use of incantations to stagger him even more. Since his poise is weak, this should be the best strategy. 

You can also lure him to the fight between the troll and crows to make them attack and kill him. However, this can be tricky to do. 

Find a Sacred Tear 

The Sacred Tear can be found as you enter the Church of Repose. Once inside you must search the area close to Queen Marika’s statue. As you look under it you will find the Scared Tear. 

Scared Tears can be used in Elden Ring to level up your Cerulean Tear Flasks and Crimson Tears. 

Find an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone  

There is an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone location in the vicinity of the Church of Repose. You can head toward the Giant Skull-shaped structure outside the main church building. The Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone will be sitting just by the figure’s mouth. 

Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones are extremely rare Legendary items in Elden Ring since you can find only 13 of them on the entire map. You can trade them in at the Roundtable Hold to Hewg. This will allow you to upgrade any regular armament to +25 in the game. 

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