Hogwarts Legacy Easter Eggs Guide

Hogwarts Legacy has a ton of easter eggs and secrets to find which reference both the novels and the films.

Hogwarts Legacy Easter eggs are a crucial part of the game, providing a link between the content of the Wizarding world. Several Easter eggs are found in different places, bringing back nostalgic feelings and making you love the Hogwarts Legacy even more.

The details of the books and movies are tricky to remember, so you might miss a few Easter eggs in Hogwarts Legacy. But the best ones are remembered mainly by every die-hard fan of the series. The Easter eggs bound the characters and stories in a single place, making them feel accomplished after finding and understanding the context.

Best easter eggs to find in Hogwarts Legacy

Battle of Hogwarts

The opening scene of your battle with Pensieve Sentries will remind you of the Battle of Hogwarts in the Deathly Hallows. That scene was ionic and magical. The knights came from above to take their place, bringing havoc with them.

You will feel the same emotions while watching the same scene in Hogwarts Legacy.

Goblet of Fire Casket

You will come across the Goblet of Fire Casket while exploring the Trophy room in Hogwarts Legacy. The Casket holds the Goblet of Fire and provides you with the Field Guide Pages.

It is one of the best Easter eggs in Hogwart Legacy due to its association with the Harry Potter series.

Golden Snitch

Who does not remember the Golden Snitch from the Quidditch matches? Harry Potter running after it and people crashing was fun to watch. This Easter egg can be found on the Hogwarts Legacy load screen.

You can also see one whizzing around the Hogwarts Legacy common rooms. The picture shows the presence of Hogwarts Legacy Golden Snitch in Gryffindor’s common room.

Hagrid’s Hut

One of the favourite places of Harry Potter and his squad was Hagrid’s Hut. Hagrid provided them with the comfort and life lessons required to carry on their journey.

You can find the same hut in the southeast of the school grounds. The northwest path from Floo Flame point of Lower Hogsfield can also get you to your Easter egg.

Go inside and explore the house as you like and relive your memories.


This Hogwart Legacy Easter Egg is a nightmare for the students in Hogwarts. You must have remembered the scene from the movie where Ron Weasley was scolded by his parents through a Howler.

You can find one or two students getting the same treatment in the corridors of the school. This scene makes it one of the best Hogwarts Legacy Easter Eggs.

Polyjuice Potion

The polyjuice potion scene from the first movie and novel lives forever in our memories. Hermoine using her skills of creating the invisibility potion and ending up turning into a cat was a different experience. She worked hard inside the bathroom on that potion for years to perfect it and allowed the Harry Potter trio to sneak inside the Slytherin common room.

You can experience the same scene by visiting the last washroom cabin inside the girl’s washroom. The washroom is located next to Professor Fig’s class.

Professor Snape’s Music Box

The music box used by Professor Snape can be seen inside the Room of Requirement. This Easter egg is easily missable as it only becomes available once you enter the room with Professor Weasley.

You need to walk toward the area containing a boar’s head and the painting on the table. The box is right next to the painting, and as you get close to the box, a person will pop out. You guessed it right! That’s Professor Severus Snape, and even the different timeline of Hogwarts Legacy could not keep him away from the premises of Hogwarts.

Secrets of the Darkest Arts

If you are a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter series, you will not miss this book during your visit to the restricted area of the library with Sebastian Sallow.

It is the same book that Albus Dumbledore banned from Hogwarts. Tom Riddle used the book to learn about Horcruxes, and Hermoine also used it after the death of dumbledore.

You can visit this Easter egg anytime by going to the restricted part of the library in Hogwarts Legacy.

Sound Producing-Sweets

Remember Harry Potter and his crew trying out candies in the Gryffindor tower, producing sounds that resemble animal noises? That scene from the Prisoner of Azkaban movie lives with us forever and brings joy whenever it comes to mind.

This Easter egg provides you with the same experience, and you can try out different candies. You can float, breathe fire and make several sounds. Just travel to the Honeydukes shop located in Hogsmeade to have this experience.

The Chamber of Secrets

This Easter egg is one of the best because of its relevance in the Harry Potter series. No one can forget its presence in the movie in the Moaning Myrtle Bathroom.

You cannot enter the Chamber of Secrets though. You can only find its entrance location. Head inside the girl’s bathroom in the hallway of Lower Grand Staircase. Use Revelio to find the Field Guide Page, and you can also see a small snake present on one of the sinks that indicates something for Harry Potter fans.

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