Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flames Locations: How To Fast Travel

Without fast travel, navigating the huge world of Hogwarts Legacy can be challenging which is why we are going to explain floo flames.

The Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flames will help you quickly cover three major regions: the world map, Hogsmeade, and Hogwarts.

Powered by enchanted Floo Powder, this magical transportation system will save a lot of time between journeys.

For Hogwarts Legacy fast travel, all you need to do is throw the Floo Powder into the fire and select any place on the map. Floo Flame will take care of the rest and will take you anywhere anytime fast.

Once you have visited all floo flame locations in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be rewarded with The World Trophy achievement.

This guide will discuss everything players need to know about Fast Travel and using floo flames in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy how to fast travel

Given the massive size of Hogwarts Legacy’s world, it can be a daunting task to travel it all on foot, at least until you get a flying broom. However, the game has made players’ life relatively easier by introducing the Fast Travel feature, with which they can travel from one end of the map to the other in seconds.


The Hogwarts Legacy Fast Travel feature, or moving through floo flames in the Harry Potter world, is easy to operate and has a lot of benefits. You can unlock it early in the game, right after your first night at Hogwarts. Players in this quest will meet Professor Weasley once they leave the common room. Professor Weasley will guide players toward their first floo flame.

Finding Floo Flames is relatively easy, as you can find them throughout the map. The activated ones are colored green; however, those which need to be activated are colored grey. Players need to visit their location for those who are not activated; fortunately, players don’t need to interact with them as they will be unlocked simply by visiting the location.

So, as players meet Professor Weasley, she will guide players to their first floo flame location. Once players reach the area, the in-game tutorial for using them begins. After which, players can open up the map and choose the location they want to go using fast travel.

There is no cost to using fast travel, inside or outside Hogwarts so if you are tired of running, you can always use floo flames to reach faraway areas.

The Hogwarts Legacy map makes it easier for the players to get to these flames. While the majority of them are on maps, there are some of them which are behind doors. To get to them, you have to complete some quests first.

Hogwarts Legacy all Floo Flame locations

Always zoom in on the map while searching for the Floo Flames, as it will help you in Hogwarts Legacy. The flames on the world map are easy to find. However, those on Hogwarts are difficult, and players should look for them carefully as there’s a chance of missing them.

All the floo flames fast travel locations are already marked on your map as grey icons. You simply have to walk up to a location and it will get unlocked and the icon will change to green.

If you are having trouble finding a specific floo flame location, refer to our maps. You can also open up your in-game map, mark a fast travel location as a waypoint and let the game take you there.

Hogwarts Castle Floo Flame locations

Astronomy wing

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flames locations
  • Astronomy tower
  • Charms classroom
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts tower
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom
  • Professor Fig’s classroom
  • Transfiguration classroom
  • Transfiguration courtyard

Bell Tower wing

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flames locations
  • Bell Tower courtyard
  • Flying Class lawn
  • Beasts classroom
  • Hogwarts north exit
  • West tower

The Grand Staircase

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flames locations
  • Grand Staircase
  • Grand Staircase tower
  • Lower Grand Staircase
  • Quad courtyard
  • Ravenclaw tower
  • Ravenclaw common room (only accessible if a Ravenclaw)
  • Trophy room

The Great Hall

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flames locations
  • Boathouse
  • Great Hall
  • Hufflepuff common room (only accessible if a Hufflepuff)
  • Viaduct courtyard

The Library Annex

  • Central hall
  • Divination classroom
  • Greenhouses
  • Library
  • Potions classroom
  • Secret Rooms

Secret Rooms

The South Wing

  • Clock Tower courtyard
  • Faculty tower
  • Gryffindor Common Room
  • Hospital wing
  • Hogwarts south exit

Hogsmeade Floo Flame locations

  • North Hogsmeade
  • South Hogsmeade
  • West Hogsmeade

World map Floo Flame locations

North Ford Bog

  • Pitt-Upon-Ford
  • San Bakar’s Tower
  • East North Ford Bog
  • North Ford Bog

Forbidden Forest

  • Jackdaw’s Tomb
  • West Forbidden Forest
  • North Ford Bog Entrance

Hogsmeade Valley

  • Upper Hogsfield
  • Falbarton Castle
  • East Hogsmeade Valley

North Hogwarts Region

  • Korrow Ruins
  • The Collector’s Cave
  • East North Hogwarts Region

South Hogwarts Region

  • Aranshire
  • Lower Hogsfield
  • Mooncalf Den
  • Forbidden Forest

Hogwarts Valley

  • Central Hogwarts Valley
  • Brocburrow
  • Keenbridge
  • The Mine’s Eye

North Ford Bog

  • Pitt-Upon-Ford
  • San Bakar’s Tower
  • East North Ford Bog
  • North Ford Bog

Feldcroft Region

  • North Feldcroft
  • Feldcroft
  • Feldcroft Catacomb
  • South Feldcroft
  • Rookwood Castle
  • Irondale

South Sea Bog

  • Northern South Sea Bog

Coastal Cavern

  • East South Sea Bog
  • North Poidsear Coast
  • Tomb of Trechery

Poidsear Coast

  • Poidsear Castle
  • Phoenix mountain cave
  • South Poidsear Coast
  • Marunweem Bridge

Marunweem Lake

  • Coastal Mine
  • Marunweem Ruins
  • Marunweem
  • Marunweem Lake
  • Tower Tunnel

Manor Cape

  • Bainburgh
  • West Manor Cape


  • Cragcroft Shore
  • Cragcroft

Clagmar Coast

  • Clagmar Castle
  • Clagmar Coast

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