Can You Enter Every Hogwarts Legacy Common Room?

Hogwarts Legacy common rooms are shared areas where students can return after attending their classes to socialize and rest.

There are four Houses to choose from in Hogwarts Legacy and each House has an exclusive common room for its students. These are shared areas where students belonging to the same House can return to after attending their classes to socialize and rest among other activities.

Each common room has been designed with great care in the game. They all feature a unique theme based on their House including furnishing, decor, soundtrack, level design, and more. Depending on which House you belong to in Hogwarts Legacy, you might also get access to some exclusive content.

The Hufflepuff House, for example, has a quest that takes you to Azkaban Prison. You cannot visit the location if you belong to any other House.

Keep in mind that you only get one chance to choose your House at the start of the game. This will be during the Sorting Hat sequence where your character will have to answer a few questions.

If you do not like the Hogwarts Legacy House the Sorting Hat has chosen for you, you can either start over or jump through a few hoops to manually choose your House from the official website.

Once you have joined a House, you need to know your common room entrance location.

Gryffindor Common Room

The Gryffindor house common room is very easy to locate. You just need to reach the Faculty Tower and take the stairs. Head toward the south wing of the Tower and search for a Fat Lady portrait. The portrait will allow you to pass if you are in Gryffindor. Crawl through the small hole to enter the magnificent common room.

You will see how every aspect of the room represents the bravery of House Gryffindor. The interior is designed using gold and scarlet, making everything speak for itself for the house. There’s plenty of sitting space available that you can use to improve your socializing with other fellow wizards in Hogwarts Legacy.

The moving paintings always accompany you inside the room, so you will never feel alone while exploring the area. Additionally, this room area is the warmest compared to others, as the theme of the Gryffindor house is fire. Everything aligns with the essence of Gryffindor House.

Slytherin Common Room

The common room for Slytherin House is located in the dungeons. Head down from the lower grand staircase and move toward the wall in front of you. If you are Slytherin, you will experience one of the most remarkable entrances to any room. A colossal serpent will rise from the ground to create a pathway that takes you inside the Slytherin house common room in Hogwarts Legacy.

The room reflects the green color of Slytherin. You will see massive pillars made up of green marble that rise from the ground and reach the never-ending ceilings of the room. The water element of the house is incorporated into different features of the room, giving you a sense of belonging.

You will find this room dark compared to others, but it is the true reflection of the Slytherin house. Everyone, irrespective of their house, appreciates the beauty of Slytherin’s common room.

Hufflepuff Common Room

The Hufflepuff common room is located next to the grand staircase. You need to go past the hidden kitchen and look for a huge barrel with two crafted faces. The door barrel will open itself if you are a part of the Hufflepuff family, leading you to some mind-blowing natural setting.

The theme for Hufflepuff house is Earth, and the whole design of the room revolves around that theme. You will see a magnificent combination of green and skin that will please your eyes. The plants are suspended from the ceilings, and the round ceiling indicates the Earth itself.

The feeling of walking in the corridors of Hufflepuff common room might be the most soothing experience for you. Each present element inside reflects the gentle nature of the plants and Earth. This might be one of the best-designed common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy.

Ravenclaw Common Room

The Ravenclaw common room is found in the Ravenclaw tower. Head toward the west side of the Tower after taking the grand staircase. At the end of it, take the stairs next to the blue corridor. You will see a huge Ravenclaw on a door that is your entrance to the common room. It will only open if you are a part of Ravenclaw house.

The class of Ravenclaw common room is second to none; the perfect combination of blue and silver makes it astonishing. You will see how the whole setup of the room represents the learning and wit of the Ravenclaw representatives.

There are huge windows that provide excellent light during the day, and you get to enjoy the beautiful sky full of stars at night. Even the fabrics are printed using astrological figures, making everything perfect for the students.

How to enter another House’s common room

Knowing all about the common rooms makes us excited to rush to each one of them and enjoy the splendid view. However, there’s no way to visit the common rooms of other Houses in Hogwarts Legacy.

That is why you only receive the Floo Flame Location for your selected house and not the other three. You will explore the castle and find the common rooms’ location, but you will not enter them as it is not allowed in Hogwarts Legacy.

There’s only one way that you can opt to experience the brilliance of all the Hogwarts Legacy House common rooms. Hogwarts Legacy has no New Game Plus feature, so you must follow the new game path.

Start a new game and select a different house to visit all four common rooms every time. It is possible as you have four save slots in Hogwarts Legacy, making it perfect for selecting a different house in each save file. Start your game and experience the common rooms if you want, and then it is up to you to carry on with the house or move to another save file.

Remember, you can select any house as the main story remains the same no matter which house you represent in Hogwarts Legacy. Go out and conquer the wizarding world and experience the phenomenal creation of Hogwarts Legacy House common rooms.

Best common room in Hogwarts Legacy

The best common room depends on your liking. Gryffindor fans are likely going to find the Gryffindor common room most pleasing. However, keep in mind that Hogwarts Legacy gives you an opportunity to see how the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw common rooms look. These two Houses were a bit shunned in the films, so you can use this opportunity to check them out.

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