Fastest Way To Farm Nth Metal In Gotham Knights

When taking a break from stopping crimes and beating criminals, you will be scouring Gotham City for ingredients and resources...

When taking a break from stopping crimes and beating criminals, you will be scouring Gotham City for ingredients and resources to craft gear in Gotham Knights. While most crafting materials will be easy to come by, Nth Metal is going to prove to be a challenge.

You will need Nth Metal to craft the best gear and best suits in Gotham Knights. They are important crafting materials that are required for all legendary blueprints in the game.

The only problem is that Nth Metal is incredibly rare and fairly hard to find. In fact, one of the endgame activities to do after beating Gotham Knights is crafting all of your remaining gear since you will not be able to find enough Nth Metal to craft all of your legendary gear by the time you hit level 30.

The following guide will tell you the fastest way to farm Nth Metal in Gotham Knights.

Farm Criminal Deals for infinite Nth Metal

Defeating enemies from different factions is one of the main ways of earning Nth Metal in the game. Unfortunately, most enemies only have a chance of dropping Nth Metal.

All you can do is keep taking down as many enemies as possible to amass your legendary crafting materials. That is going to prove to be a massive grind-fest.

There is an easier way that actually guarantees infinite amounts of Nth Metal but will still require you to grind several hours in the game.

The first thing you need to do is spot a Criminal Deal taking place on the map. These crime types are shown by a handshaking icon and see two criminal factions meeting to arrange a shady deal.

In a normal situation, you will head over to the location to defeat both factions and loot whatever goods they brought to trade. These goods are usually crafting materials and almost always include Nth Metal.

However, for our Nth Metal infinite farming guide, you will play the Criminal Deal a little differently. Head over to the location and start defeating all enemies until you find the one that drops Nth Metal.

Now, press Esc and return to the main menu before continuing. You will spawn at the same Criminal Deal location and all enemies will have respawned.

Since you know which enemy drops the Nth Metal, keep targeting them to save time. Just make sure that you leave one enemy alive or else you will stop the crime and the enemies will not respawn.

Rinse and repeat the same process for as long as you want. You can easily gain 1,000x Nth Metal in a couple of hours if you play it right.

Defeat all of Gotham’s Most Wanted bosses

Gotham’s Most Wanted are notorious criminals like Clayface whom you will occasionally come across. In order to find them, you need to scan every enemy and look for high-level premeditated crimes.

You will eventually unlock Most Wanted missions on your map. Head to their location and defeat the named boss enemies to get Nth Metal as a reward.

Complete all of Penguin’s challenges

Penguin will eventually come around to give you some challenges to complete in exchange for a reward. These rewards are going to be precious Nth Metal, so you better make sure to complete all of his tasks.

The only problem is that you are going to get around 20x Nth Metal from completing his challenges. That is nothing compared to how much Nth Metal you need (in the thousands) to craft all legendary gear in Gotham Knights.

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