How To Craft Legendary Gear In Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights allows you to change characters on the fly but ultimately, your goal should be to build a good,...

Gotham Knights allows you to change characters on the fly but ultimately, your goal should be to build a good, solid character with the best skills, abilities, and stats.

Your strength will determine which activities you can undertake and which enemies you can defeat without getting frustrated. To become a pillar of a character, you need to farm XP, unlock skill trees and equip your character with the best gear.

In this guide, we will try to provide information regarding the Legendary gear; this gear will substantially improve your combat attacks and survival skills and helps you escape situations that would otherwise be impossible.

However, to get your hand on Legendary gear, you must put your skills out for a test and gain the gear for yourself.

Crafting legendary gear in Gotham Knights

The essential items required to craft your legendary gear are Gotham Knights blueprints. Be aware as these are not easy to obtain. To obtain the blueprints for legendary gear, you must put yourself at risk and complete the high-difficulty level activities.

The good thing about these activities is that they are many for you to solve, dispersed throughout Gotham City. You can follow the ‘Very High’ difficulty sign on your map to reach these activities and, upon cracking the crimes, gain the much-needed blueprints for legendary gear.

Moreover, you will receive one blueprint on every solved high-level crime activity and can spend on any of your character categories. For example, you might want to bring the stealth potential to the next level for Robin, and for Nightwing, you can spend it on his mobility to make him invincible. However, you can use the blueprint on any one category and have to farm more blueprints to make every character strong.

These high-level activities are no kids’ play, but once you get hold of the characters, you should solve them more consistently and build your Protagonists to a legendary level.

How to get Gotham Knights legendary salvage

There are up to 15 different types of Salvage found in Gotham Knights. You will unlock this feature after reaching level 30. Once you reach the given level, you need to kill enemies, loot chests, and complete quests to attain the legendary Salvage to craft legendary gear in Gotham Knights.

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