How To Unlock All Suits In Gotham Knights?

Every superhero has a collection of suits and such is also the case in Gotham Knights. Find out how many suits you can wear in the game!

Gotham Knights features 60 distinct suit styles you can unlock for all four playable characters, totaling 15 suits for each character: Batgirl, Robin, Night Wing, and Red Hood. These suits range from classic comic book-inspired designs along with more contemporary original suits tailor-made for the game.

In this guide, we’ll look at how you can unlock all suits in Gotham Knights, including the highly sought-after Talon and Shinobi costumes. Additionally, we’ll also take a brief look at the game’s transmog system.

1. New Guard

How to unlock: Unlocked from the start

As soon as you start Gotham Knights, you will get access to the New Guard suits as they are the default styles for all four heroes: Batgirl, Robin, Night Wing, and Red Hood.

2. Eternal

How to unlock: In Gotham Knights, you need to collect all the blueprints or gear pieces for this specific armor set to unlock.

The Eternal Suits feature Red-Robin-inspired suits for all four characters, the chief of which is Robin, who receives an exact 1 to 1 replica from the comics. To use this suit as a Transmog style, you’ll have to complete Lucia Fox’s mission chain.

3. Knight Ops

How to unlock: To unlock the Knight Ops costume, you must collect all 12 secret caches during night patrols. You can gather a maximum limit of one Secret Cache in one single night.

The Knight Ops costume has one of Gotham’s best looks and is best for all urban missions. This suit is designed for combat and features highly detailed armor work for all four heroes.

4. Privateer

How to unlock: To unlock Privateer, you need to craft or collect all the pieces of this suit when you are out on the streets of Gotham.

The Privateer outfits are inspired by the Steampunk aesthetic, which perfectly complements the look and feel of Gotham City. Heavy overcoats, leather-plated armor, and belts complete the appearance of this outfit.


To craft suits in Gotham Knights, go to the crafting menu and look for the material requirements for each outfit. You can then complete missions to acquire those materials.

5. Neon Noir

How to unlock: Like the Privateer, you must collect all the gear pieces to unlock this costume. Privateer gear pieces are found in Caches and are also dropped by enemies.

Neon Noir is an outfit with a dull and reflective color scheme inspired by the Great War era. You will like this costume if you want to dress more from the past and out of the universe.

6. Metal

How to unlock: To unlock the Metal outfit set for all heroes, you must collect all its gear pieces from drops all over Gotham City.

Featuring a sleek metallic finish, the Metal Outfit is undoubtedly inspired by Iron Man. Given its reflective nature, this lustrous armor set makes you stand out.

7. Beyond

How to unlock: You can unlock this outfit if you have purchased the Collector or Deluxe Edition in Gotham Knights.

The Beyond outfits have a sleek black exterior with gold accents and are deeply inspired by the Batman Beyond animated Series. The eyes on this outfit will also glow at night and have the same Golden color as the symbol on the chest.

8. Titan

How to unlock: In Gotham Knights, all four characters have a unique challenge called the Knighthood Challenge. You will unlock the Titan costume as soon as you complete all four Knighthood Challenges.

These costumes are designed to be identified by criminals because of their bold color choices. They also feature a robust design, giving Red Hood a leather vest and Batgirl a pair of spiked gloves.

9. Year One

How to unlock: To unlock the Year One outfits, you must collect all the Batarang pieces dropped by Batman in Gotham Knights.

Year One takes all four of Gotham Knight’s heroes to their early crime-fighting days. As the name suggests, these outfits are inspired by their first year as part of the Bat Family. These outfits are fairly simple but can be customized to your liking.

10. Talon

How to unlock: The Talon outfits are unlocked once you’ve scanned all five Court of Owls murals in Gotham Knights. The location of these Murals will be provided in the mission assigned by Alfred.

Inspired by the Court of Owls, the Talon outfits in Gotham Knights let you don the feather-clad costumes worn by the game’s main antagonists. What makes these costumes stand out is their glowing round eyes. This outfit is transmog only.


You can customize cowls, logos, boots, and gloves. You can change the entire color pattern as well.

11. Demon

How to unlock: You can use the Demon outfits after unlocking each gear piece by crafting the suit several times.

The other main enemy faction inspires the Demon outfit in Gotham Knights, The League of Shadows. This outfit draws heavily from the East Asian culture the league is inspired by, featuring ninja-like masks and sleek leather armor.

12. Shinobi

How to unlock: To Unlock this costume set, you must wait until Case 6 becomes available. Once you start this case, simply defeating enemies and opening caches within Case 6 and beyond will unlock this outfit set.

This outfit is heavily inspired by Japanese culture. It gives all four Knights unique samurai-inspired masks and intricately detailed Samurai armor.

13. Knighthood

How to unlock: This suit set is only unlocked once you finish the main campaign of Gotham Knights

The Knighthood costumes are inspired by Batman himself and feature a simple yet menacing black color scheme. This outfit is transmog only, so you can look like the caped crusader while retaining each Knight’s uniqueness.

14. Knightwatch

How to unlock: The Knightwatch costume set is only available if you purchase the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of Gotham Knights.

The Knightwatch costume set in Gotham Knights is inspired by the early illustrations of these DC Characters by the iconic Jim Lee. These outfits are the most colorful out of all available in the game and have an almost otherworldly feel. This outfit is transmog only.

15. Gilded Age

How to unlock: The Gilded Age costumes can only be unlocked with codes included with the Gilded City tie-in comic book for Gotham Knights. You’ll need to buy all six issues as you can only unlock the outfits upon entering all six codes.

The Gilded City outfits combine the more traditional costumes worn by the four Knights with old Western-inspired clothing to create some of the most unique cosmetics in the game.

How does Suit Transmog work in Gotham Knights?

Transmog is a mechanism of changing the entire look of one suit into another suit’s style. To have more options in suit style, you will need to craft more of them. Which means you will have more transmog options.

To customize your suit using transmog, go to the Batcomputer, select Gear Section, and then select Styles. You can change the style of your suit from there.

This will only change the look of your suit, not the stats. Moreover, you won’t be able to customize any individual part of your suit afterward. The transmog converts the suit into another style which is sort of unlike.

So, it is advisable to craft different suits first; legendary ones are preferred. Then, look for different styles. If you are lethargic, then just choose transmog to change everything right away; otherwise customizing each part is ideal.

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