Gotham Knights Crafting Guide

To be able to take part in Gotham Knights' exciting journey, you’ve got to make sure you’re going with the...

To be able to take part in Gotham Knights’ exciting journey, you’ve got to make sure you’re going with the pace of the game. And this is where crafting becomes a necessity.

Crafting in Gotham Knights helps you upgrade your characters, acquire new weapons and modifications, and get personalizations. All these aspects help you perform better and easily progress in the game.

To help you with that, we’ll walk you through how crafting works in Gotham Knights, and how to get recipes and mods. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How crafting works in Gotham Knights

Having advanced melee weapons and epic personalization unlocked will help you become a useful component of the Bat-family. In addition, it helps you effectively implement your playstyle in the game and lets you efficiently face any troubles as you advance in the game story.

Like any role-playing action game, in Gotham Knights, crafting is a vital in-game mechanism. Crafting will assist you in filling your inventory with valuable equipment that’ll come in handy in your open-world and co-op plays.

In order for players to start crafting in the game, they’ll need to take a break from the streets of Gotham and head to Belfry. Here players will need to approach the crafting workbench near the central area of the room.

Watch the tutorial that walks you through how you’ll start crafting, and then you’ll have the liberty to craft whatever your heart desires and make your character one of a kind.

The workbench will give you three options to work with: Ranged, Melee, and Suit. Whatever character you play, they have these same categories pop up but will have different stat according to their character.

Since you will be collecting various crafting materials while playing as either  Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, or Redhood, each time you choose one of these characters for crafting, you’ll have different options to play with.

For this very reason, we recommend that before you go ahead and start crafting, progress a fair bit with each character. This way you will have their skills and abilities unlocked.

You will also have picked up enough materials along the way. This way you finally will have the flexibility in the workbench to create what you like.

If you wish to pick up specific items or materials, you can highlight them from the crafting menu and then find them on the field. Once you have everything, equip them in Belfry and follow a blueprint to get your desired equipment piece.

How to get more crafting recipes

For players to get their hands on various Crafting Recipes while playing Gotham Knights entails taking part in the adventures of Gotham city and encountering multiple types of enemies.

As players progress further in the game, they are met with many challenges. Each time they successfully overcome one, they’ll be rewarded with many items, sometimes consisting of recipes.

Every time players get their hands on a recipe, they will have it marked on the side of the screen, where other resources appear.

Every time you defeat a Tank enemy, you have a high probability of scoring a recipe and a high gear. Some recipes are better than others; you can acquire suits and epic melee weapons whenever you get a higher rank recipe.

So keep on fighting and challenging tougher threats; they will increase your chances of getting crafting recipes in the game.

Crafting mods

Crafting Mods will be very similar to the procedure of crafting recipes and their materials in Gotham Knights. Just as you would for other resources, for mods, players are required to participate in missions, challenges, battles, and stashes.

This is a common form of loot that can be easily acquired without getting into the complexities. Whenever an enemy drops a mod, it can be identified by its octagon shape. The more mission you complete and enemies you defeat the more you can get these.

These can later be equipped from the Mod Tab in Batcomputer located in Belfry. You can also combine several mods, known as the Fusing Mods process, that help you create one powerful Modchip.

Where to find Salvage

Once you have obtained the Blueprints, you will then need all the crafting materials to craft the different items. The crafting material comes in the form of Salvage. There are a total of 15 different items found as Salvage in Gotham Knights.

You can get the Salvage item after opening the Chests, defeating Enemies, and completing the crafting challenges. To get the salvage items, you need to travel to the said location of the material.

The location of each of the Crafting Resources is given below.

  • Polymer – It is a common item and the main source of it is Factions found all over the map. You can get it by defeating them.
  • Titanium Mesh – This item is an uncommon material, and you will get it after defeating the Mobs.
  • Graphene Fiber – There are many Regulators found in the Gotham Knights and once you defeat any one of them, you will get Graphene Fiber after killing him. It is an uncommon item.
  • Organic Composite – In Gotham Knights, you can get Organic Composite after defeating the Court of Owls. Although, it has an uncommon rarity.
  • Industrial Solvent – This uncommon material can be found by defeating the Freaks.
  • Khadym Steel – If you defeat League of Shadows in Gotham Knights, you will get this uncommon material.
  • Rare Earth Materials – As soon as you defeat any mob, you will get this rare item.
  • Colloidal Crystals – If you defeat Regulator in Gotham Knights, you will get the Colloidal Crystals. It is also rare in nature.
  • Electrum – This rare item can be obtained by defeating the Court of Owls.
  • Accerelant – This uncommon material can be found by defeating the Freaks.
  • Amalgam – In Gotham Knights, you can get this material after defeating League of Shadows. This is an epic item by rarity.
  • Promethium – If you defeat Regulator in Gotham Knights, you will get the Promethium.
  • Programmable Nanocapsules – This epic item can be obtained by defeating the Freaks.
  • Pseudoderm – You can obtain this epic item by defeating the Mob.
  • Nth Metal- In Gotham Knights, you can get this legendary item by killing any one of the Factions.

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