God Of War Collectibles Locations Guide – All Collectible Types, Where To Find

God of War Collectibles Locations Guide to help you find over 300 collectibles that are available in God of War PS4. With the help of our God of War Guide.

God of War Collectibles Locations Guide to help you find all types of collectibles in the newest God of War for PS4. The game features over 300 collectibles. To be able to find all these collectibles, you will need to backtrack (a lot) and unlock a plethora of in-game skills.

The good news is that you should be able to find all these God of War 4 Collectibles in a single playthrough though doing so will require you to revisit locations you already explored. What we recommend is to progress through the game as normal (finding what you can and unlocking skills during the process) and then refer to our God of War Collectibles Locations Guide to locate what you missed.

God of War Collectibles that you need to find in order to attain 100% completion status and to acquire the Platinum Trophy include:

  • Purple Language Cipher Chests
  • Realm Tear Encounters
  • Hidden Chambers
  • Legendary Chests
  • Mystic Gateways
  • Treasure Maps
  • Odin’s Ravens
  • Jotnar Shrines
  • Nornir Chests
  • Lore Markers
  • Valkyries
  • Dragons
  • Artefacts
  • Favors
  • Shops

Please note that not all collectibles mentioned in the list above have their individual Trophies associated with them but you need to find them to attain 100% completion status. On top of that, some God of War Trophies require you explore an area or collection of areas in its entirety.

For your convenience, we have covered all these collectibles found in each God of War PS4 location in detail. Feel free to head over to the links (in the list below) to find collectibles in your desired in-game location. You can also bookmark this page if you feel like going for a blind-run first and then collect all the goodies.

As for those of you who would like to explore an area in full before moving onto to the next one, you can refer to the list below and open up the one you are in. However, as we mentioned earlier, in order to find some collectibles, you will need the required skills.

This is all we have in our God of War Collectibles Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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