God of War Veithurgard Collectibles Locations Guide

God of War Veithurgard Collectibles Locations Guide help you find all types of collectibles that you can locate in Veithurgard order attain 100% status.

God of War Veithurgard Collectibles Locations Guide to help you find all types of collectibles that you can possibly locate in Veithurgard in order to attain 100% completion status and unlock the Platinum Trophy.

In our God of War Veithurgard Collectibles Guide, we will be focusing on all collectibles found in Veithurgard in God of War. You can collect these collectibles during the main playthrough of the game or after completing the story and revisiting the location.

God of War Veithurgard Collectibles

There are 21 collectibles that you need to find and collect in Veithurgard.

  • x3 Odin’s Ravens
  • x1 Mystic Gateways
  • x1 Legendary Chests
  • x6 Artefacts
  • x1 Shops
  • x6 Lore Markers
  • x1 Nornir Chests
  • x1 Jotnar Shrine
  • x1 Favor

We have detailed the locations of these collectibles below so that you can easily find them easily. In addition, we have arranged them in the order in which they appear while playing through the story so that you can easily find them without the need of any backtracking.

Important: Do note that this God of War 4 Collectibles Locations Guide does not include Hidden Chambers, Valkyries, Dragons, and Favors. We have separate guides for the aforementioned things that you can check out by heading over to the links.

God of War Veithurgard Lore Marker Locations

Lore Marker Location #1

This is located on the path into Veithurgard. When you arrive at Brok’s Shop, look right next to it for a Lore Marker. Collect it.

Lore Marker Location #2

Walk past the Shop and look for a small area in the wall to squeeze through. Go through this tight area and then crawl under the tunnel when you reach it. Look for a Lore Marker on the right side in the next area.

Lore Marker Location #3

In the same area, look for another Lore Marker further to the right behind a corner.

Lore Marker Location #4

Afterward, head to the path leading to the hill in the main area and look for a Lore Marker on its right side.

Lore Marker Location #5

You will find a Lore Marker near this Odin’s Raven as well. Collect it.

Lore Marker Location #6

On the same path, after draining the water, you will also see a Lore Marker. Collect it.

Viethurgard Odin’s Raven Locations

Odin’s Raven Location #1

In the main area of Veithurgard, you can use your boat to travel around. Get in your boat and head to the left side corner of the area until you reach a small island with a statue on it. The Odin’s Raven is circling this island. Hit it to collect it.

Odin’s Raven Location #2

Head to the path, which leads to the dragon. Under the dragon, there are some wooden planks. You will find an Odin’s Raven under these planks.

Odin’s Raven Location #3

Head to the area where you had to open a door sealed by four rune symbols. Once there, look for an Odin’s Raven in the left side of the area. Hit it and it will add to your collection.

Veithurgard Mystic Gateway Locations

Now head back to the main island and get to the beach to find a Mystic Gateway.

Veithurgard Artefact Locations

Artefact Location #1

From the location of the Mystic Gateway, head right and find the chain on the gate. Pull the chains and use your axe to freeze them. This will allow you to climb the mountain. Once you reach the top of the mountain, drop down one platform to find a wooden blockade. Destroy it and collect the Artefact behind it.

Artefact Location #2

Now head back to the main island and find the next Artefact on the boat bridge.

Artefact Location #3

Now turn left from the dragon and find a corpse lying behind some crates. It has an Artefact. Collect it to add it to your collection.

Artefact Location #4

Head further left from the location of the last Artefact to arrive at the broken bridge and find another Artefact.

Artefact Location #5

Now head to the left of the shrine to find another Artefact.

Artefact Location #6

Once you drain the water using the lever, find the corpse inside and collect the Artefact from it.

Veithurgard Nornir Chest Location

On the right side, you will see a wall. Climb the wall and you will reach the area’s only Nornir chest. To open this chest, you must find and destroy three rune seals. First rune seal is located on the left side of the chest. For the next one, head to the small wooden bridge and stand at the location of the dragon shrine.

Aim at the Stonehenge as the next rune seal is sitting on it. The last one can be found in the tunnel behind the chest. Once all three rune seals are destroyed, you can easily open the Nornir chest.

Veithurgard Jotnar Shrine Location

Your next collectible is Jotnar Shrine. Once you have opened the big Veithurgard gate, walk straight ahead to reach this shrine. However, a small puzzle is required to open it. You must place the runes in the correct spots. The correct order is Left Top: “T”, Left Bottom: “R”, Right Top: “N”, Right Bottom: “F”.

God of War Veithurgard Legendary Chest Locations

Once you have defeated the boss, head to the end of the area to find a Legendary Chest.

Veithurgard Favour Location

Getting your hands on this last collectible is slightly challenging. It’ll require you to free a dragon.

Therefore, face the dragon and take the path on the right. It’ll lead you to a shrine located on top of a hill. The Shrine needs to be destroyed. This is the first of the three shrines that you’ll be destroying to free the dragon.

Head back to the dragon and proceed left, i.e., opposite to the dragon if you face it. You’ll then come across another shrine that needs to be destroyed.

For the last shrine, you’ll have to cross the broken bridge in the vicinity. Once all three of the shrines have been destroyed, the dragon would be freed and the last collectible will be added to your collection.

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