God of War Iron Cove Collectibles Locations Guide – Ravens, Legendary Chests

With the help of our God of War Iron Cove Collectibles Locations Guide, you will be able to find all types of collectibles found in the Iron Cove.

In our God of War Iron Cove Collectibles Guide, we will be focusing on all collectibles found in the Iron Cove in God of War. You can collect these collectibles during the main playthrough of the game or after completing the story and revisiting the location. Therefore, if you miss a collectible, you can always collect it at a later part of the game.

God of War titles are well-known for hiding multiple collectibles in each level and the newest installment is no different. Each level in the game has different collectibles for you to find and collect. Collecting these collectibles not only unlock a few Trophies but also count towards the 100% completion of the game.

Important: Do note that this God of War 4 Collectibles Locations Guide does not include Hidden Chambers, Valkyries, Dragons, and Favors. We have separate guides for the aforementioned things that you can check out by heading over to the links.

To find collectibles found in other locations, please refer to our God of War Collectibles Guide by heading over to the link.

God of War Iron Cove Collectibles Locations

There are two collectibles that you need to find and collect in Iron Cove. We have detailed the locations of these collectibles below so that you can easily find them easily.

In addition, we have arranged them in the order in which they appear while playing through the story so that you can easily find them without the need of any backtracking.

Keep in mind that Iron Cove is accessed from the Isle of Death. If you want to check out the collectibles guide for the Isle of Death, go check out our God of War 4 Isle of Death Collectibles Guide by heading over to the link! Before we start, God of War Collectibles found on the Isle of Death include:

  • x1 Odin’s Raven
  • x1 Legendary Chest

Collectible #1 – Odin’s Raven
While you are in the Isle of Death, head to the hill and climb it where you found the dead body and the legendary chest. Once at the top, head to the zipline that leads you to Iron Cove.

When you land on the ground, look for the southern shipwreck in the mountain. Your collectible is inside that ship. Now you need to forge a path to this ship. Look for some explosives around.

The first explosive is hanging above the boat and you will be able to see it easily. Use your Leviathan Axe to destroy it. Some of the explosives are also located at certain angles that you will need to climb inside the boat to hit them.

When your path is cleared and the poison mist is gone, climb inside the boat and head to its top. Near the top of the boat, you will find a raven. Kill it to add it to your collection.

Collectible #2 – Legendary Chest
In Iron Cove, you will eventually reach a place where you come across a door with three rune seals. To open this door, you need to match the rune signposts with the signs displayed on top of the door. These signposts are scattered around in the area. All you need to do is find them and hit them.

Since there are three rune seals, you need to hit three rune signposts. You will find the first two rune signposts very easily as they are located in the same area. The third rune signpost is hidden behind some yellow rubble.

If you look at the left side of the door, you will find some yellow stones. Blow them up to open a path. Head on this path to reach the end of the cliffs. You will come across a pile of rocks and some explosives that you need to blow up to access the third rune signpost.

Once the rubble is clear, hit the rune signpost with your Leviathan Axe to match it with the door and open it. Head inside to collect the Legendary Chest. This is the last collectible in this level.

This concludes our God of War Iron Cove Collectibles Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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