God of War Cliffs of the Raven Collectibles Locations Guide – Artefact, Chests, Ravens

God of War Cliffs of the Raven Collectibles Locations Guide to help you find all types of collectibles that you can possibly locate in the Cliffs of the Raven in order to attain 100% completion status and unlock the Platinum Trophy.

The God of War Cliffs of the Raven Collectibles Locations Guide is for discovering all hidden collectibles found in Cliffs of the Raven region. This will help also play a part in unlocking that Platinum Trophy for you, so tread carefully; you do not want to miss anything.

Our God of War 4 Collectibles Guide will direct you step-by-step towards your ultimate goal of collecting all the five hidden collectibles in the area.

Important: Do note that this God of War 4 Collectibles Locations Guide does not include Hidden Chambers, Valkyries, Dragons, and Favors. We have separate guides for the aforementioned things that you can check out by heading over to the links.

To find collectibles found in other locations, please refer to our God of War Collectibles Guide by heading over to the link.

God of War Cliffs of the Raven Collectibles Locations

Before anything, you need to complete the main story first. This area has some unlockables which cannot be reached or accessed without the skills and equipment you are able to gather throughout the course of the game. Well, after you have come back from the story.

Before we begin with our God of War Cliffs of the Raven Collectibles Locations Guide, collectibles found in the area include:

  • x1 Artefact
  • x1 Nornir Chest
  • x1 Odin’s Raven
  • x1 Legendary Chest
  • x1 Purple Language Chest

When you first reach Cliffs of the Raven, you will need to clear the path of some orange colored blockage. Use your axe to do the job. Head to the back of the region to find a Lore marker and to the left of it, a hidden pathway blocked by some pieces of wood.

Throw your axe to open a small hole and aid Atreus in crawling into it. He will, in turn, help you ascend where you will find the Language Cipher Chest in purple that you can use to unlock Muspelheim or Nilfheim.

To the right of this Cipher Chest, you will come across an Artefact some paces ahead. After the Artefact, face the direction of your boat (where you landed) and look high to make out a raven in the distance.

Next, head to the middle of the region (do not worry, you will not miss it) to find a Nornir Chest. Use Chaos Blades to grab the glowing green spherical ball and place it on the wall near the gates. Head back to memorize the runes on the chest, head back again to retrieve the ball.

Place it on the energy ball holders and wait until it spins to match the order of runes you memorized. Remove the ball the moment the runes match to get them locked in place. Repeat for the other two ball holders.

The job of the green ball is not done yet. Place it on the central ball holder and then open gates leading back to the beach where you first landed.

Retrieve the ball using the Chaos Blades and quickly head to the beach where you will find a crypt. Without wasting any time, secure the ball in the crypt to reveal a Legendary Chest.

That is all for God of War Cliffs of the Raven Collectibles Guide. For more, you can always head to our guide section of the site, where there is tonnes of information and tips on getting an edge in many types of video games.

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