How To Increase Support Level In Fire Emblem Engage

Support level determines the relationship between your characters in Fire Emblem Engage and this guide will explain how to increase that.

Support is basically a measurement of two characters’ chemistry with each other in Fire Emblem Engage. Increasing the Fire Emblem Engage support level between characters gives them a bonus to their stats. Support levels are measured from C to S rank in FE Engage. This guide will give information regarding Support levels and how to increase them quickly.

How to increase Fire Emblem Engage support levels

There are multiple ways you can increase your support ranks in FE Engage

  • Fighting alongside allies
  • Having conversations
  • Giving gifts
  • Dining
  • Healing allies
  • Finding lost items and returning them

Fighting alongside characters

Simply having different characters in a party together will give you support points. That includes both attacking and defending. The easiest way to earn support is to go for square or plus formation with the character you want to increase the support level in the middle alongside all the participating characters.

The damage your other characters deal will also allow your allies to gain some points. You can also earn points by healing other characters effectively.

This method will give you FE Engage support points not only between Alear and other party members but also increase the support ranks of party members between themselves. Say your party consists of Alear, Clanne, Etie and Framme; fighting alongside one another will increase Clanne’s support rank with Etie and Framme as well.

Take part in bond conversations

Getting to know your allies is something that is a must. Having an idle chat with your allies and knowing about their strengths and weaknesses helps increase their stats and make a good team in FE Engage. Once the character reaches a certain threshold, you can initiate a bond conversation with them to increase their bond level.


All of your allies prefer gifts they like. You can converse with your allies about their likes and dislikes or by looking at the gift description. This will also give you some support points for leveling up in Fire Emblem Engage.

While exploring the Somniel, you may eventually find some sparkling items on the ground. Those are occasionally gift items that you can return to their original owners to increase the support level in Fire Emblem Engage.


Dining at Café Terrace with any of your characters and taking turns cooking will increase support levels. If your allies enjoyed the meal, the more support points you will gain and vice versa.

Healing your allies

You often see your allies getting hurt during battle. Use the healing ability to heal wounded ones to get some FE Engage support points. If you have some extra money, then use this money to buy some poor defense character and use him in the battle.

An ideal way to farm support points this way is to bring weak allies with you. Allies with weak defense will get hurt often and you can use this opportunity to heal them with your support units and increase support level.

Finding lost items and returning them

Just like gifting an item to your allis, returning a lost item can also increase support. While playing the game, you will notice some items missing from your allies. Take this opportunity to find those items and return them to the owner to earn some support points.

How to gain S-rank support in Fire Emble Engage

Unlike previous Fire Emblem games, Fire Emblem Engage’s support ranks cap out at A, with one exception. You can only choose one character with whom you have increased support level to rank A to give a Pact Ring. This pact ring can be used to gain S-rank support.

After completing Chapter 23, you will unlock the Garden of Memories Paralogue. Complete the paralogue and you will be rewarded with the special Pact Ring. You can find the ring inside Memento Drawer at Alear’s bedside table that can be given to any A rank support bond you have.

There is no such thing as support limit when it comes to farming support points; earn as much as you can and use them to increase your support level. Do keep in mind that you have only one Pact Ring which means you can only get one S-rank support in a single playthrough of FE Engage. So choose wisely who you want to give the ring to and culminate your relationship with them.

Whether you give the ring to a romantic interest or a friend is up to you and how you want your game to play out. There are however no paired endings in FE Engage so if you give the ring to someone in hopes of a marriage, there won’t be any change to the ending you get for the game.

The character who gains Pact Ring and reaches S-rank support will gain massive stat bonuses as well as an epilogue entry in the journal regarding their future with Alear.

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