Fire Emblem Engage Cooking And Dining Guide

Fire Emblem Engage is more than just constantly jumping into battles. While traveling to different regions across the map, you will have the option to cook and dine with your allies.

This will give you a chance to take a break and improve your relationships while also allowing you to improve your stats for the next battle. The two reasons make it adamant how important cooking and dining are in the game.

The following guide will tell you all about cooking and dining in Fire Emblem Engage.

Where to dine with your party

Who knew there was a place on top of the hill where you could dine with every member of the party? To dine with any member, you need to head to Cafe Terrace.

After getting there, you can access the menu, along with a list of the team members whom you can have dinner with. The menu can be accessed by going to the character beside the counter.

How to cook meals

Once you have reached Cafe Terrace in Somniel, you can cook meals. Don’t get confused as technically the chef would be cooking on behalf of your instruction and orders.

Follow the simple steps below:

  • After getting to the Cafe Terrace, access the menu beside the counter.
  • The first thing you need to do is to choose the two partners that will have dinner with you in Cafe Terrace.
  • The next and most important thing is choosing the food from the list of 130 dishes. Take note that not every dish is liked by each partner and select only which is liked by them.
  • Then, add the main ingredients, extra ingredients, and topping according to your choice.
  • After choosing all the options mentioned above, FE Engage will ask you to confirm. Soon after that, you will start cooking along with the chef.

After you have finished the meal with the partners, you can get Bento or Leftovers if you have added extra ingredients to the menu. Once stored in the inventory, the leftovers can be used mid-battles to buff up the stats.

What does dining do in Fire Emblem Engage?

In Fire Emblem Engage, dining has several benefits mentioned in detail below:

  • Depending on the meal that you have prepared and the number of extra ingredients and toppings, you and your party members will receive temporary buffs. The stats boost will set your party right up before the battle.
  • After having dinner with the partner, your support level with them will increase. The higher your support levels are, the more stats buffs, and battle bonuses will be received after the battle.

Fire Emblem Engage meals and their buffs

Acqua Pazza+1 Speed, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Anmitsu+1Magic, +1 Resistance
Apple and Cheese Toasties+1 Speed, +1 Defense
Apple Beignets+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Apple Compote+1 Magic, +1 Resistance
Apple Pie+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Defense
Apple Pudding Pie+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Baked Potato+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Bean and Veggie Consommé+1 Strength, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Bean Custard Tart+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Berry Jelly+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Berry Sause Panna Cotta+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Blood Sausage+1 Strength, +1 Defense
Braised Beef in Grape Sauce+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Braised Lamb Shank+1 Strength, +1 Resistance
Cabbage-and-Nut Salad+1 Magic, +1 Resistance
Candied Fruits+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Caramel Nut Cake+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Cheese Wedge+2 Speed
Chicken Tom Yum Soup+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Chicken Tomato Curry+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Chilli Salad+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Chilli-Cheese Stew+1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Chilli-Covered Fruit Sticks+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Chilled Vegetable Soup+1 Magic, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Chocolate Orange+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Churros+2 Defense
Cinnamon Roll+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Classic Pizza+1 Speed, +1 Defense, +2 Resistance
Clover Salad+2 Resistance
Cod Boil+2 Speed
Cod Dip+2 Speed, +1 Resistance
Cream Croquette+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Creamy Fish Chowder+2 Speed
Crème Brulé+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Crepe Pancakes+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Crisp Bread+2 Defense
Crispy Roasted Pork Belly+1 Strength, +1 Defense
Croissant+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Crumble Cake+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Deep-Dish Crepe Pizza+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Deep-Fried Carp+1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Dome Bread+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Emperor’s Mess+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Fish Dango+2 Speed
Fish-and-Bacon Pocket Bun+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Fried Sardines+1 Speed, +1 Defense
Fruit Pie+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Fruit Smoothie+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Haggis+1 Strength, +1 Resistance
Hot Crepe+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Jam Cake+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Jam Thumbprints Cookie+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Jelly Doughnuts+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Defense
Kebabs+1 Strength, +1 Defense
Marinated Herring+1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Marinated Salmon+1 Speed, +3 Resistance
Mashed Potato Stew+1 Speed, +2 Resistance
Meat Dango in Cream Sauce+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Meat Pie+1 Strength, +2 Resistance
Meat-Filled Potato Roll+1 Strength, +2 Resistance
Meatballs and Beans+1 Strength, +1 Defense +1 Resistance
Minced-Meat Dumplings+1 Strength, +2 Resistance
Miso Soup+1 Strength, +1 Defense
Mushy Peas+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Mutton and Cabbage Stew+1 Strength, +1 Resistance
Mutton Stew+1 Strength, +2 Resistance
Nut Compote+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Nut Milk Pie+1 Magic, +1 Defense
Nut Rice Pudding+1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Oatmeal+1 Speed, +1 Defense
Omelet+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Resistance
Onion Quiche+1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Onion Soup+2 Resistance
Open-Faced Sandwich+1 Strength, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Orange Marmalade+1 Magic, +1 Resistance
Peach Cake+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Peach Sorbet+1 Magic, +1 Resistance
Peach Sorbet with Chilli Sauce+1 Magic, +1 Resistance
Peasant Bread+2 Defense
Picked Chillies+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Defense
Pickled Herring Rolls+1 Speed, +2 Resistance
Pickled Cabbage+1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Pork and Kimchi Stir-Fry+1 Strength, +2 Resistance
Potato Pancakes+1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Potato Soup+2 Resistance
Potted Casserole+2 Speed, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Prosciutto+1 Strength, +1 Defense
Puffy Pancake+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Red Mapo Tofu+1 Strength, +1 Resistance
Rice Croquettes+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +2 Defense
Rice with Egg+1 Strength, +1 Defense
Risotto+1 Strength, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Roast Salmom+2 Speed
Rosetta Bread+2 Defense
Salmon Potato Gratin+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +2 Resistance
Salt Pork+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Salted-Meat Stew+1 Strength, +1 Defense, +2 Resistance
Sandwich Cake+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Sashimi Moriawase+2 Speed
Sauteed Apples with Bacon+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Defense
Seafood Medley with Garlic+1 Speed, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Seafood Paella+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Smoked Freshwater Eel+2 Speed
Soda Bread+1 Magic, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Soft Candies+1 Strength, +1 Magic
Sour Cream Congee+1 Speed, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Steak Fries+1 Strength, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Steamed Dango+1 Speed, +1 Defense
Syrup-Simmered Berries+1 Strength, +1 Magic, +1 Resistance
Tiramisu+1 Strength, +1 Defense
Tomatoes in Sweet Vinegar+1 Defense, +2 Resistance
Traveler’s Egg+1 Strength, +2 Defense
Tree Cake+1 Strength, +1 Defense
Uiro+2 Defense
Veal Rolls+1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Defense
Vegetable Stir-Fry+1 Magic, +1 Defense, +1 Resistance
Veggie Sticks+2 Resistance
Very Veggie Stew+3 Resistance
White Sausage+1 Strength, +1 Resistance

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