Fire Emblem Engage Missable Units Guide

There are a total of 36 playable characters that you can recruit while playing Fire Emblem Engage, including a few missable units you can easily miss if you do not know how to recruit them.

There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill to recruit each missable character in Fire Emblem Engage. For example, you need to play as Alear for starters. If you interact with a missable unit with any other character, you will not be able to recruit them.

There are also other things you need to watch out for such as where to go, who to meet, and what events to trigger in which chapter. Hence, it becomes all the more important to know how to recruit missable units in Fire Emblem Engage to save yourself another playthrough.

How to recruit missable units in Fire Emblem Engage

Something important to note is that all missable characters are going to appear in your Paralogue missions in Fire Emblem Engage. Some are going to appear as enemies, so you might not even know that defeating them will lose you the opportunity to recruit them.


You will encounter this missable unit in Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem Engage. Once you reach this chapter you should make sure that you go through the “Budding Talent Prologue”.

Your objective in this prologue apart from the participation should be to make sure that Jean endures the mission so that you can meet up with him after the battle and add him to your party. But remember that in order to start a conversation with this unit you need to confront him as “Alear”.

Jean comes with proficiency in both arts and tones, but his innate and best weapon proficiency is for arts. His personal skill “Expertise” makes him an excellent choice in terms of being the best unit in FE Engage as he can be placed in any class.

Moreover, you can also profit from his healing abilities along with his personal skills as they grant him enhanced stat growth when he levels up in the game.


Anna is another one of the units that you may have missed out on in FE engage. She appears in Chapter 7 of the game and as usual, if you have skipped the Paralogue “Mysterious Merchant,” you may also have missed out on having this valuable unit in your party.

During this quest, the bandit’s stronghold becomes available, and you have to make your way through it and take out Mitan. However, keep in mind that you should play as “Alear” to interact with Anna and employ her at your party.

You will encounter Anna inside the middle treasure on the south side of the castle. Make sure to deal with the bandits as there is a high chance that they might find her and kill her so that you might not lose Anna in the game.

She is an excellent addition to your group as she has a base 50 percent magic growth without any class modifiers. Similarly, if you put her on Sage she will have an 80 percent magic growth which is insane as well. Her passive ability “Make a Killing” allows you to obtain 500G when your unit defeats a foe.


Jade is among those units that you may not have noticed during your ventures in the game. In order to encounter this character you will have to complete Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem Engage.

The positive thing about meeting this character is that you won’t have to complete any Paralogue to encounter Jade as she is part of the main story in the ninth chapter “A clash of Forces”. She can be recruited during the battle by using Alear.

Jade’s passive ability “Meditation” allows her to use wait without attacking or using items which grants her +2 restoration for a single turn. Overall she is a pretty solid unit and a good addition that you may have missed out on adding to your team in Fe Engage.


Seadall is an easily recruitable character that you may have missed out on adding to your party in FE Engage. You will encounter him during Chapter 15  of the game and as usual, you can use Alear to converse with him and add him to your party.

You will have to clear all the enemies in this chapter to ensure that Seadall survives. Having him in your party is an excellent choice since Seadall has his unique Dancer skill that grants you additional moves during fights.


Lindon is also one of the characters from Elusia that you might have missed out on adding to your party since employing him can be very tricky. You will meet with him in Chapter 18, “The Cold Voyage” of Fire Emblem Engage. He may act as a foe given his hostility towards you in this chapter.

So you may be presented with the option to either kill him which goes towards adding him to the missable unit’s list or you can choose to keep him alive.

Once you tell him that you are the Divine Dragon and an ally of Princess Ivy, Lindon will reconsider as his devotion lies with the Royal family. This way you can use Alear to talk him into joining your party.

Lindon can be bonded with Olwen’s S ring which grants him the ability to use Dire Thunder. This allows the unit to attack twice and also bonds pretty well with Lindon’s personal skill “Weapon Insight”. So overall, having Lindon in your party can be very resourceful.


Saphir may be the last missable character that you have skipped adding to your party in FE Engage. Compared to the rest of the missable characters she is easy to recruit once you get to Chapter 19 “The Dead Town” of the game.

All you need to do is talk to her using Alear during the battle in this chapter and surprisingly she can be added to your ranks and assist you in the battle as well.

However, if you miss out on talking to her during the battle there is a  high chance that she may die during it which would add her to your missable list of characters.

So take the chance during the fight to converse with her as Saphir’s Warrior class can be put to use along with her skill “Merciless” to turn the tide of the battles in your favor.