Fire Emblem Engage Lindon: Best Class, Emblem, And Gifts Guide

Lindon comes from the faction of Elusia and is one of the recruitable and playable characters in Fire Emblem Engage. He belongs to the group of top scholars, having excellent knowledge and expanding on it by experimenting with several things.

The character has great potential for combat that you can use to bring down the enemies in FE Engage. Your interaction with this character might not be amicable initially, but you can always make great friends using the right words. So it becomes essential to understand how we can bring this scholar into our side in FE Engage.

How to recruit Lindon in Fire Emblem Engage

Lindon can be recruited during Chapter 18. In this chapter, you will participate in The Cold Voyage battle, which will allow you to recruit Lindon in FE Engage.

You have to make sure that you start a conversation with Lindon during the battle, as his death or no discussion concludes in you losing the chance of making Lindon a member of your party.

You need to have Hortensia or Alear, as these characters can initiate the talk with Lindon, making him join your party after the battle.

Best class

Lindon’s starting class is Mage knight, with having A proficiency with Tome and B with an Axe in FE Engage. Since Lindon is a scholar, having Tome as his primary weapon of choice in the game makes sense. The character wants to deal maximum damage through his learned spells in FE Engage. Due to this class, you can gain 3+ speed at the start of the combat if you initiate your fight using a physical weapon against the enemies.

The other class that suits Lindon’s playstyle is Sage-Providing him with S proficiency with Tomb and B with the Staff. You can move to this class by utilizing a single Master Seal. Moreover, this class allows you to increase your attack by the number of tomes your allies possess. However, you should initiate combat using a tome attack to get this buff.

Best skills

Lindon’s skill is excellent when it comes to fighting solid foes. The Weapon Insight skill grants you 20+crit if you have a lower-level weapon than your enemies.

This means your attacks can deal more damage even while using an inferior weapon in FE Engage. However, you can change this skill according to your need as it’s personal.

Best gifts for Lindon

Gifts play a crucial role when trying to form a better relationship with someone. Fire Emblem Engage allows you to gift several items to improve your bonding with the other characters.

Take note though that every character has certain likes and dislikes. Gifting the wrong items will have the opposite effect and reduce your relationship levels. Hence, the following are the best gifts to give to Lindon in Fire Emblem Engage.

  • Long walks
  • Crafting
  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Studying
  • Magical Experiments
  • Yams

All these items are perfect as a gift for Lindon. So pick any of the items and start a bond conversation with him. You can offer the gift during the discussion; his acceptance will improve your relationship with the character.

Best emblems

Three emblems, Byleth, Corrin, and Celica, are perfect for Lindon in Fire Emblem Engage.

Lindon gets a substantial boost in his defensive and offensive abilities after pairing with these emblems. As Byleth increases the luck stat for Lindon due to his Luck+ ability, providing you with greater chances of landing a crit hit.

Additionally, your supportive stats are improved substantially as the Instruct and Goddess Dance abilities of Byleth improve your overall combat potential.

You can utilize Corrin’s Quality Time and HP+ abilities to provide Lindon with more incredible defensive abilities. These skills offer passive healing and help you absorb incoming damage from the enemies. By pairing up with Corrin in FE Engage, you can take a more active part in the battle without worrying about dying.

Lastly, Celica Resonance and Magic+ improve Lindon’s damage output massively. After using this emblem, you can deal a good amount of damage using Tomes in FE Engage. All these emblems are best for Lindon.

Lindon stats and growth rates

Lindon is a character having some great base stats in HP, Magic and Dexterity. This shows the balance between the offense and defence of this character. It will be challenging for the enemies to bring you down using Magic attacks. Your resistance is great, even at the base level.

  • HP – 38
  • Strength – 8
  • Magic – 18
  • Dexterity – 21
  • Speed – 19
  • Luck – 8
  • Defense – 12
  • Resistance – 21
  • Build- 10

The true potential of Lindon is reached as you level up the character. You will have one of the best stats in HP and resistance. This will ensure you survive the battle till the end and watch your team win the combat. Here are the growth rates you can look forward to in FE Engage.

  • HP – 65
  • Strength – 25
  • Magic – 25
  • Dexterity – 25
  • Speed – 40
  • Luck – 15
  • Defense – 25
  • Resistance – 40
  • Build- 10

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