Elden Ring Sorceries Locations Guide

In this guide, we will provide you with all you need to know about Sorcery and locations of sorceries in Elden Ring..

If you’ve started off as an Astrologer in Elden Ring or are a budding sorcerer, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of magic, the locations of new sorceries and teachers. In this guide, we will provide you with all you need to know about Sorcery and locations of sorceries in Elden Ring.

How to Equip and Use Sorcery Spells in Elden Ring

To equip and use a sorcery spell, you have to assign the staff to your left or right hand and visit the Site of Grace. Here you will get the option to memorize the spells. After that, you can simply press the Up on the D-Pad for going through the Memory Slots.

Staff Location

To find a sorcery Staff in Elden Ring, you have to go to a specific location in the Land Between or start off as one of the classes with a staff (Prisoner or Astrologer).

You must travel to the Demi-Human Forest Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula to find a staff early on in the Elden Ring.

Before going there, you should have unlocked the horse Torrent and then go to the southwest of Limgrave. Here you will come across a bridge of sacrifice. Cross that bridge and go south till you reach a spot from where the path is going in two directions.

From there go to the west side and you will find the Demi-Human Forest in the north-west. On the north side of this, you will encounter the Demi-Human Queen. You can defeat her quite easily as it is not a tough battle.

Once you have defeated the Queen, you will receive the Demi-Human Queen’s Staff along with the Crystal Burst sorcery.

Elden Ring Sorcery Teachers Location

Sorceress Sellen

Sorceress Sellen in Elden Ring can be found in the Waypoint Ruins on the border between East and West Limgrave. To reach that location you have to go east of the Lake Agheel where you will see some plant creatures roaming.

Here, close to the largest plant, you will find an underground entrance. Go inside and you will encounter a Mad Pumpkin Head boss.

Defeat that boss and activate the Site of Grace to go through and meet the Sorceress Sellen in Elden Ring. Here you have to agree to become her student and you will get access to a number of sorceries.


You can find this Sorcery teacher in the Liurnia of the Lakes, Church of Irith.


In the Stormveil Castle, next to the altar with a body on it, you can find Rogier.

Aberrant Sorceries Locations

Briars of Punishment: This wounds the players and spreads a trial of bloodhorns that stabs the enemies. It can be found next to three Fire Monks northwest of the Giant’s Mountaintop Catacombs.

Briars of Sin: It injures the spell-casters to summon a whorl of bloodthorns around them. It is dropped by the Burning Slugs northwest of the Artist’s Shack in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Carian Sorceries Locations

Carian Greatsword: Wields a magic sword that slashes the enemies in front. This can be bought from Miriel, Pastor of Vows.

Carian Phalanx: This wields an arch of glintsblades. These blades attack the enemies in proximity and can be purchased from Seluvis.

Carian Piercer: Performs an impaling attack by wielding a magic greatsword. It is dropped by Scarab behind the gardens of Caria Manor.

Carian Retaliation: This blocks the spells from the enemy and counterattacks with glintsbades. It is purchased from Seluvis.

Carian Slicer: Wields a magic sword to slash the enemies. Can be bought from Sorceress Sellen.

Glintblade Phalanx: This surrounds the caster with Glintblades that attack the nearby enemies. This can be purchased from Sorceress Sellen or Miriel by an exchange of Royal House Scroll.

Greatblade Phalanx: This surrounds the caster with larger glintblades that attack the enemies. This spell is dropped from Bols, Carian Knight in Cuckoo’s Evergoal in Liurnia.

Magic Downpour: This launches projectile fire over a span of the area and is dropped by Perceptor Miriam in Carian Study Hall.

Magic Glintblade: This spell launches a glintblade that chases the enemy and can be purchased from Miriel.

Claymen Sorceries Locations

Great Oracular Bubble: This launches a huge bubble that pops near the foe. The spell is dropped from a Scarab that is to the south of the Worshipper’s Site of Grace.

Oracle Bubbles: This launches a number of bubbles towards the enemies which burst near them. The spell is dropped by a Scarab on a broken statue near the Siofra River Deep Wells Site of Grace.

Crystalian Sorceries Locations

Crystal Release: This calls for a huge glass structure above the area which after shattering, pours a number of shards above the area. This spell is dropped by Crystalians in the Academy Crystal Cave.

Shattering Crystal: Does the same as above except launching the shards in the forward direction. This spell can be found on the second floor of the Church of Cuckoo located in Raya Lucaria Academy.

Death Sorceries Locations

Ancient Death of Rancor:  The spell calls a spirit that chases the enemies and is dropped by Death Rite Bird that is to the south of the Gate North Site of Grace in Liurnia.

Explosive Ghostflame: The spell cause an explosion of ghostflame in the surrounding area leading to fire damage to the enemies. This is dropped by the Death Rite Bird at yeh north end of the frozen river in the proximity of Ordina, Liturgical Town.

Fia’s Mist: Causes a death blight mist and can be found dropped by Fia’s Champions in Deeproot Depths.

Rancorcall: The spell calls a spirit that follows the enemy and is dropped by a Scarab in the Crypt of Stormveil Castle.

Tibia’s Summons: This again calls a few skeletons that attack your enemies and is dropped by Tibia Mariner in the Wyndham Ruins in Altus Plateau.

Full Moon Sorceries Locations

Ranni’s Dark Moon: this legendary spell causes the dark moon to spawn and attack the enemies. This is found in a chest at the top of Chelona’s Rise.

Rennala’s Full Moon: This also does the same thing as above, launches the dark moon at enemies and can be obtained after trading with Enia the Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen after defeating Rennala.

Glintstone Sorceries Locations

Adula’s Moonblade: This launches a cold magic greatsword to slash the enemies and then launches a cold blade projectile attack. The sorcery is dropped by Glintstone Dragon Adula at the Cathedral of Manus Celes.

Cannon of Haima: Launching an extreme magic projectile attack, this spell can be found at the top of the Converted Fringe Tower in Liurnia.

Crystal Barrage: The spell fires a group of Glintstone shards and can be purchased from Sorceress Sellen.

Crystal Burst: The spell launches an attack of glintstone shards and is dropped by the Demi-Human Queen who lives in the Demi-Human Forest Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula.

Glintstone Arc: Launches an arc of magic traveling in the forward-horizontal direction and can be purchased from Sorceress Sellen.

Glintstone Cometshard: A tailed commit is launched by the spell and can be purchased from Sorceress Sellen.

Glintstone Stars: The spell launches three target chasing magic stars and can be purchased from Sorceress Sellen.

Great Glintstone Shard: Attacks the enemies with a large magic stone and can be bought from Sorceress Sellen.

Scholar’s Armament: The wielder’s weapon gets enhanced magic damage and the spell can be bought from Sorceress Sellen.

Scholar’s Shield: This spell enhances the magic negation capacity of the player and can be purchased from Sorceress Sellen.

Shatter Earth: This creates magic shockwaves that cause damage to the foes. The sorcery can be found on a corpse inside the Raya Luacria Crystal Tunnel.

Star Shower: This spell launches six target chasing stars and can be bought from Sorceress Sellen.

Swift Glintstone Shard: This launches a fast magic projectile attack on the enemies and is purchasable from Sorceress Sellen.

Thop’s Barrier: This spell forms a spell-deflecting shield and is obtained from Thop in exchange for Academy Glintstone Key.

Gravity Sorceries Locations

Collapsing Stars: This pulls the struck enemies towards the caster and is found in a chest in the War-Dead Catacombs in Caelid.

Gravity Well: The spell also pulls the enemies towards the caster but finds its origin from the Monolith Guardian near the graveyard of Raya Lucaria Academy.

Meteorite: As evident from the name, this calls a meteor rain. The spell is dropped by Alabaster Lord in Royal Grave Evergoal.

Rock Sling: This spell launches a number of rocks from the ground towards the enemies and is found in a chest in the cellar, north of the Street of Sages Ruins.

Loretta’s Sorceries Locations

Loretta’s Greatbow: This spell fires an arrow from the magic greatbow and is dropped by Royal Knight Loretta in Caria Manor.

Loretta’s Mastery: This fires four arrows and is dropped by Loretta, the knight if the Haligtree in Miquella’s Haligtree.

Magma Sorceries Locations

Gelmir’s Fury: The spell helps the players to cover the area with magma. This can be obtained from Resucant Bernahl in Volcano Manor after the completion of three of Tanith’s requests.

Magma Shot: This sorcery launches a magma ball towards the foes and can be obtained from Tanith in Volcano Manor after completing her first request.

Rykard’s Rancor: This helps the players by calling spirits that leave a trail behind to be exploded after a delay. The players can get the sorcery from Enia in the exchange for Remembrance of the Blasphemous.

Night Sorceries Locations

Eternal Darkness: This spell wields darkness that blocks the incoming spells from the foes. This sorcery is found on a corpse in the Swamp Lookout Tower jail in Caelid.

Night Maiden’s Mist: The spell wields a mist that cause damage to everyone in it including the caster and can be purchased from Gowry after completing Millicent’s quest.

Night Shard: This launches a magic projectile attack and is purchased from Gowry after completing his quest.

Unseen Blade: This incredible spell makes the main weapon of the caster invisible and is found at the top of Mirage Rise in Altus Plateau.

Primeval Sorceries Locations

Comet Azur: This is a legendary spell that launches a massive comet at a starry torrent and can be obtained from Primeval Sorcerer near the northeast cliffs of Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir.

Founding Rain of Stars: This legendary sorcery wields a cloud of star rain and is found in a chest in Heretical Rise in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Stars of Ruin: This legendary sorcery launches twelve magic stars that chase the enemies and is obtained from Master Lusat after getting to him at the end of Sellia Hideaway in Caelid.

Snow Witch Sorceries Locations

Freezing Mist: Wields a freezing mist and can be purchased from Seluvis in Seluvis’ Rise in Liurnia.

Frozen Armament: This enhances the caster’s weapon with frost and is dropped by a Scarab behind Caria Manor after defeating Royal Knight Loretta.

Glintstone Icecrag: Wields a massive cold magic and can be purchased from Seluvis at Seluvis’ Rise.

Zamor Ice Storm: This spell wields a freezing tornado and can be found on a corpse in the southern part of Zamor Ruins in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

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