How to Defeat Bols Carian Knight in Elden Ring

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find and how to defeat Bol Carian Knight in Elden Ring along with info about its movesets.

There are 120 bosses you’ll encounter in Elden Ring, and Bol Carian Knight is one of them. This guide will show you where to find and how to defeat Bol Carian Knight in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Bols Carian Knight Location

Bol Carian Knight is a hulking Troll Knight who wields a Greatsword and wears heavy armor. He’s one of the several bosses in Elden Ring that you’ll face in a boss fight.

However, before you encounter him, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first thing is that this boss is an optional field boss and isn’t available for multiplayer.

To find Bols Carian Knight, visit Cuckoo’s Evergaol. You must follow the main path leading from the north side of the Minor Erdtree down to Liurnia’s western landmass.

Just head inside once you’ve reached the location, as Cuckoo’s Evergaol doesn’t require a key to access, and get ready to face the Troll Knight.

Bols Carian Knight Recommended Level & Weakness

The recommended level to fight Bols Carian Knight is around level 43. This boss has no particular weak spots, at least not any ones other than its legs.

It does receive around an additional 20-30 HP worth of damage to its head, but that’s always going to be a difficult task for players. Hence, just stick with its legs.

In terms of status effects, Bols Carian Knight is weak to Poison, Scarlet Rot and Bleed damage. You can spam spells such as Glintstone Pebble or Swift Glintstone Shard to drain his health down after you’ve successfully dodged his attacks

Bols Carian Knight Attacks & Counters

Bols Carian uses 6 types of attacks repeatedly. Attacks include Roar, Stomp, Plunging Blade, a Combo, an Overhead Smash, a Charged Overhead Smash, and lastly, the Greatblade Phalanx.


Bols Carian roars at his opponent, staggering them/ knocking them down for a few seconds and draining their health.

To avoid this attack, the only choice you have is to run away behind the boss as it cannot be countered any other way.


When you are underneath Bols, it will try to squash you with its legs. To avoid this attack, roll away from underneath the boss.

Plunging Blade

Bols smashes his blade before him, creating a shockwave that deals with damage to anyone coming in its radius.

Simply move to the opposite direction where the boss will land his attack to avoid the attack. The best option is to go towards his back before he attacks. If you fail to do so, just remember that you have to delay your roll slightly to when you see Bol’s hands start moving towards you.


Bols uses his Sword to dash Infront and then performs a slash followed by a sweep.  To avoid the damage, take advantage of the long-lasting animation of this attack and get behind the boss to stay safe from this attack.

Overhead Smash

Boss raises his Sword over his head before slamming it on the ground.  Simply move between his legs to avoid the damage.

Charged Overhead Smash

An advanced version of the Overhead Smash. The only difference is that Bols charges the Sword before smashing it.

This allows you to get between the boss to avoid damage since the shockwave created from the impact is of a large radius.

Greatblade Phalanx

Bols Carian Knight summons three greatblades that fly to the target to deal damage.

To dodge the attack, simply move away from Bols as the projectiles drop from a massive height and will take time to drop on the target.

The projectiles can cover a certain distance but will not stray too far away from the boss. Hence, you can easily roll away from the blades as they are about to hit you.

Once you’ve managed to avoid dealing damage from Bols’s attacks, you can follow it up by using powerful spells against him.

Keeping in mind that he’s weak towards Poison, Scarlet Rot, and Hemorrhage,

How to Cheese Bols Carian Knight in Elden Ring

Yes, you can cheese this boss. All you have to do is aim for one of its legs and keep attacking that leg until the boss falls to the ground. The moment it falls to the ground, you’ll have an opportunity to land a few meaty critical hits.

Keep going after its legs to deal extra damage and remember to use a single-handed sword because of its faster attack speed. You’ll be able to dish out more damage that way.

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