Where to Find Briar Armor Set in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, there are loads of Armor sets to choose from, and each armor set has different levels of damage negation and resistance it provides. One of the armor sets available in Elden Ring is the Briar Armor set. This guide will explain where to find Briar Armor set in Elden Ring, along with its stats.

Where to Find Briar Armor Set in Elden Ring

The Briar Armor is a medium-weight armor set, and it provides a good amount of defense against Physical and Magical damage.

The Briar Armor set consists of four pieces, which we have listed below.

  • Briar Helm
  • Briar Armor
  • Briar Gauntlets
  • Briar Greaves

The Briar Armor set can be obtained by buying it from the Enia, the Finger Reader, located in Roundtable Hold. However, to be able to purchase this armor from Enia, you will first need to defeat ‘Elemer of the Briar’, a boss located in the Shaded Castle.

After you defeat Elemer of the Briar, you will be able to purchase the armor set from Enia, and it will cost you 6,000 Runes.

Briar Armor Set Stats

The armor set has very well-rounded stats, making it a good option for different types of builds. In addition, it provides great defense against Physical and Magical damage while also boosting Immunity and Robustness quite a bit.

The Briar Armor set also can damage enemies when you dodge roll into them. The damage increases according to the number of pieces of the set you have equipped.

The Briar Armor set has the following stats in Elden Ring.

Total Weight: 25.2

Damage Negation:

  • Physical damage: 25.6
  • Versus Strike damage: 23.2
  • Versus Slash damage: 25.3
  • Versus Pierce damage: 24.6
  • Magic damage: 24.5
  • Fire damage: 24.4
  • Lightning damage: 24.1
  • Holy damage: 24.4


  • Immunity: 113
  • Robustness: 140
  • Focus: 86
  • Death: 80
  • Poise: 27

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