How To Get Briar Set In Elden Ring

The Briar Armor set can be obtained by buying it from the Enia, the Finger Reader, located in Roundtable Hold.

The Briar Armor set is one of those amazing armor sets that grant you the advantage of high damage negation along with increased resistance in Elden Ring.

This armor set in particular is classed in the medium-weight category and is famous for providing you with good defensive capabilities. This defense comes in the form of resistance to both the enemy attacks (Magical and Physical) that you obtain from your enemies in Elden Ring.

As for the physical appearance of the Briar Armor set, it gives off a blood-worn tattered look. You will also notice that this armor set has a distinct red barbed wire entangled around it as well which makes it pretty cool in the game.

So to complete this armor set you can also salvage a sword and a shield as well from a specific enemy that you kill in order to get the Briar Armor set in Elden Ring.

That being said you will have to complete the mission objective by venturing to the  Shaded Castle first and then by taking out Elemer there next. This mission will be given to you by a certain (NPC) merchant who goes by the name of Enia. You will encounter this old hag at the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring.

Keep in mind that without completing the mission you will not be given the option to purchase the Briar Armor set from her. So take your time in finding Elemer first, kill him, and then return to Enia to buy the  Briar Armor set. This set will have a total of four pieces: the Briar Helm (x1), Armor (x1), Gauntlets (x1), and lastly the Greaves (x1).

Where to find the Briar Set in Elden Ring

The Briar Armor set can be obtained by buying it from the Enia, the Finger Reader, located in Roundtable Hold. However, to be able to purchase this armor from Enia, you will first need to defeat ‘Elemer of the Briar,’ a boss located in the Shaded Castle.

Briar Set location in Elden Ring

So you can start by reaching the Altus Plateau by using the Grand Lift of Dectus. After that, you need to make your way north directly to the Shaded Castle in Elden Ring.

From there you need to navigate through the shaded castle and avoid the enemies, especially the mutant dogs as they are frustrating to deal with and will frequently attack you.

So take them out and keep moving until you reach the Castellan’s Hall site of grace. If you continue further north from that place you will discover another lost site of grace known as the Shaded Castle Inner Gate. So you can rest here and replenish your health and then climb the ladder on your left.

Then you can go through the hallway past the enemies and make for the exit. Next, you can simply enter the room on your left and after taking the stairs on your right you can go into the room which will have an elevator that will take you up.

Once you exit it you will find a magic door at the end and once you traverse the mist you will then be engaging Elemer in Elden Ring. This foe will attack you relentlessly so take your sweet time in dealing with Elemer.

A few good strikes should do the trick and once you kill him, you will receive a  greatsword namely the “Marais Execution’s Sword.” Apart from that, you will also get the “Briar Greatshield” as a reward in Elden Ring. Thus you can pair them both with the Briar Armor set as well. 

Once you have accomplished the task of defeating Elemer of Briar then you travel back to the Table of Lost Grace in Elden Ring. There you can make your way to the Roundtable Hold and go directly to Finger Reader Enia.

Then you can interact with her by selecting the option “Receive equipment of Champions.” After which you can browse through the items and find the Briar Armor there, which you can purchase for 6000 runes in Elden Ring. As for the price-point of this armor-set pieces, these include:

  • Briar Helm at around (4000 runes)
  • Briar Gauntlets is priced at (4000 runes) 
  • Briar Greaves  accounts for (4000 runes)

Briar Set stats

As far as the stats go for the Briar Armor set in Elden Ring you will be pleased to hear that these can be paired with a lot of different builds in the game.

This distinct armor set is notorious for its defensive stats and also gives your tarnished the advantage of High robustness and immunity as well.

You can also damage your enemies when you perform the action of dodge-roll on them while wearing the full Briar Armor set, which serves as a unique trait for this armor set only in Elden Ring.

The Briar Armor set weighs around (28.1) and in terms of Damage Negation, it offers a physical damage negation of (25.5). Relatively the defense against strike damage amounts to (22.6) and against slash attacks, the damage negation is (26.5). Lastly, the damage negation against the pierce damage is (24.6).

However, the damage negation increases for Magic at about (21.7) in Elden Ring. Moreover, the damage negation on Fire attacks is (24.6), for  Holy attacks it is (21.7), and as for the Light attacks, it is (17.8).

As for the resistance stats of the Briar Armor Set, these include an immunity of (113), a high Robustness of (140), a Focus of (86), a Vitality of (80), and a Poise of  (47). 

You also have the option to alter the Briar Armor and in doing so you can get rid of the cape for this armor set. This in turn will increase the base damage for the Briar Armor set by increasing it from 18 to 25 in the game.

To complete your Briar Build you will need to pair the Briar Armor Set with the Briar Shield and the Marais Executioner Sword in Elden Ring. 

Moreover, to increase your stats with the Briar build you can use talismans like the Redagon’s Soreseal, Pearldrake (+2), Winged Insignia, and the Erdtree Favor (+1). These will definitely boost your stats, especially in terms of your PVP battles in Elden Ring.

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