Elden Ring Spiritcaller’s Cave Walkthrough

Spiritcaller's Cave is one of the many minor dungeons players can explore in Elden Ring. The following guide will help...

Spiritcaller’s Cave is one of the many minor dungeons players can explore in Elden Ring. The following guide will help players locate the dungeon and defeat the boss within.

How to Reach Spiritcaller’s Cave in Elden Ring

Spiritcaller’s Cave is located in the Mountaintops of the Giants region. Head over there and then turn to the east where you’ll spot a frozen lake.

Keep heading east while hugging the banks of the lake. You’ll eventually come across the entrance to the cave. It will be however sealed with an Imp Statue. You’ll need two Stonesword Keys to unlock the entrance.

Elden Ring Spiritcaller’s Cave Walkthrough

Enter the tunnel and you’ll reach a dark cave covered with cave moss plants. Light up the area and you will see a cracked floor.

When you step on the cracked floor, you will fall down a series of tunnels below. There you’ll see a spiritcaller snail, which summons the spectral wolves. You have to defeat them all.

After that, you’ll reach the next room down in the tunnel. There you will encounter Inaba along with more spiritcaller snails. Take them out as well.

Head up the tunnel and you will enter a dark room. Beyond that is an alcove. There will be Crystal Cave Moss plants here as well as three corpses with the following items:

  • Golden rune.
  • Rune arc.
  • Hero’s rune.

Climb up the rock and you’ll encounter more Spiritcaller snails with spectral wolves. They are apparently protecting a corpse that holds 5 Arteria Leaves.

Keep walking and you’ll find yourself back on the collapsed floor where you initially started. Head back to the room where you fought Inaba. You will spot two corpses with 5 Freezing Grease and Golden Rune. Going along the glowing water, you will see some spectral wolves, Direwolves, and also Inaba spawning again.

To defeat them, you need to eliminate the Spiritcaller snails. After that, you’ll reach a small hole. Move forward and you’ll reach the Godskin Duo boss encounter.

How to defeat Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble

This boss fight has three phases: Godskin Apostle, Godskin Noble, and Spiritcaller snails.

Godskin Apostle is the boss of Spiritcaller’s Cave with various attacks most of which are physical. He is weak to bleed damage. If your weapons inflict bleeding, you’re in business. You’ll still have to be patient though and wait for openings because the boss has a good range on his attacks.

Once you defeat him, you will encounter Godskin Noble next. He’ll be much more difficult compared to the first one. Unlike Godskin Apostle, his attacks aren’t just physical.  He also loves to use thrust attacks. Hence, be alert to dodge out of the way. Bleed and frost attacks are very effective on him.

Upon defeating him, the third and last phase will begin with spiritcaller snails. Take him out to earn 70000 runes, Godskin Swaddling Cloth, and Black flame Ritual for your troubles.

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