How To Get The Bloody Wolf Armor Set In Elden Ring

This Elden Ring guide covers the location of the Bloody Wolf Armor and any prerequisites you need to complete to acquire it.

Raging Wolf Set, also known as the Bloody Wolf Armor Set among the Elden Ring community, is one of the most iconic sets that was teased before the game’s release.

This armor set comes under the med-weight category, allowing protection against all kinds of incoming attacks to some extent.

With this armor set, you can easily take on enemies that inflict hemorrhage or frostbite ailments. You get a significant boost in your Robustness by obtaining all the Raging Wolf Armor set pieces. Hence, improved resistance against your enemies.

In Elden Ring, Vargram, the Raging Wolf, wears this armor, and you have to eliminate him to get the complete set of this armor.

The Raging set consists of four pieces (Raging Wolf Helm, Raging Wolf Armor, Raging Wolf Gauntlets, and Raging Wold Greaves). You can get all these from a single place, so let us show you the way toward this beautiful and powerful armor set.

Where to find the Bloody Wolf armor set in Elden Ring

First, you need to head to the Volcano Manor near Mt. Gelmir. Once you’re there, head inside to talk to Lady Tanith. However, before you can do that, you need to join the Recusants of Volcano Manor.

Converse with her, and upon doing so, she’ll provide you a key that’ll help you unlock doors present in the hall on her left.

Head towards the door at the left side of the hallway and unlock it to enter a big dining hall with few NPCs. You’ll also spot some items and resources on the table as well.

Approach the table and grab the Letter from Volcano Manor and Recusant Finger.

Then open your inventory and interact with the letter. Upon interacting, you’ll come to the knowledge that you need to kill and invade one of the NPC.

Conduct the first assassination and head to Lady Tanith to receive your reward. Then, head back inside and grab another letter from the table. It’ll ask you to conduct your second assassination, so do that again and head to the dining hall to interact with Recusant Bernahl.

Upon conversing, he’ll first let you know that he’s going to hunt with you and then provide you with the location of two NPCs you need to invade.

You’ll have to head to the Leyndell, Royal Capital. It is near the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace.

Travel there, and once you’re there, you’ll spot a red sign on the floor that’ll ask you to join Recusant Bernahl to fight off the two NPCs; Vargram the Raging Wolf and Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm.

Bloody Wolf Set map location in Elden Ring

Pull out your best moves and spells to kill the NPCs, and once they are dead, you’ll be put back into your world. And shortly after that, the Elden Ring Raging Wolf armor set will be presented to you as a reward!

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