How To Get The Royal Remains Set In Elden Ring

The Royal Remains set is an excellent and easy pickup if you’re looking to get some useful buffs in Elden Ring.

The Royal Remains set is a medium-weight armor that provides you moderate Fire and Physical damage negation and is an overall decent armor set to serve you during the mid-game phase.

The Royal Remains armor consists of four pieces including the Royal Remains Armor, Royal Remains Greaves, Royal Remains Gauntlets, and Royal Remains Helm, where each armor piece also provides a 2 HP per second health replenishment boost when your health drops below 18%.

This makes the Royal Remain set perfect for protection against DoT and Status effects so you can easily use it to take PvE dungeons with such dangers.

All in all, the Royal Remains set is an excellent and easy pickup if you’re looking to get some useful buffs. You’ll need to head to the Roundtable Hold to acquire it and will need to know the exact place to look for it.

Where to find the Royal Remains Set in Elden Ring

The Roundtable Hold is a mid-game location that is unlocked whilst completing Melina’s Questline, where at a certain point she accompanies you there.

The Roundtable Hold is then added as a fast-travel location similar to a Site of Grace however you can’t approach it through any other means.

You will find numerous NPCs here that offer unique services and quests including Corhyn, D Hunter of the Dead, Smithing Master Hewg, and the Twin Maiden Husks.

 Another NPC that you can find here is Sir Gideon Ofnir who you’ll also face as boss later down the line. You will find the Royal Remain armor set directly outside Sir Gideon Ofnir’s room but you’ll need to trigger the PvP encounter with Ensha, the royal guard standing to the right of this room.

After your first interaction with him, you’ll only unlock a Gesture but once you obtain any one half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and return to the Roundtable Hold a boss fight against him begins.

The fight against Ensha should be simple, apart from his HP drain attack, he doesn’t offer much to worry about. You will however need to accommodate for the lack of space in the Roundtable Hold.

After you complete this boss fight you can return to the original location where Ensha was standing to obtain the Royal Remains set.

Ensha will also drop the Cling Bone Fist when he dies, which is another great pickup since it is one of the best Fist Weapons In Elden Ring.

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