How to Trigger Ensha’s PvP Encounter in Elden Ring

Most of the NPCs in Elden Ring have more to them than meets the eye. One of these is Ensha, the guard outside Gideon Ofnir’s room. This guide will help you trigger Ensha’s PvP encounter in Elden Ring.

How to Trigger Ensha’s PvP Encounter in Elden Ring

If you have tried talking to all the NPC at the Roundtable Hall, you will know that Ensha says literally nothing and just gives an emote “What Do You Want?”

Well, this NPC can attack you in the Round table Hall and if you defeat him, you will get his armor set in the game.

To trigger Ensha’s attack, you need to obtain the Haligtree Secret Medallion’s right half. This can be obtained pretty early on in the game after clearing Stromveil Castle.

To get the right half of the medallion, you need to travel to the Village of Albinaurics. Here, head up hill and next to the house at the end, there is s single pot in the corner.

Attack this pot and another NPC, will come out of hiding. Exhaust this NPC’s dialogues and gives you the right half of Haligtree Secret Medallion.

With this medallion in your possession, simply travel to Roundtable Hall Grace and Ensha will attack you.

How to Defeat Ensha and Get Royal Remains Armor Set

Ensha is not a hard NPC to fight. He has normal attacks, but the worst of all is his life drain attack. A grapple attack that cannot be blocked where Ensha will steal your HP to replenish his own.

Honestly, this and the fact that the Roundtable Hall feels a little crowded when both of you fight are the only problems you will face. Otherwise, the fight will be over quickly.

After defeating Ensha, go to where he was standing before (Outside Gideon’s room) to collect his armor, the Royal Remains Armor set, and Clinging Bone, a fist weapon.

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