Elden Ring Ensha: Lore, Attack And Armor

Let's solve the mystery behind Ensha The Royal Remains and collect the rewards after that.

Ensha of the Royal Remains is the guard NPC in Elden Ring found outside Gideon Ofnir’s room in the Roundtable Hold. If you are looking for the Royal Remains Armor, Ensha is the key to fulfilling your desire.

The problem is that he is one of the calmest characters you will come across in the game. Even if you try to get close to his position, the NPC will not be interested in you, though his staring eyes may give you creeps for a moment.

So, how do you get Ensha’s armor set in Elden Ring and complete the questline? Well, you will have to force the noble NPC to attack you (in a way). Once he is defeated, you will get the armor as a drop from his body. Here’s how to do so!


While we aren’t sure about Ensha The Royal Remains gender; it has been discovered that he/she has a B body type in Elden Ring. In this guide, we will use “he” to address this NPC to keep things aligned.

When Will Enhsa Attack You?

In your first interaction with Ensha during his questline at the Roundtable Hold, he says literally nothing and just gives an emote “What Do You Want?”

To trigger Ensha’s attack, you need to obtain the Haligtree Secret Medallion’s right half after your first interaction with Ensha. This can be obtained early in the game after clearing Stromveil Castle. I am not sharing the details for getting the medallion here as you can check our linked guide for that.

With this medallion in your possession, travel to Roundtable Hold Grace. You will notice that the surroundings are much darker, and the non-combat sign has disappeared. Right after your arrival, you will be attacked by Ensha. After that, whenever you head to the hold without defeating this character, Ensha will fight with you.

Why Does Ensha of the Royal Remains Attack? [The Lore]

To understand this, we must look into the lore related to Ensha in Elden Ring.

When you meet Gideon Ofnir, he will apologize and tell you that “Ensha got rather ahead of himself.” This indicates that the attack was not done at his command and was solely his servant’s, Ensha’s, own decision.

However, things seem to be the opposite of what the All-Knowing is saying. Ensha only attacks you once you get the right half of the Haligtree Medallion. There is a chance that Gideon may have asked the NPC to bring the medallion to him, and he is just trying to snatch it from you to obey his master. Gideon may have just lied to you when he proclaimed his neutrality. After all, he was the one sending people to kill the Albinaurics.

One more interpretation is that Gideon himself wanted to become the Elden Lord using the Haligtree Medallion. However, once he reached the Erdtree, his perception changed. He has now abandoned the thought of getting the Elden Lord seat and believes that no Tarnished is worthy enough to be the Elden Lord. Thus, he ordered his servant to attack you and steal the right half of the Haligtree medallion.

How to Fight and Defeat Ensha

Ensha is not a hard NPC face in Elden Ring. He has normal attacks, but the worst of all is his life-drain attack. A grapple attack that cannot be blocked where Ensha will steal your HP to replenish his own.

Honestly, this and the fact that the Roundtable Hall feels a little crowded when both of you fight are the only problems you will face. Otherwise, the fight will be over quickly.

After defeating Ensha, go to where he was standing before (Outside Gideon’s room) to collect the Royal Remains Armor set and Clinging Bone, a fist weapon.

This is also everything that is to Ensha’s questline as well. Once you have defeated him and gathered the loot, you won’t have any interaction with him in the rest of your playthrough.

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