How To Get To Hermit Village In Elden Ring

Hermit Village is a region in Elden Ring located near the Volcano Manor which can be visited to grab very rare items.

Hermit Village is a region in Elden Ring located near the Volcano Manor which can be visited to grab very rare items.

Visiting this area will get you closer to completing the Sorceress Sellen questline. After completing Hermit Village, tarnished will get Prattling Pate “You are Beautiful”, Hierodas Glintstone Crown and Comet Azure.

Hermit Village location in Elden Ring

There are several places that you need to pass in order to reach the Hermit Village. The first one is the Altus Plateau. This can only be reached by using the Grand Lift of Dectus and for that, you need to activate both parts of the Dectus Medallion.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a longer, more scenic route, you can also reach the Hermit Village by using the Ruin Strewn Precipice route in Liurnia. This route is tough as it is filled with poisonous enemies.

Now that you have made it to Erdtree Grazing Hill Site of Grace, you then need to make your way to the lake by climbing the west hill. This is the place where Tarnished will encounter Tibia Mariner.

You then need to head towards the Seethewater River Site of Grace in Mt. Gelmir by heading Northwest. Following the same path for a little while, you will reach the Seethewater River Site of Grace.

The path from the Grace will end up in a Lake full of Lava if you take a left from the enemy encampment. Here, you will come across an optional boss named Magma Dragon.

From the lake, you need to make your way to the graveyard by making a little left at the beginning. you will reach Craftsman’s Shack Site of Grace by following the same path for a little while.

From the Site of Grace, the Hermit Village is just a stone’s throw away as you can easily see the Wooden Barricades in the distance. Travel to this village and you have successfully made your way to the Hermit Village.

Hermit Village map location in Elden Ring

What to do at Hermit Village in Elden Ring

Find Memory Stone

In Elden Ring, Memory Stones is a key item that you can use to increase the amount of memorized spells at any time.

That said, you can get Memory Stone as well as 3000 Runes once you defeat the Demi-Human Queen Maggie who is the main boss in Hermit Village.

Defeating her is very easy as it requires nothing other than using weapons which scales with Bleed. This is because of her weakness to bleed attacks. Rest is just avoiding and dodging her attacks.

Find Prattling Pate “You are Beautiful”

Prattling Pate “You are Beautiful” is an item in Elden Ring that you can use to compliment other players in the game.

To get it, you need to make your way to the stairs located on the right side of the entrance of the Hermit Village.

Find Hierodas Glintstone Crown

You will find Hierodas Glintstone Crown on a corpse located close to where you found the Prattling Pate. By using this item, Tarnished will get a minor boost in Endurance and Intelligence as well as a reduction in FP.

Comet Azur

To get Comet Azur, you first need to defeat the Demi-Human Queen Maggie. After that, you need to head northeast near the cliffs where you will find the Primeval Sorcerer Azur.

After finding the Sorcerer Azur, you need to interact with him which will grant you the Comet Azur. Using this spell, you can deal great damage from a long distance thanks to a giant comet created in a special attack called Kamehameha.

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