How To Get The Comet Azur Spell In Elden Ring

There is no other spell that does as much damage as the Comet Azur spell in Elden Ring. It does up to 10,000 damage to a single target.

Getting your hands on the Comet Azur spell is quite straightforward in Elden Ring. Getting to the location where the spell is can however be a bit tricky.

The Comet Azur spell is a high-damage dealing spell that can be used to fire a comet from a large distance at the cost of some FP. This spell is a must-have as it can deal an exceptional amount of damage to even the strongest enemies in Elden Ring.

Here is how and where you will find the Comet Azur spell in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Comet Azur Spell in Elden Ring?

The Comet Azur Spell is necessary to acquire in Sorceress Sellen’s quest by speaking to Primeval Sorcerer Azur after defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon and the main boss of Raya Lucaria Academy.

However, if you don’t wish to play through this quest, you can still obtain the spell by speaking to the sorcerer. The path to obtaining the Comet Azur Spell is the same regardless of your choice to play the Sellen questline.

In order to get the Comet Azur Spell, you have to go over to the Seethewater Terminus and head southwest and it’ll be behind a boss that you can actually just skip.

From the Erdtree Grazing Hill, head north along the precipice and then through the town. There’ll be a path you can take to get to the mountain.

Go past the Wyndham Ruins to find the Mt. Gelmir Lost Grace Site. Keep following the Seethewater river and avoid the small volcanic eruptions along the way because these eruptions can do crazy amounts of damage.

Keep moving north and then west from the fork until you reach the Seethewater Terminus. From Seethewater Terminus, keep going west until you see a castle, and from the castle, head west to reach a gigantic pool of lava where they have to face Magma Wyrm Makar.

Go around the Lava pool and take left from the fork. Now, you will be in a graveyard-looking place. Keep moving along while following the mountain on your left until you see a boss jumping from the cliff.

Ignore the boss and keep moving forward to find Craftsman’s Shack Lost Grace Site. From there, keep moving along the mountain on your left and you will encounter another boss.

Go past the boss and you will reach the Hermit Village. Go past the Hermit Village and skip the boss on your way. Just past the boss, you will find a Lost Grace.

Just behind the Grace, you will find Primeval Sorcerer Azur. Talk to the Primeval Sorcerer Azur to get the Comet Azur Spell.

How to use the Comet Azur Spell in Elden Ring

There is no other spell that does as much damage as the Comet Azur spell in Elden Ring. Hence, if you are building an intelligence-based character, you need to have this spell as soon as possible.

Comet Azur, as the name suggests, fires a massive comet to a target location to do an insane amount of damage. Hitting a boss with a comet can potentially do up to 10,000 damage.

The only drawback of using Comet Azur is its spell requirements in Elden Ring. Comet Azur requires a high number of intelligence points. You need at least 60 intelligence to use the spell properly and a lot of FP because this spell will drain your FP like nothing.

So, it costs 40 Intelligence initially to cast and then 10 for each tick after that and it uses three memory slots just to equip it.

For 60 Intelligence, you’ll need to be around level 100 to actually use this realistically unless you’re just fully committed because you will need a ton of mind so that you can hold that cast for long enough to do around 10,000 damage. You can use this spell before level 100 only if you take away everything except for Intelligence and Mind.

You can also boost the effects of Comet Azur Spell by using certain items. Azur’s Glintstone Crown, a defensive helm, can be used to increase the damage dealt by this spell.

Similarly, a crystal tear known as the Cerulean Hidden Tear can be used to eliminate the FP cost hence allowing you to continuously cast the Comet Azur Spell.

The spell can easily destroy the bosses in PvE but for PvP, using a Comet Azur spell is not practical because it takes such a long time and is easy to dodge. You can’t change direction with it as you’re casting.

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