Elden Ring Demi-Human Queen Maggie Boss Guide

Demi-Human Queen Maggie is another field-type optional boss in Elden Ring. Defeating her is only necessary if you're interested in...

Demi-Human Queen Maggie is another field-type optional boss in Elden Ring. Defeating her is only necessary if you’re interested in the experience and loot. The following guide will show you where to find Queen Maggie in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Demi-Human Queen Maggie Location

Queen Maggie can be found at the Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir. Getting to this village requires going around the volcano starting from the north towards its western edge, heading south and then east, past Hermit’s Shack and Craftsman’s Shack in the northeast of the village.

How to Defeat Demi-Human Queen Maggie in Elden Ring

Queen Maggie has a few attacks that you should watch out for. There’s the staff slam where she slams her Glintstone staff to the ground. If you notice her raising the staff, get ready to roll out of the way. There are also the staff swipes and stabs that do a lot of damage.

Take note that if you’re too far away from her, she’ll fire Glintstone Shards at you. These shards will track you down to cause heavy damage. However, if you’re too near Demi-Human Queen Maggie, she’ll perform a powerful Crystal Burst. You can avoid it by moving in any direction, either to your right or left.

Queen Maggie is vulnerable to ice. Therefore, Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War is an effective way to deal with her.

The Jellyfish spirit summon helps you with some extra time to bring down her health. Due to this reason, it is considered a great option for melee and magic users. Because of its unique ability to stun opponents with just a few strokes, the Moonveil Katana is a fantastic pick for magic classes.

Melee users, on the other hand, may have a better chance with heavier weapons and jump attacks, which allow you to deal great damage and escape without fear of getting caught.

It is highly recommended to confront Maggie while riding Torrent. The high mobility will allow you to escape Queen Maggie’s staff attacks or spells.

Try to stay behind the boss. This will reduce the chance of fatalities. You may even use ranged strikes safely while keeping your distance. Firing Swift Glintstone Shards at her is a feasible means of defeating her while keeping a safe distance.

Taking down the Demi-Human Queen Maggie will reward you with a Memory Stone and 13,000 Runes.

Useful tips for defeating Queen Maggie

Once you reach the Stake of Marika, do not rush in from the village entrance. Use the opening on the right instead continue heading straight. Squeeze between the shacks and the tree to reach the boss arena. This will keep the several adversaries placed about the Craftman’s Shack from following you into the battlefield.

We recommend that you make use of the Site of Grace that is located behind her. If you’re having difficulty beating her. This will eliminate the need for you to bike a great distance to reach her again.

You may safely ignore Maggie and focus on your buddies. This will save you time in the long run because you won’t be bombarded with spells from all directions. You may even call a ghost to distract Maggie while you deal with her allies.

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