How To Get Frozen Needle In Elden Ring

If you are looking for a frost-type weapon, Frozen Needle in Elden Ring would be a perfect choice because it inflicts frost damage.

If you are looking for a frost-type weapon, Frozen Needle in Elden Ring would be a perfect choice because it inflicts frost damage and be a viable option for frost builds in Elden Ring. It’s a lightweight sword, so you can use another sword in your other hand, making it an ideal weapon for dual-wielders.

It can also perform range attacks by shooting ice projectiles that cannot be affected by Axe Talisman. Moreover, the Frozen Needle weapon skill will allow you to pierce through the enemy’s shield. So without any delay, let’s see how you can get this fantastic sword.

Frozen Needle location in Elden Ring

Frozen Needle is in the northwest region of Liurnia. You can walk to the location or fast-travel to the Road Manor (Site of Grace) to save time.

Frozen Needle is in Kingsrealm Ruins, so find it until the name appears on your screen. Once you enter this location, you must find the hidden cellar; white lights will surround the area.

Attacking or jumping on the area will reveal the hidden passage. Descend the stairs, and you will see a thick fog. The fog is a clue of a boss fight; traverse the mist to face Royal Revenant in Elden Ring. Royal Revenant is a spider-like creature that uses poisonous spit and flaming arms, so be careful of these attacks.

You can use Heal Miracle to stun it first. After this, you can deal some good damage. Keep repeating it until it is taken care of. Now he is no longer a problem; look around for a steel door. Open the door and the chest in it to get Frozen Needle.

How Good is Frozen Needle in Elden Ring?

Frozen Needle is counted amongst thrusting swords because of its ability to pierce opponents’ defense and inflict damage. Frozen Needle cannot infuse with Ashes of war or be boosted with magic.

However, you can upgrade it with Somber Smithing Stones, so keep looking at these stones. It weighs 2.5 and scales at wielders Strength and Dexterity. It has the default skill (Impaling Thrust) that makes it a thrusting sword.

The following are the stats of Frozen Needle:    

Physical (99)Physical (40)
Magic (0)Magic (40)
Fire (0)Fire (28)
Lighting (0)Lighting (28)
Holy (0)Holy (28)
Critical (100)Boost (20)

Wielding this sword in Elden Ring requires at least 11 Strengths and 18 Dexterity. The sword has the Strength and Dexterity scaling of E and D, respectively. If you use heavy attack, it can shoot ice projectiles.

Repetitive use of Frozen Needle can fill up the frost meter and let you use Frostbite, in which you can deal damage and reduce the capability of the enemy to resist your attacks by 20%.

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