Elden Ring Royal Revenant Boss Guide

In this guide, we'll outline the location of the Royal Revenant boss and provide you iwht some key strategies that you can use against it.

The Royal Revenant is a horrifying mess of limbs that is fast, evasive and deadly. Tarnished encountering it for the very first time will be overwhelmed by its aggression. In this Elden Ring Royal Revenant Boss guide, we’ll outline the location of the Royal Revenant boss and provide you with some key strategies that you can use against it.

Where to Find Royal Revenant in Elden Ring

To find the Royal Revenant Boss in Elden Ring, players need to make their way towards Kingsrealm Ruins in West Liurnia. This boss can be found inside a dungeon in this area. Here is an image of a map marking the exact location. The purple marker shows the exact location for this boss.

Elden Ring Royal Revenant Boss Location

Royal Revenant Boss Attack Patterns

To defeat the Royal Revenant, first you need to have a detailed knowledge about its attack patterns. In this way, you will be to counteract efficiently and take it down in no time. So, here are the attack patterns of this boss.

Arm Flail Attack

This boss hits you with his arms several times and then makes a final move by smashing his arms on the ground. You can either maintain a distance to avoid this attack or use a shield for defense.

Keep the shield up until he doesn’t make the final move of smashing the ground with his arms. You can then easily dodge the final move by buying some time in this way.

However, the problem with keeping a shield up is that it will sap all your endurance in no time. You’ll either need great stability to block all hits or get out of the way with a well-timed dodge.

Forward Thrust Attack

The boss can come at you with a forward thrust of the body. It gets upright by standing on his legs and then suddenly hits you twice while coming forward. You can use a shield for defense, but you will have to trade your stamina for it. So, the better option is to move towards the left by rolling side and dodge this attack as soon as it tries to smash the ground.

Teleport Attack

The Royal Revenant boss can get invisible and move closer to you suddenly and swipe you. If you’re locked on, your lock on will disable. You need to be vigilant and time your dodge for the incoming attack. After the attack, remember to lock on again!

Poison Attack

Another move that he can make is to throw poison towards you. One can recognize this attack by seeing the foaming effect developing on his mouth.

This is easy to avoid and is telegraphed quite obviously. If you do find yourself poisoned, use an item or the flame cleanse me incantation to get rid of it.

How to Defeat Royal Revenant Boss in Elden Ring

You can adopt two different approaches to strategies to defeat this boss. Ranged and Melee strategies can both be adopted to defeat this boss. Here are the details of what you need to do in both strategies.

Ranged Strategy

Cast Heal: Having enough Faith in your tank, you can cast heal incantation to deal huge amount of damage to this boss. While this is traditionally a defensive spell, heal actually hurts the Revenant boss! He is quite weak against Faith generally, so using heal two to three times should be enough to defeat him.

Summon Spirit Ashes: Since this boss can move quite quickly and can teleport anywhere at any time, you cannot maintain distance easily from this boss. For this purpose, players can summon Spirit Ashes to deal with the ranged attacks.

The most important Spirit Ashes that players can use are Banished Knight Oleg or the Greatshield Soldier Ashes.

While the Ashes take all of the Revenant’s aggression, you have time to figure out how you’ll hit it next!

Melee Strategy

Cast Holy/Fire Grease on your Weapon: Royal Revenant is weak against Holy or Fire Grease. This means this boss will be more vulnerable to your attacks when the weapons are cast with Holy or Fire Grease. A good couple of hits in and you can defeat this boss easily.

Use Barricade Shield: You will have to block many strong attacks coming from this boss during this battle. So, make use of Barricade Shield to make sure that your stamina doesn’t drain away quickly. In this way, you will be able to counter more of his aggressive moves quite effectively.

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