Best Fire Weapons In Elden Ring

Fire Weapons are meant to do Fire damage to burn enemies in Elden Ring. They are incredibly useful against unarmored or light-armored enemies.

Out of the eight different Damage types in Elden Ring, you will find most of your weapons being able to use the Fire Damage type, which is an elemental type.

While all weapons can deal standard physical and critical damage, only a few selected ones are able to deal Fire Damage, and even fewer of them will serve as the best fire-damage weapons to use in Elden Ring.

Before we shed light on that, though, it is first necessary to understand how Fire Damage works in Elden Ring.

How Fire damage works in Elden Ring

While most of the other damage types are a bit complicated, like the Critical Damage or the Magic Damage, understanding how the Fire Damage works in Elden Ring is fairly easy since there isn’t much to it.

Fire Damage, in simple terms, is the amount of damage you deal while burning them with a fire attack. Some enemies will be highly vulnerable to this effect, while others may not.

This makes it important for this stat to be understood – not only to help you use this damage type effectively but also to make the best Fire type build around it.

Enemies which are unarmored or wearing light armor are susceptible to fire damage, especially if they are of fleshy or an undead nature. On the other hand, some enemies may be resistant to the Fire Damage, like heavily armored ones, enemies that use Fire Damage themselves, or Dragons – which are literally the source of fire themselves.

Moreover, Ashes of War dealing Fire Damage may scale differently depending on how they are infused. If it is infused as Fire, then it will mainly scale with Strength and slightly with Dexterity. On the other hand, if it is infused as a Flame Art, then it will mainly scale with Faith as opposed to the former two stats.

While you can deal Fire Damage to enemies with pretty much anything that burns – like a torch – only a selected few weapons in Elden Ring rank amongst the top in terms of the Fire stat.

Best Fire weapons to use in Elden Ring

You will notice that some of these weapons aren’t fire-based weapons at all, and may mainly be used as bleed weapons in Elden Ring.

While that is true, the weapons on this list don’t lack behind in dealing fire damage as their primary function either and can be used equally greatly for that matter.

5) Giant’s Seal

As you would have guessed from its name, the Giant Seal is a Sacred Seal in Elden Ring, not your average weapon. This may be an unusual pick for this list, but despite not dealing fire damage directly, the Great Seal lets you use a great number of Incantations that deal fire damage themselves.

The Giant Steal is hence a great option to choose when going for a fire-based build with high levels of Faith. Moreover, this Seal also gives you a 20% bonus for the damage dealt by the Fire Monk Incantations and the Giant’s Flame.

The stat requirement to wield the Giant’s Seal, along with its scaling, are as follows:

  • Strength: 4 (E)
  • Faith: 14 (C)

You can obtain Elden Ring’s Giant’s Seal by looting it off of a corpse inside the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave. You can find this corpse next to the Fire Prelate, which is in a room below the highway holding the troll.

4) Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword

This massive, curved sword not only has stunning looks resembling a chunk of the Magma Wyrm itself but also tends to be one of the best fire-based weapons in the game.

Since this is a Greatsword, the attacks that you can pull off with it are quite slow, but that is compensated for an insanely high base Physical Damage stat of 114. Combine that with a high Fire Damage stat of 74, and you can quickly burn down any enemy in front of you within seconds.

The Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword’s unique skill called the Magma Guillotine is a skill to be feared as well. This skill allows you to lunge forward and slam your blade onto the ground to release a blast of magma on your enemies. Moreover, you can also follow it up with another attack.

The stat requirement to wield the Magma Wyrm’s Greatsword, along with its scaling, is as follows:

  • Strength: 24 (C)
  • Dexterity: 15 (D)
  • Faith: 18 (D)

To get the Magma Wyrm’s Greatsword in Elden Ring, all you have to do is to defeat the Magma Wyrm Makar located at the Ruin-Strewn Precipice (Liurnia).

3) Rivers of Blood

The Rivers of Blood Katana is mainly recommended as a bleed weapon. However, you will be surprised to know that it is also an excellent weapon to deal Fire damage in Elden Ring.

The Rivers of Blood Katana has a Physical Damage stat and a Fire Damage stat of 89 – which is one of the highest in the game. Apart from that, you will mostly be going for a build revolving around dexterity, strength, and arcane stat.

Not only does this weapon pack a good amount of range, but it also comes with a unique skill called the Corpse Pillar. This skill allows you to build up bleed upon your enemies with successive attacks, quickly trimming down their HP bar.

The stat requirement for the Rivers of Blood, along with its scaling, is s follows:

  • Strength: 12 (E)
  • Dexterity: 18 (D)
  • Arcane: 20 (D)

To get the Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring, all you have to do is defeat the Bloody Finger Okina, located in the Church of Repose (Mountaintops of the Giants).

2) Eleonora’s Poleblade

Eleonora’s Poleblade is a Twinblade in Elden Ring, with blades at the edges of it and a handle in the center. Apart from the high Physical Damage and Fire Damage stats of 72, the special thing with this blade is its extremely low weight, which allows you to pull off insanely fast-paced attacks.

Not only does this weapon specialize in dealing fire damage, but also inflicts bleed buildup upon your enemies. With both of these combined, you can shred the enemy down pretty quickly – especially because of the fast attacks which allow you to inflict these debuffs even faster.

You will mostly be making builds revolving around the strength and arcane stats with this weapon, and its stats requirements are as follows:

  • Strength: 12 (E)
  • Dexterity: 21 (E)
  • Arcane: 19 (D)

Obtaining Eleonora’s Poleblade in Elden Ring is as simple as getting it as a reward by defeating Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger – located in the Second Church of Marika (Caelid).

1) Sword of Night and Flame

Ranking at the top of this list is the Sword of Night and Flame, which as you pretty much would have guessed from its name, is probably the best fire-based weapon in Elden Ring.

Although having somewhat of a lesser range than Eleonora’s Poleblade, the Sword of Night and Flame also has a surprisingly low weight, which lets you deal a ton of fast-paced attacks within seconds, increasing your overall DPS.

Moreover, apart from the high base Physical Damage, the Sword of Night ad Flame also deals Magic Damage side by side with Fire Damage. With these two combined, you can put an end to your enemies in a matter of seconds.

With this weapon’s unique skill called the Night-and-Flame stance, you can coat this weapon either with fire, or magic (Night Comet Sorcery) to deal a substantial amount of damage to your enemies.

The stat requirement for the Sword of Night and Flame, along with its scaling, are listed below:

  • Strength: 12 (E)
  • Dexterity: 12 (E)
  • Intelligence: 24 (D)
  • Faith: 24 (D)

Obtaining the Sword of Night and Flame is as simple as finding it in a locked room. This room is located in the western area of Caria Manor (Liurnia).

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