How To Get Eleonora’s Poleblade in Elden Ring

This guide will be all about how to get Eleonora's Poleblade in Elden Ring, a deadly Dex/Arcane twinblade for bleed builds.

Elenora’s Poleblade is a quick and powerful weapon that you can use for a blood loss build in Elden Ring. This double-bladed weapon has an excellent reach that you can combine with its unique skill to lunge at enemies with a series of fast attacks.

This flurry of combo attacks can furthermore be changed with a heavy attack at the end for massive damage as well as evade an incoming enemy attack, making Elenora’s Poleblade a highly versatile weapon in Elden Ring.

Where to find Eleonora’s Poleblade in Elden Ring

In order to find Elenora’s Poleblade in Elden Ring, you can start by going through a short quest chain which you can begin at the Agheel Lake South site of grace.

There is no specific Level requirement for this quest but to be on the safe side you should be above Level 50 before embarking on this quest as you will be facing a lot of tough bosses along the way,

Next, you need to move towards the northwestern side until you reach a structure at the point marked on the location on the map.

Once you reach this particular location and make your way towards the bridge-like structure in the site of grace near Limgrave.

Underneath this stone bridge, you will find the NPC “Yura”. Regarding physical attributes, Yura has a pointy hat and looks a lot like a ronin. He will present you with the quest line to hunt the bloody fingers.

However, keep in mind that depending on the stuff you may have done in the game this NPC might not be present at that location so once you reach the camp location your chances of encountering Yura will be high.

As part of the questline, you will have to make your way toward the Dragon-Burnt Ruins which are located on the south side of the lake. Meet with Yira again, go through a ton of dialogues, and then proceed onwards with hunting the bloody fingers.

Kill Bloody Finger Nerijus

To encounter the first bloody finger you need to head north and towards the location up along the Murkwater river near the Murkwater Cave.

Here, you will be invaded by the Bloody Finger Nerijus. He will be wielding two daggers and is a dangerous foe so wait for the right time to strike him efficiently with your attacks.

In this battle, you will be assisted by Yura here as well so stay back and let Yura do most of the fighting. Yura will deal substantial damage on the bloody finger and as you kill him you will receive the “Reduvia” blood blade.

After vanquishing this opponent ride up the ravine between the huge rocks and meet with Yura again who will congratulate you on this endeavor. Keep in mind that you need to meet with Yura in order to progress the questline to get Elenora’s Poleblade in Elden Ring.

Assist Yura against Bloody Finger Ravemount Assassin

After conversing with Yura you need to go further north towards Liurnia of the Lakes. However, it is worth noting that to do this you will need to have access to the Raya Lucaria academy.

To do that you need to have a Glintstone key. So if you don’t have that then go to the location that we have marked on the map below.

At this location, you will find a sleepy dragon so don’t engage him. Simply make your way towards its back and there you will find a purple collectible which will be the academy glintstone key.

After that make your way back to the academy and ignore the guards along the way and evade their attacks and simply run towards the gate. Interact with it and then walk through the academy in Elden Ring.

Inside, you will see a site of grace there so grab that and turn right and avoid interacting with the door and just keep moving. As you reach the end of the bridge you will observe a red summon sign on the floor. Interact with it and you will then be presented with the option to assist Yura.

Once you accept it you will be teleported to Yura’s location. There you will find him battling against the bloody finger known as “Ravemount Assassin”. Join the fight and take down the assassin and you will receive the “Rune Arc”.

After that you will be teleported back to the same location at the end of the bridge, meet and interact with Yura here again and he will thank you for the assistance. He will give you a “Smithing Stone [5]” as a token of thanks.

Kill Bloody Finger Elenora

This is the final step to completing the storyline to acquire Elenora’s Poleblade in Elden Ring. Yura will inform you beforehand of the bloody finger Elenora who as you may have guessed will be the one with the Poleblade. This fee will be presented at the second Church of Marika.

Bloody Finger Elenora map location in Elden Ring

So to get there you can take the first route and head north towards the third area. However, keep in mind that if you want to progress in this area then you will need to defeat the second boss here and activate the Grand Lift of Dectus.

Another route that you can take is by traveling to Altus Highway Junction which is closer to the church location. Keep following the route to reach the backside of the church. Here you will encounter the various plague dogs so take them out and make your way inside the church.

There you will find Yura nearly dead on the ground. Go to him and he will tell you that he lost the duel against Elenora after which he will hand you his katana “Nagakiba” and die. After a few seconds “Elenora, the violent Bloody finger” will show up to fight you with the Poleblade in Elden Ring.

She is a strong foe and will definitely give you a hard time in the fight. Elenora is an agile opponent, and her strikes inflict bleed damage on you as well. Moreover, she will also use dragon attacks like roar attacks to stun you or shoot out fire attacks.

So make sure to watch out for her attacks, evade them and wait for the right moment to strike back and defeat Elenora in this boss fight in Elden Ring. Once you kill her you will receive Elenora’s Poleblade as a reward in Elden Ring along with other things like:

  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy (x1)
  • Purifying Crystal Tear (x1)

Eleonora’s Poleblade upgrade stats

This awesome-looking dual-sided weapon “Elenora’s Poleblade” has a requirement of 12 Strength, 21 Dexterity, and 19 Arcane. Once you fulfill these requirements you can wield this weapon effectively in Elden Ring and take out enemies with relative ease.

In terms of Attack Power, Elenora’s Poleblade can do a decent amount of physical (+72) and fire (+72) attack damage in the game. Moreover using it will give you an edge as it allows you to build up the enemies’ bleed gauge causing blood loss buildup in Elden Ring.

Tips on using Eleonora’s Poleblade effectively

Elenora’s Poleblade itself is a highly effective weapon that you can’t attach new ash of war to it, but its weapon art is what makes it extremely effective against foes.

That is the “Blood Blade Dance” which is a series of quick strikes that result in collective damage which makes it easier to take out foes quickly in Elden Ring.

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