Best Bleed Weapons In Elden Ring

Here are the best bleed weapons for your hemmorage builds in Elden Ring. These weapons inflict the most blood loss possible in combat.

Bleed is one of, if not the best, status effects in Elden Ring. There are a huge variety of weapons that contribute to building up bleed and so, this guide, will cover all the Bleed weapons available in Elden Ring and let you know the best ones.

How Bleed works in Elden Ring

Bleed is a Status effect in Elden Ring that builds up over time as you hit enemies. However, this doesn’t work with any weapon, you need a weapon that specifically causes a buildup of blood loss or is buffed with an Incantation like Bloodflame Blade.

Every time you strike a target with a weapon that has the bleed effect, you will fill up a Blood Loss meter. Once the meter is full, the Blood Loss effect will activate dealing the target instant Hemorrhage damage.

Damage done through Blood Loss depends on the target’s maximum hit points. It does not accumulate over time like poison, and it does not affect your speed or anything else.

How to add Bleed to a weapon in Elden Ring

Even if a weapon doesn’t have the bleed passive on it, you can add the status effect to it. There are two ways to add Bleed to a weapon in Elden Ring.

The first method of adding Bleed to a weapon is by using Ash of War: Blood Blade. This adds Blood Blade skill to any small and medium sword and then when you press the skill button, it sends a ranged attack to the enemy increasing their Blood Loss meter. Keep in mind this consumes your own HP.

The second method to add Bleed is through Bleed affinity. To add Bleed affinity to a weapon, you need to find Black Whetblade at Night’s Sacred Grounds in Nokron. Go to the Ashes of War menu on a site of grace, select your weapon, and then select Bleed affinity. Note that not every Ash of War is compatible with the bleed effect.

Best Bleed weapons to use in Elden Ring

There are tons of weapons in Elden Ring that you can use to cause the Bleed Status effect on your enemies. However, with the progression in the game, you need weapons that allow you to fill the bleed meter quickly to deal maximum damage to your enemies in Elden Ring. So only the best Bleed weapons in Elden Ring are mentioned below.

5) Bloody Helice

Bloody Helice is a heavy thrusting sword in Elden Ring that allows you to build up the blood loss by 55 with each strike. This weapon is good for dealing piercing damage along with blood loss buildup.

This weapon has a unique skill Dynast’s Finesse that will help you in avoiding the enemy’s attacks and follow up with a strong attack. You can upgrade it using the somber smithing stone to increase the blood loss buildup.

Requirements: Strength (16), Dexterity (19), Arcane (17)

How to get: You can get the Bloody Helice by defeating the boss located in Writheblood ruins. After defeating the boss, you need to head north to find a chest that contains one of the best bleed weapons in Elden Ring.

4) Flamberge

Flamberge is a greatsword in Elden Ring that you can use to build up a bleed effect with each hit. Each strike from Flamberge allows you to fill the Bleed meter by 55 in Elden Ring.  Its unique skill allows you to embrace the armament and get into a low stance that will protect recoil from most enemy attacks.

Following that, you may utilize the powerful upward attack to do huge damage to your adversaries. This weapon has a blood loss buildup of 55, which may be increased by injecting Ashes of War. This weapon’s damage output may be increased by using the Smithing Stone.

Requirements: Strength (15), Dexterity (14)

How to get: You need to move toward the Radmane Castle to locate Flamberge in Elden Ring. You can only get the sword before the start of the Radahn Festival or after eliminating the Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring. 

You must be careful as a Pumpkin Head guards the weapon in the Redmane Castle. So come prepared for the battle.

3) Hookclaws

Hookclaws is one of the best Bleed weapons in Elden Ring, allowing you to build up 60 bleed effects with each strike. This weapon is well-known for inflicting additional blood loss in addition to physical injury.

You can equip this weapon with both hands to increase its damage and blood loss buildup. It is one of the greatest weapons to use in a melee confrontation.

You can also infuse this weapon with Ashes of War and boost it with magic and consumables to accelerate the blood loss buildup. You may improve this weapon by utilizing smithing stones.

Requirements: Strength (8), Dexterity (14)

How to get: You need to reach the first level of Wine Cellar present in the Stormveil Castle to obtain the Hookclaws in Elden Ring.

To reach the place, you should take the secret back entrance as told by the Gatekeeper Gostoc. Upon reaching the Cellar, search for a corpse that contains this deadly bleed weapon in Elden Ring.

2) Ghiza’s Wheel

Ghiza’s Wheel is a massive weapon that allows you to cause a 70 bleed effect on your foes with every hit. This weapon is notorious for causing a lot of blood loss, but it also requires a lot of power.

The physical damage done by this weapon is also quite good. The unique skill of this weapon makes it even more special because it can spin this weapon at high speed which will increase the damage dealt by this along with the blood loss buildup.

This weapon skill is known as Spinning Wheel and this weapon can be upgraded using the Somber Smithing Stones which will make it even deadlier.

Requirements: Strength (28), Dexterity (18)

How to get: You can only get Ghiza’s Wheel by defeating the Phantom Inquisitor Ghiza. The fight takes place in the region of Mt. Gelmir. You have to make your way toward the Volcano Manor to get your hands on the second-best bleed weapon in Elden Ring.

1) Rivers of Blood

Rivers of Blood is a Katana which is the best bleed weapon in Elden Ring. This is the perfect weapon for mid-range combat that can do Pierce and Slash attacks. The blood loss buildup of this weapon is 66 which makes it a purely bleed weapon.

This weapon comes with an amazing skill called Corpse Piler that will do both physical and fire damage. This weapon cannot be infused with any Ash of War. But this weapon will add more blood loss buildup than the one listed on the weapon.

Requirements: Strength (12), Dexterity (18), Arcane (20)

How to get: To get Rivers of Blood, you need to defeat Bloody Okina in Elden Ring. To initiate the battle you have to move to the Church of Repose located in the eastern area of the Mountaintops of the Giants. At the successful conclusion of the battle, you will receive the best bleed weapon in Elden Ring.

How to mitigate and cure Bleed in Elden Ring

You might have to compete with several enemies in Elden Ring that inflicts the Bleed status effect. To overcome this ailment, you must invest several runes in your Robustness attribute to develop some resistance against the bleed status effect. However, you can mitigate bleeding in Elden Ring by having some items and consumables in your inventory.

Invigorating Cured Meat

The Invigorating Cured Meat is a great consumable item that you can consume to mitigate the bleed effect in Elden Ring. Upon consuming Invigorating Cured Meat, you get an increase of 100 in your Robustness attribute, lasting for 60 seconds.

You can obtain Invigorating Cured Meat by exploring the Liturgical Town found in the Consecrated Snowfield. You need to move toward the north side of the tower to find a corpse that provides you with this consumable item.

Additionally, you can craft Invigorating Cured Meat in Elden Ring.

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (2)
  • 3x Golden Rowa
  • 1x Silver of Meat
  • 1x Crab Eggs
  • 1x Land Octopus Ovary

Stalwart Horn Charm

The Stalwart Horn Charm can be utilized as a Talisman in Elden Ring to boost your Robustness attribute. This Talisman increases your attribute by 90/140, allowing you to mitigate the bleed effect in Elden Ring.

You can find the base variant of Stalwart Horn Chamr in Uld Palace Ruins. These ruins are located in the northeastern part of the Liurnia. You have to find a corpse inside the ruins hanging from the cliff to find the Talisman in Elden Ring.

The +1 Variant of Talisman is located in the southwestern region of Consecrated Snowfield. You need to move toward the Yelough Anix Tunnel to find the corpse that provides you with the Stalwart Horn Charm in Elden Ring.

Apart from these mitigating items, you can find some much-needed resources that completely cure the bleeding effect in Elden Ring.

Stanching Boluses

Another consumable item in Elden Ring is the Stanching Boluses. You can consume this item to gain several effects, including HP restoration and removal of ailment effects. The Stanching Boluses removes all the Bleed effect from your character, alleviating the impending blood loss in the Elden Ring.

You can purchase the Stanching Boluses by visiting the Nomadic Merchant, which sells for 600 each. This merchant is found on the southeastern side of the Coastal Cave. Additionally, you can also get this item from Twin Maiden Husks found inside the Roubtable Hold.

To find this item for free, you need to explore the Old Altus Tunnel and find the corpse next to the Shack. Moreover, you can craft Stanching Boluses in Elden Ring using the following ingredients.

  • Nomadic Cookbook (7)
  • 1x Herba
  • 1x Cave Moss
  • 1x Land Octopus Ovary

Bestial Constitution

The Bestial Constitution is a spell you can use to alleviate blood loss in Elden Ring. You can use this Incantation for a cost of 10 FP, and each spell requires 1 Memory Slot in Elden Ring.

You can get this item by hunting down the Teardrop Scarab found on the northeast side of the Minor Erdtree in the region of Dragonbarrow. You should get this spell as it also cures the Frostbite buildup in Elden Ring.

Lord’s Aid

The Lord’s Aid is another Incantation that you can cast to get rid of the blood loss in Elden Ring. This spell requires 12 FP along with 1 Memory Slot.

However, this spell is efficient against other status effects, including poison and sleep buildup for the allies. So it is crucial to locate Lord’s Aid in Elden Ring.

You can purchase Lord’s Aid from Brother Corhyn or Miriel. However, both these NPCs require you to pay them Two Fingers’ Prayerbook, so get the item before making the trip to either of the persons in Elden Ring.

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