How to Get Fingerprint Stone Shield in Elden Ring

In today’s comprehensive guide, we will discuss how to get the Fingerprint Stone Shield in Elden Ring and talk about its prerequisites and stats.

Where to Find the Fingerprint Stone Shield in Elden Ring

To obtain this shield, you will first need to defeat Morgott, The Omen King, inside the Cathedral of Forsaken, which is where the shield is also located.

You can fast travel to the underground roadside site of grace and go onwards.

Once you have defeated the boss, you will see a chest best which is an altar that you can strike, causing it to lower into the ground, revealing a passage behind it.

Head straight down the stairs and continue forward until you reach a balcony filled with bodies. In front of you, you will see a wooden beam. Balance on top of the beam, and below, you will see another wooden beam.

Dropdown onto the beam below and then again onto the wooden beam below the second beam. After that, you will see a coffin extending from the wall, which you can use as a platform to jump on.

Keep using these coffins to drop further down until you reach a balcony filled with bodies, like the one at the top. Turn right from there, and at the end of the hall, again, turn right. Finally, you will find the Fingerprint Stone Shield at the very back in the corner.

Elden Ring Fingerprint Stone Shield Stats

Fingerprint Stone Shield is a Greatshield in Elden Ring, and it is one of the best ones in the game. Fingerprint Stone Shield gives the player 100% physical damage negation that too with very little stamina usage. This shield also has the highest guard boost in the game.

This shield is quite heavy and thus will limit the mobility, although the pros outweigh the cons. If this shield is fully upgraded, you can block any attack with little to no stamina cost.

You can also apply Ashes of War such as Shield Bash to this shield to make it more potent. Along with ashes of wars, if you pair it with the right talisman, such as Greatshield Talisman, you will have a very powerful combination.

You will require the following stats to equip the shield:

  • Strength: 48

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