Elden Ring Hyetta Questline Guide

This guide will help you complete Hyetta’s questline in Elden Ring by outlining the location of each Shabiri Grape.

Elden Ring has many secret questlines for all the NPCs in the game. However, some of these are very obscure and hard to find and follow. This guide will help you complete Hyetta’s questline in Elden Ring by outlining the location of each Shabiri Grape.

How to Start Hyetta’s Questline in Elden Ring

The first thing you need to do before you try to follow Hyetta’s Questline, is to complete Irina’s Questline. It is started at the entrance of Weeping Peninsula. You can check out how to complete Irina’s Questline here.

In order to progress through Hyetta’s quest in Elden Ring, you have to find some Shabriri grapes from different locations and then deliver them to her.

Where to Find Shabriri Grapes in Elden Ring

First Shabriri Grape

To start Hyetta’s Questline, defeat Godrick in Stromveil Castle and exit through the back door to get Shabriri Grape on your way out. With the Shabriri Grape in your possession, head to Hyetta, who can be found near the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace in Liurnia region.

Give Shabriri Grape to Hyetta here:

Second Shabriri Grape

Next, you find Hyetta in Purified Ruins in East Liurnia. In these same ruins, you can find another Shabriri Grape in the underground hidden room. Give this second Shabriri Grape to Hyetta as well.

Thirds Shabiri’s Grape

For the third encounter, you can find Hyetta to the northeast of the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace. You need to give her the third Shabriri Grape.

This is found at Revenger’s Shack, where you can fight Edgar, the Revenger and defeating him will provide you with the third grape you need.

As you present the grape to Hyetta, she will ask about them and you can either say “They’re human eyes” or “Don’t say anything”. Select the first option and she will be a bit troubled by the answer. Rest at the Site of grace and interact with her again. she will reach to a conclusion and decide to become a Finger Maiden.

Hyetta Fingerprint Grape

The last encounter you have with Hyetta is at Bellum Church. This time, Hyetta requests you to bring Fingerprint Grape for her. To get this, travel to the Church of Inhibition, to fight an invading NPC who drops the grape.

The Church of Inhibition is beyond the Frenzied Flame Village. Go to the Grand Lift Dectus Site of Grace and travel through the Frenzied Flame Village towards the ruined church. Here, you will be invaded by Festering Fingerprint Vyke. Defeat the invader to get the Fingerprint Grape.

Present the grape to Hyetta back at Bellum Church and this marks the end of Hyetta’s Questline.

Hyetta Questline Ending

You can again find Hyetta at the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, where you interact with the Three Fingers. Here, speak to Hyetta, and remove your clothes before you speak and get marked by the Three Fingers. Melina will abandon you for this choice you made, and in her place, Hyetta will become your Finger Maiden.

The quest itself has no effect on the Frenzied Flame Lord ending of the game. But it’s better to have a Maiden by your side instead of being a Maidenless lord.

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