Elden Ring Best Greatswords

Greatswords can be cumbersome but are a good source of doing a lot of heavy damage to enemies in Elden Ring. In this guide, we have shortlisted the best Greatswords to find and wield in the game.

Elden Ring Best Greatswords

Below we’ve arranged the best Greatswords in Elden Ring into a tier list, ranging from the best to the worst. However, do keep in mind that even the “worst” greatsword in Elden Ring included in this list is actually an amazing weapon so don’t look down on it.

Blasphemous Blade

Blasphemous Blade contains a one-of-a-kind Taker’s Flame strike that is extremely effective due to its extended range, fire damage, and lifesteal ability. It’s no surprise that Blasphemous Blade is regarded as one of the greatest Greatsword and Faith weapons in the Elden Ring.

It can be obtained by selling Remembrance of the Blasphemous with Finger Reader Enia in the Roundtable Hold, which is an item dropped by Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy in Mt. Gelmir’s final fight Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

Gargoyle’s Greatsword

Gargoyle’s Greatsword is a solid choice if you require something that increases with Strength and Dexterity. It possesses Vacuum Slice which is a unique long-range ability, just like Blackblade.

To acquire this weapon, defeat the Valiant Gargoyle in the Siofra Aqueduct’s lowest level in Nokron, Eternal City.

Darkmoon Greatsword

Darkmoon Greatsword, like its predecessor, allows you to discharge a ray of moonlight from its blade.

After giving Ranni the Dark Moon Ring, which is part of the somewhat lengthy Ranni’s Questline, you can receive this weapon beneath the Cathedral of Manus Celes.

Bloodhound’s Fang

Perhaps one of the easiest weapons to acquire in the early stages of Elden Ring. Bloodhound’s Fang has become a fan-favorite Greatsword with its two powerful attacks, a slash upwards and a jump back, it can make the toughest boss fight seem like a fight with their minions.

You can find this weapon at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol (Limgrave) after defeating Bloodhound Knight Darriwil.

Banished Knight’s Greatsword

Being a greatsword that is easily upgraded through standard Smithing Stones, the Banished Knight’s Greatsword possesses one of the best sets of moves in Elden Ring making it an efficient choice to make for a greatsword.

You can loot this weapon from the corpse of a Banished Knight enemy.

Golden Order Greatsword

A Greatsword mainly focused on faith-based builds. The Golden Order Greatsword is possesses a good scaling along and has an increased AoE damage.

With its unique Established Order Skill, it allows the wielder to create a golden explosion, with a lethal damage scaling, making this weapon a must-have in your inventory.

You can get this greatsword as a dropped item from Misbegotten Crusader in the Cave of the Forlorn.

Grafted Blade Greatsword

This Greatsword is best for damaging your opponent with lethal and high damage armor attacks performed repeatedly, making the Grafted Balde a dangerous weapon to use.

Even though the attacks performed are slow, you can still land a few blows that deal a significant amount of damage.

Using its Oath of Vengeance unique skill, you are able to boost your attributes and poise. You can find this weapon after defeating Leonine Misbegotten at Castle Morne.

Ordovis’s Greatsword

While looking tame in front of others, Ordovis’ Greatsword has a high damage potential due to its strong guard reducing damage. It also has an ability called Ordovis’ Vortex that deals area-of-effect damage.

Crucible Knight Ordovis drops this weapon under the Leyndell Capital’s North Entrance area. You can easily find it here.

Sacred Relic Sword

A weapon best known for its additional holy damage. The Sacred Relic Sword primarily focuses on Strength, Faith, and Dexterity.

With its Wave of Gold unique ability, you can fire waves that damage several opponents coming in its radar. You can get this weapon by trading Elden Remembrance with Enia at Roundtable Hold.

Inseparable Sword

Inseparable Sword is one of the best Greatswords for faith-based builds. It primarily focuses on Strength, Dexterity and Faith and with its Sacred Blade unique skill, you can fire golden blade projectile causing lethal damage to the opponent.

This weapon can be found near the Spiritspring, North of the 3rd Markia Church as a dropped item from a Teardrop Scarab.


Claymore has been ranked as one of the best weapons to wield in multiple games including Dark Soul 3. Therefore, what better way to give a tribute to this weapon than ranking it at a higher spot in Elden Ring.

Claymore is best known for its thrust attack, making it a unique weapon to wield. You can find it at Castle Morne.

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