All Bell Bearing Hunter Locations in Elden Ring

This guide covers the locations of the Bell Bearing Hunter, who is a boss you’ll be coming across in 4 different regions of Elden Ring.

Repeating Bosses in FromSoftware games is not a new thing. In Elden Ring as well, there are many bosses that players might have to face multiple times. Some of these bosses are exactly the same however, some appear again with some changes. Bell Bearing Hunter bosses in Elden Ring is one such example. You will come across this boss multiple times. For each encounter, while most of the boss is the same, there will be small changes which will discuss in detail below in this guide.

The Bell Bearing Hunter appears FOUR times throughout the map and drops different items each time you defeat it. Defeating the boss will drop Bell Bearing items that you can use to expand the item variety in the Twin Maiden Husks store at the Roundtable Hold.

The Bell Bearing Hunter boss is a medium-sized boss that wields a sword and shield. Their moveset is not unique from the normal enemies, but their range of attacks and strength makes them formidable foes.

How to Trigger/Spawn Bell Bearing Hunter

It is vital to know that the Bell Bearing Hunter will only appear at night. If you don’t find the Bell Bearing Hunter right away, you can leave and rest in the adjacent Site of Grace. By waiting until dusk, you enhance your odds of meeting the Bell Bearing Hunter when you return.

Below, we have listed the locations where the Bell Bearing Hunter boss is. We have also shared the nearest grace sites which you can use to trigger the spawn of Bell Bearing Hunter Boss.

Bell Bearing Hunter Location in Liurnia

The boss will spawn at the Church of Vows on the eastern side of Liurnia. The location of the boss can be seen on the map below.

Where to Find Bell Bearing Hunter in Liurnia

To trigger a boss fight with the Bell Bearing Hunter, you first need to travel to the site of grace at the Church of Vows. Then, rest at the Site of Grace and shift the time to morning to make the boss spawn.

You get the following rewards for defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter in Liurnia:

  • Lumps of Flesh
  • Silvers of Meat
  • Turtle Neck Meat

Bell Bearing Hunter Location in Caelid

The next Bell Bearing Hunter spawn location is north of Caelid at the Dragonbarrow area. The exact location will be marked as Isolated Merchant Shack on the map, as you can see below:

Where to Find Bell Bearing Hunter in Caelid

Like before, you first need to rest at the Site of Grace and shift the time to Night. This will make the boss spawn, and you can now fight him. This is by far the most difficult boss fight out of the other three. Make sure you come prepared for it.

You get the following rewards for defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter in Caelid:

  • The Gravity Stone Fan
  • The Gravity Stone Chunk

Bell Bearing Hunter Location in Limgrave

For this Bell Bearing Hunter boss, you need to get to the Warmaster’s Shack in the Stormhill area of Limgrave.

In the morning, you will find a merchant at the shack that you can buy items from. But, when you rest at the Site of Grace and come back at night, you will get invaded by the Bell Bearing Hunter boss. You will be able to tell the invasion is about to happen as there will be a sudden change in music.

You get the following rewards for defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter in Limgrave:

  • Thin Animal Bones
  • Heavy Beast Bones

Where to Find Bell Bearing Hunter in Altus Plateau

The last Bell Bearing Hunter boss can be found at the Hermit Merchant’s Shack, located in the Royal Capital in Leyndell. It is inside of the first great wall of the Royal Capital in the Outer Moat area.

Where to Find Bell Bearing Hunter in Caelid

Like any other location, you need to rest at the Site of Grace and wait till night for the boss to spawn.

The boss will drop the Medicine Peddler’s Bell Bearing, which adds different Boluses items like Stanching, Stimulating, Thawfrost, and Neutralizing in the store.

How to Defeat Bell Bearing Hunter

As you already know, Bell Bearing Hunter appears four times in Elden Ring at different locations, but each time he has the same appearance and move set. The only difference is the amount of HP and Attack Power boost this crazy boss gets with each subsequent appearance. It’s very important to know that the Bell Bearing Hunter boss is weak against Lightning damage so any weapons that can cause lightning damage are very useful against this boss.

Bell Bearing Hunter has two phases. During the first phase (HP above 50%), the boss uses his colossal sword to deliver sweep attacks. These attacks come in sets of two or three (random occurrence). To avoid these sweep attacks, either dodge to the right or left at the time of contact. The second sweep attack is always delayed, making it a bit difficult to avoid. If you are using strength builds, equip a good shield with 100 physical damage absorption and tank these attacks out. However, this causes a lot of stamina consumption.

Another attack to look out for is the thrust attack. Bell Bearing Hunter steps back before commencing this devastating attack. Once again, dodge or block to survive the encounter. In case you decide to move to the back of the red demon to deliver a backstab, remember he is impervious to backstabs and uses a Shield Slam directed at the players. This attack has a long wind-up animation but has 100% perfect tracking with additional AoE damage.

Last but not least attack of phase 1 includes the Hunter charging toward players with the speed of flash. This attack not only does a lot of damage to HP but also pushes the players back. This attack has amazing tracking, and we recommend bracing it instead of dodging it.

Battle with the Bell Bearing Hunter is a test of patience if anything else. Chip away at his health while surviving the onslaught. At 50% health, the boss truly converts into a red demon by using magic. Bell Bearing Hunter imbues his sword with magic and his attacks get a lot more vicious. Sweep attacks are now replaced by magic sweep attacks which allow the Hunter to throw the sword at players and control it mid-air to do multiple sweep attacks (you can no longer gain distance to avoid the attack range).

Thrust Attack changes into a rotating thrust attack that deals 4x the damage of a normal thrust attack. This attack has a lot of range and can only be voided by dodging it at the very last second. Make sure to move to the back of the Bell Bearing Hunter to deal some damage in the meantime. Finally, the Hunter retaliates with a grab attack that can instantly kill you. This attack can’t be blocked and can only be dodged. Due to its long and unique animation, the grab attack is a bit easier to handle as compared to the rest.

There you have it folks. Just make sure to refill your HP as soon as you take damage to avoid getting killed by these monstrosities. Be brave and keep chipping away at Bell Bearing Hunters’ health bars and you will emerge out as victorious.